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  1. When you open this thread.....
  2. truth through adversity
  3. What would you do if you were possessed?
  4. Christmas and being alone
  5. My first!
  6. Alpha and Omega stones.
  7. How to love myself?
  8. medications and spiritual growth?
  9. Spiritual Path, Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies
  10. Warm energy in my chest
  11. Can someone help me with my spirituality and help get me on the right path to happine
  12. Spiritually awake in a messed up world
  13. End of year review: Your Spiritual development
  14. The feeling of joy inside
  15. In a slump
  16. personal awakening
  17. Being the trap of your own no illusion/illusion
  18. Evil
  19. Are Bad Things That Happen to Us Are for Our Good?
  20. My message
  21. Spiritual Enlightenment
  22. Kundalini or some sort of awakening? Connection? Guide?
  23. Help?
  24. wisdom....
  25. How to build trust/faith ?
  26. Inner Transformation towards Spiritual Maturity
  27. Silent inclusive awareness
  28. Can you wear make up and still be interested in spiritual growth?
  29. Why are Africans so open to exorcisms?
  30. Everything is of your doing
  32. Growing intimate with your heart space
  33. from darkness into light we go...
  34. "Another dimension" breath
  35. Please Help - What's been happening to me?
  36. My understanding of wisdom--
  37. the reflection game
  38. Difficulties for growth
  39. Beware of "spiritual bypassing"
  40. The wall of fire experience
  41. A material understanding of the spiritual
  42. Becoming A Zen Devil - The Dangers Of Half-Assing Enlightenment
  43. Enlightenment vs Illuminati--
  44. My personal life lesson in coming here
  45. Learning multiple things at once? good or bad?
  46. A vow of (boddhisatva) power - my first spiritual experience
  47. Do you have to be in a position of authority to...
  48. What does the Top of the Mountain Mean to You ?
  49. AFAIK This Universe Is Rigged!!
  50. Wake up to yourself
  51. My life story of trauma and misery
  52. Having all the answers doesn't ease the pain
  53. Story of the hero of hell
  54. Confused ....healer?
  55. The spiritual carrot on a stick--
  56. hi
  57. In this moment, what wants to be expressed?
  58. When you wake up to life.
  60. How can I regain passion for life and change my path?
  61. Spiritually Starting Over
  62. The gift I found under the tree this morning--
  63. Your here/I am here/We are here
  64. How to find out what gifts you have?
  65. There is a secret behind it all..
  66. Dark night of the soul
  67. The flow.
  68. About vulnerability
  69. Faith in spirituality without experience?
  70. What are the most significants books
  71. So Much Greater Than Me
  72. How, when, and why to start offering people readings?
  73. Where you choose to learn
  74. The Energy Raptor
  75. A Question
  76. Superstition and other notes--
  77. In a matter of time
  78. Ascension without meditation
  79. Anybody experience this? Illnesses from awakening?
  80. energy stealers
  81. Can a spiritual path genuinely free you from suffering?
  82. Some help with insight please
  83. How Don't Looks Matter?
  84. In serious difficulty - help needed
  85. What now?
  86. Left side tingling=Divine Feminine?
  87. Trying is not being, not trying is pretty close to being
  88. Vomiting spirituality on others
  89. Experiences in Chanting/Japa
  90. Conscious intelligences and consciousness in beings
  91. Time Limits
  92. Self-enquiry
  93. This stuff is hard
  94. Intimacy
  95. Bad things don't always yield good results
  96. The Earth
  97. Ten Spiritual Virtues
  98. Exhausted & Lonely
  99. I'm Cold Spiritually
  100. Love
  101. Lies are also truth
  102. How do you deal with bad things that are out of your control?
  103. Just How Far Are You Prepared To Go?
  104. Can self hatred be transformed?
  105. Do you ever sometimes forget that others don't think like you?
  106. Room mate having a manic experience
  107. Better to be a human than a God
  108. Being Arrogant
  109. Living with mixed beliefs and religion practices- confusing / contradicting
  110. expansion of consciousness
  111. Feel the power
  112. Personality vs Perfection
  113. Spiritual Awakening, beginning stages maybe?
  114. Life itself, the higher reason.
  115. Destruction
  116. Who is 'us'
  117. A technique for third eye opening
  118. Straight Lines
  119. something to ponder over
  120. My current dilemma
  121. Chants for the heart
  122. Material ties and spiritual development
  123. Fear of Paladin
  124. Uncertain
  125. Answered requests from guides
  126. How to safeguard own feelings/mood
  127. Sharpening your sword of discrimination!
  128. A Little About Spiritual Development...
  129. Ascension question
  130. Spirituality or Romanticised Psychosis?
  131. please help because modern medicine wont
  132. Made a little bit of progress...moving on to other questions
  133. Are we the universe evolving and knowing itself?
  134. Nississitti
  135. Spiritualy Adrift
  136. the illusion of sadness..
  137. the art of true love
  138. Spiritual Colouring Book
  139. Reflections
  140. Emotional repression and self-expression
  141. Father and connection to our masculine energies
  142. Opinions on Using The Law Of Attraction To Manifest A World Of Endless Possibiilites
  143. Being Right All The Time
  144. Hello from the other side.
  145. Would you choose an easy life or a hard life?
  146. Creating Positivity in the face of adversity
  147. Evident suppression brainwashed
  148. I am finally out of my traumatic experience
  149. Androgynous vs Androgynous polarity--
  150. Can you cheat your way to enlightenment?
  151. Is there a society for enlightened people?
  152. secret society that are not secret
  153. I'm in such a dark place right now, please help...
  154. A lazy mans guide to enlightenment - pdf
  155. Ego boost. There is no one more powerful than you.
  156. You've been Galactivated my friend
  157. Consideration
  158. Being stabbed in the back.
  159. Nothing but a part of the whole
  160. I don't feel like I belong in this world.
  161. Do you feel at home in the universe?
  162. What could it be?
  163. I was told my life purpose is to be a Healer
  164. Practice in regards to the warrior aspect of spirit
  165. Anxiety and the 4-7-8 technique
  166. Inner Light
  167. Feeling unfulfilled with my business and wanting a change
  168. The luminous temples--
  169. Humanity is standing on the edge - we NEED to let go of anger or we WILL be destroyed
  170. Traveling as spiritual development.
  171. Colds and Flu as a Test ???
  172. Fear and anxiety
  173. Shutting of spiritual abilities
  174. Physical mediumship circles Gold Coast Australia
  175. Listen to yourself.
  176. Is This Ego Death? (feeling rather desperate)
  177. Where enlightenment and illumination meet and are no different--
  178. Spaciousness
  179. Something Said - Something Written - Somthing Passed Along
  180. Balance
  181. What is the ego?
  182. Remembering Your Divinity (We have always been one)
  183. Taking simple steps
  184. Kundalini dont go without it!
  185. Earth's current transition--
  186. Erratic Changes in Sleeping
  187. Spirituality 101
  188. Spiritual Confusion?
  189. Humanity
  190. How the ego grows
  191. Be Open Minded
  192. Learning & Knowing
  193. Chanting Om
  194. Starve Your Ego Feed Your Soul
  195. Stephen Hawking was better off without his condition
  196. Death - what does it mean to be physically alive but dead?
  197. Ancectry DNA Shocker ?
  198. What Happens After Awakening?
  199. Awakening
  200. The free will to choose a horrible life
  201. Diamond body and soul incarnation--
  202. Lucid Dreams and Reality are so alike
  203. The Root of Suffering is Attatchment
  204. Hatred...
  205. I AM
  206. Japa (Chanting) Yoga.
  207. The way out (and the nature of my writings)--
  208. Souls that don't wish to develop
  209. Tapping into your gifts
  210. How do you deal with negative people?
  211. Why you must always give your best effort
  212. Balance
  213. Sankhya Yoga or 'YOGA of SCINCE' for Western Guys
  214. following the energy
  215. Why I conclude the afterlife is likely not to exist
  216. The Celestial Church and Ipsissimus
  217. Meditation causing roller coaster breath
  218. The time I let the evil in
  219. Why does this kind of attraction constantly happen?
  220. You Are Filled With Infinite Potential
  221. I think I wake up spiritually
  222. What if the ego is stronger than the soul?
  223. NATURE'S View Vs Your and My View
  224. We're all "here", so let's herd 'em in too ~
  225. "The Greatest Illusion in this World is the Illusion of Separation"
  226. Do You Ever Wish More People "Believed" ~
  227. Negative Energy Transfer - Exercise
  228. C of the world
  229. Expansion--
  230. How did Illusion of Separation Begin?
  231. shaman guidance
  232. My final message
  233. Our On Line World - Our Pressnce
  234. Developing Visuals Via Dreams
  235. Feelings are the spiritual dictators of value
  236. Describe one of the hardest moments of your life.
  237. Spirituality made me feel alone in the crowd...
  238. How do you guys deal with doubt?
  239. Empathic opening.
  240. What is your opinion about silence?
  241. Describe one of the most joyous moments of your life.
  242. violent and aggressive people
  243. Moving on from Spirituality
  244. Name Something Positive/Inspirational About Humanity or Someone Who Inspires You
  245. First Contact--
  246. Love ... I wonder
  247. Negative activity is upsert
  248. Spiritual Awakening - feel emptiness in Solar Plexus
  249. unhealthy relationships
  250. Eugh, the moment you realize you're low vibrating