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  1. Singular morality
  2. Spiritual Block
  3. Who can awaken?
  4. The theme we have chosen for our lives
  5. Do our messages get stronger as we progress?
  6. Increased Sensitivity
  7. Rapid spiritual growth through intentional suffering
  8. What happens to souls consumed by darkness?
  9. Any good audio guides for spiritual development
  10. Perfection, mmm, perfection..
  11. Has the world been tough on you?
  12. Fear of being thought a fool
  13. Embracing the emptiness of the heart in mystical Christianity
  14. Embracing the emptiness of the heart
  15. I can't see
  16. Is Life Affected By Free Will or Pre-Determined?
  17. It Needs to Happen Already, You are already that...
  18. It Needs to Happen Already, You are already that...
  19. What do humans have in common?
  20. The Awakened
  21. A plea for help
  22. Can anyone help me?
  23. Anxiety
  24. Me and Others
  25. Is it easier/faster to lower your vibration than to raise it?
  26. Have you had an experince of unity consciousness ?
  27. Looking for some help please
  28. A question about self improvement
  29. Transcending Duality
  30. Letting go of ego to become your true self
  31. Huna teachings, simple and effective
  32. I don't know what to do anymore.
  33. Travelling Through Life
  34. Aging
  35. Anyone know about this mudra? Does it exist?
  36. The Author and His Book
  37. What keeps you from accepting all that you are and can be? Hahaha
  38. I love life. I love God.
  39. Demonic empowerment
  40. Voluntary Tingling Sensation
  41. Some lessons I learned today.
  42. Finding your identity, not self-worth.
  43. What causes a preferential state?
  44. What is the meaning of faith?
  45. Why do you think some people seem luckier than others
  46. Programming your superconscious
  47. The nature of meaning, light, and union--
  48. Lack of emotion. Can I still be compassionate?
  49. Does it really help to ask for other's prayers?
  50. What fills me up?
  51. Cigarettes and negative energy?
  52. Clicking the big red button on Ego ;D
  53. Collective intention/prayer in a few minutes
  54. Life is here, right now.
  55. Moody thang vs. Identity thang
  56. Woodstock
  57. I am "more" than my ego
  58. Indoctrinated by knowledge
  59. a quote about stress
  60. Clarvoyance online course
  61. To love yourself.. Truly.
  62. Romanticizing the spiritual lifestyle?
  63. Isolation and Spiritual Practice
  64. The Spiritual you
  65. Headaches
  66. Ok, whassup with this deja vu thing? :D
  67. Don't let stories hold you back.
  68. A present for my SF fam
  69. Meditation
  70. My vulnerable self
  71. Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Meditation- Beginners can appreciate this!
  72. Be careful with your commitments
  73. Funny how people react
  74. whats wrong with this picture?
  75. Live in your stillness and respond rather than react
  76. Can family hinder your spiritual progress?
  77. Anyone else going thru Ascension hell ATM
  78. I assume people go in depth like I do
  79. Only moments of serenity. Lots of misery and self-loathing over a life in shambles.
  80. Ghost attachment or my energy is messing up electronics again
  81. Our personal bits of wisdom and insights for the day :)
  82. Slowing your world down.. It can be slowed down yano..
  83. The need to forgive
  84. Your Inner God(dess)
  85. Bhagavad Gita Questions
  86. A story of painful challenges.. And blessings from big ol' G
  87. Life is not random, in any sense
  88. Buddha Belly
  89. Happiness and well-being are important. Not spiritual growth.
  90. How you listen to the world that reflects you
  91. Paying attention.
  92. Feelings speak.
  93. What is power?
  94. Journal Entry, Mystery seeking a compass
  95. I saw the buddha once but i did not kill him
  96. curse or blessing
  97. Wisdom, Making Choices
  98. Simple questions
  99. I knew culture and others affect us, but dang.
  100. How do we forgive?
  101. Anger.
  102. Anybody else wake up early during awakening process?
  103. Is astral projection safe ?
  104. What Soul Type Do You Have-Quiz
  105. The power to choose
  106. Hong-Sau
  107. Life purpose
  108. Letting go, letting flow
  109. eidetic memory
  110. The latest thing you've come to realize?
  111. Would someone be so kind to be my Spirituality Mentor?
  112. Seeing true nature.
  113. Embracing the fear.
  114. Going into deep trance
  115. Not sure what this is
  116. I do believe I'm moving forward
  117. Some findings in my silence
  118. NLP your opinion/advices
  119. Pattern of Cycles, Bewilderment, and Regrouping
  120. Role of personal choice, will, in spiritual practice
  121. What does it mean to have no sexual energy?
  122. Safe way to release emotions
  123. Empathy Quotient Test
  124. Is it egotistical to desire fame?
  125. Hiding in the crowd v. Making your own
  126. karma , creation results
  127. what is a 3D reality ?
  128. I'm stuck, could use some advice/encouragement (pretty lengthy)
  129. Emotional Intelligence Quiz
  130. All is fair in love and war.
  131. Stop looking for happiness, its not "there"
  132. The beauty of creation
  133. Can Somebody Pleas Help me ?
  134. Intuitive work
  135. I call this spiritual development.
  136. Learning to deal with the mind
  137. Celebrating accomplishments
  138. the nicest words I could hear
  139. Suffering should not exist and is pointless
  140. 6 Signs Itís Time To Take Your Life To The Next Level
  141. How God is not loving
  142. Spiritual Affectations
  143. Do you need a guru?
  144. turning you're angst around?
  145. Giving honest advice
  146. Spiritual joy
  147. Unity
  148. The Real you
  149. 10 tips for spiritual growth
  150. Rising above disturbances that cloud the awareness
  151. Lost spirituality
  152. Need Insight
  153. Your strength?
  154. God and heaven.
  155. The only thing that determines human value
  156. What is heaven like?
  157. Power of our Thoughts
  158. Are you God believer (Yes/No)?
  159. If God is love
  160. Your subconscious is smarter than you might think
  161. Changing The Vibration of Your Name
  162. Does My Genetic Marker Include True Power?
  163. Weird experience I would want some clarification on!
  164. How to get past the fear of a spiritual awakening?
  165. How To Stay Positive
  166. Determining your reality
  167. Why do we Fear death?
  168. What are good careers for spiritual development?
  169. The Great Outdoors
  170. I don't like myself
  171. Life is so simple
  172. The Spiritual Tricks of the Ego
  173. Looking for book recommendations
  174. the battery and the toy
  175. 1+1+1= 1/ 3=1 "Lower Self"
  176. 'God works in mysterious ways', come on, really?
  177. ghostbusters help please
  178. What is Wrong with the Energy?
  179. Experiencing Aspects of Our Being
  180. It's happened. Again.
  181. Soul fragmentation
  182. Oslo (a short story)
  183. Praying then sadness
  184. Some insight of these symbols please
  185. Karma-Do bad people get what's coming to them?
  186. Why don't I sleep anymore?
  187. Spirituality dissconnected from religion.
  188. The impermanence and unreality of substance-induced bliss
  189. "Spirit Release" with pics!
  190. Don't beat yourself up!
  191. Wisdom and support through dreams
  192. Learning to forgive?
  193. Living in the heart
  194. Releasing What You Are Holding Onto
  195. Visions
  196. Separating From Higher Self, Forever.
  197. Some advice?
  198. Do etheric implants exits ?
  199. Interesting Occurrence: Higher Self Related?
  200. Braco the gazing healer
  201. Deceptions
  202. I Am In Awe
  203. Questioning.....spiritual awakening?
  204. To bring pure awarenss to the mind and body
  205. Vibration
  206. Modern Day Spiritual Person
  207. Psychic Abilities
  208. Physical symptoms
  209. Conjuring
  210. The Path
  211. I don't feel enlightened, but we already are
  212. What is this?
  213. Striving To Be Perfect Vs. Acceptance
  214. Jealousy
  215. Help! I don't know what to do next..
  216. Criminals and Love? This is not a political post.
  217. A few questions?
  218. Spiritual Chills
  219. Spycraft (a short story)
  220. Spycraft (a short story)
  221. How Should I Proceed From This Jumbled State
  222. Ego question I would love help with......
  223. Blue lights + black short cigar like beings ?
  224. Need Spiritual Guidance
  225. Becoming the campfire for your life
  226. Am I an empath?
  227. Any spiritual purpose in suffering?
  228. Can you really trust spiritual beings?
  229. Hips tension
  230. How do I manifest my desires
  232. There are no mistakes-
  233. initiation process without a master/teacher.
  234. How to tell what is in your Heart vs. Head ?
  235. "A Glitch with the Programming"
  236. How can I find my life purpose
  237. Dishonesty - karma and mind-body connection
  238. Was I punished for my sins?
  239. Is there anyone who fought depression by themselves?
  240. Changing my subconscious beliefs
  241. Mind, Body, and Spirit
  242. student and master...
  243. How do you help others?
  244. Help with Dangerous Kundalini Awakening
  245. One Punch Kill?
  246. The path I finally realize :)
  247. Where do these tears come from?
  248. Looking for someone to work with me / intense Spiritual Awakening symptons
  249. True Freedom
  250. When you open this thread.....