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  1. Smoke and forms
  2. A Course In Miracles.....
  3. Going from EGO to SuperMind.....
  4. Fear is blocking my development
  5. A Brief Moment And Eternal Life
  6. Your process
  7. True Self?
  8. how to unconditional love
  9. Personal or Universal
  10. What do I do?
  11. Fearing my thoughts
  12. A Higher Dimension
  13. dark night of the soul
  14. Tempering the will....
  15. Why Believe when YOU can KNOW?
  16. How do you advance to the 7th spiritual plane?
  17. Is a spiritual awakening a choice?
  18. Stillness
  19. Letting Go Of Ego....
  20. A Course In Miracles, some famous students
  21. weird cravings
  22. Beautifull Enlightenment...
  23. Spiritual Development for City Dwellers
  24. Am i beeing silly?
  25. The Undiscovered SELF; True Self/No Self
  26. Visions/hallucinations - any insight?
  27. Self punishment?
  28. Peace
  29. I think I just went through The Dark Night
  30. Violent video games
  31. I really do hope something does happen on 2012.
  32. Free.............
  33. Favorite inspiring youtube channels?
  34. AA Uriel's message for 2011.
  35. Just looking to make sense of it all
  36. Spiritual Talents and the Unconventional Psychic
  37. The root of all longings
  38. 2011 the year of magic
  39. A Spiritual Diary - The Reasons for Keeping One.
  40. overcoming spirtual fear
  41. Blank Canvas
  42. Do you think overcoming death is an important lesson for the soul to learn?
  43. how do you feel about your own death?
  44. Fear
  45. teh apple and the giant ego
  46. Do/Did you have a mentor?
  47. The Awakening Experience.....
  48. Tolle?
  49. Awakening - dealing with the change
  50. Revealing too much
  51. Wowee Wow Wow!!!
  52. The need to look within
  53. Feeling earth energies
  54. Positive and Negative thoughts in relation to subconcious
  55. Dealing with hatred
  56. Spiritual experiences or mental illness?
  57. My open heart shares my battle
  58. not being able to trust spiritual people online
  59. Consciousness by Deepak Chopra
  60. aura
  61. Need info on "Twin Soul"?
  62. Fear
  63. Feeling extremelly exhausted and disheartened
  64. Shifting Consciousness/Awakening
  65. Balance
  66. Brilliant white light
  67. What if its not true?
  68. I AM: The Documentary
  69. The orientation in a field of signs
  70. How Do Spirits Communicate?
  71. Beliefs are Lies
  72. Needing to get it 'right'
  73. How to deal at the onsite of tragic news
  74. Birth Numbers: Discovering Your Life's Purpose
  75. Freedom; one choice away
  76. I Dont Understand Why I Feel Like This ...?
  77. How do you love & appreciate love?
  78. Can contacting spirit make you feel dizzy?
  79. Who do you think you are?
  80. Finding your spiritual community. Any advice?
  81. Quick ways to ground yourself
  82. Energy, but whose?
  83. how to stop energy being drawn away from me
  84. karmic debt paid?
  85. What it means to be a spiritual guide?
  86. Bend like a reed in the wind
  87. Higher self vs spirit guides
  88. How to filter telepathic voices.
  89. Hard to sense love
  90. Great videos on youtube: innerbalance11
  91. What is my lesson ?
  92. Wishful Spirituality
  93. how do you take care of yourself emotionally?
  94. Opening to the light... a radical shift
  95. Lost soul
  96. Revitalizing Your Mitochondria
  97. Spiritual.. redevelopment?
  98. Self forgiveness for crazy thoughts resulting from fear of god
  99. How does one start their spiritua Journey?
  100. I'm too etheral to become what I was suppose to be.
  101. Psychic vampires vs Reflection of who you are
  102. How can I be happy...
  103. Seeing a dark triangle
  104. ego
  105. No other way to say it: Everything is Bliss.
  106. Empathic?
  108. The Internet: The Upper Force Hidden In Unity
  109. Is there truly free will when suffering exists?
  110. 4 Years Old & Remembering Purpose
  111. Namaste New spirit art picture that I choose to share
  112. Thank You
  113. About I.
  114. lost time
  115. HAPPENINGS ~ February to October 2011
  116. ahh!!!! lol identity crisis after spirtual awakening
  117. Am I crazy?
  118. Evil from Good?
  119. Spiritual Frustration
  120. Spiritual Growth
  121. Not sure if I should put this under Angels, Reiki, or what haha. So here it is.
  122. Self-Honesty
  123. Question for Spirit Guide Sparrow! ..."all that is"
  124. Spring
  125. Embracing Spiritual Change
  126. Visual snow
  127. What is the opposite of Love?
  128. Righting the wrongs in one's life
  129. I May Have Lost My Way
  130. Releasing subconscious stress
  131. Feeling ungrounded (due to sensitivity) - Why does this happen?
  132. empath
  133. Do you ever feel a sense of unity, that no one else feels?
  134. Shadows and floaters
  135. Losing Friends Along The Way
  136. Feeling anxiety and almost overwhelmed
  137. Energy is strength in numbers
  138. Call It Whatever...
  139. Restoring Energy
  140. The Third Eye
  141. What would you do or recomend?
  142. Whats the difference between New Age and Spirituality?
  143. Windchimes, Chimes and Singing Bowls
  144. Empaths and Your Own Feelings
  145. When Everything Goes Wrong...
  146. My own spirit is driving me mad.
  147. The Force That Enlivens The World
  148. A funny thing happened...
  149. Vegetarian = more spiritual?
  150. Empath experience
  151. Positive Thinking vs. Self Denial
  152. external objects are not needed to experience joy
  153. Psychics ..
  154. I feel like I've lost who I am
  155. Prophecies & Science video program by David Wilcox
  156. Prophecies & Science video program by David Wilcox
  157. Ascension
  158. please help me ,,why is this happening to me ,,am so scared
  159. unoffendable
  160. Spiritual Overhaul brings Profound Insight
  161. Spiritual confirmation -- or lunatic at the wheel??
  162. I found my life purpose - what to do next
  163. Growing leaps and bounds since starting this Forum!
  164. Guilt
  165. Spiritual Forgiveness
  166. Sinus and headaches linked to third eye blockage?
  167. swaying??
  168. Whats the point in getting these visions - what am I suppose to do with this info?
  169. Brain Energy fun fact...
  170. An Internet Link To The Creator
  171. Any thoughts on this frightening experience?
  172. Insight please!
  173. Vision of scarab
  174. Possible Insight or Suggestions?
  175. Managing a spiritual flood...
  176. Feeling lost and confused...
  177. Demons playing gods?
  178. Unconditional Love
  179. Unable to let go; of tension, anger, frustration, worry etc
  180. The Drum, the Spirit and the Brain
  181. Empaths
  182. sigh...more anxiety over dumb things, namely future predictions
  183. evangelicals...how to handle them?
  184. 'awareness' classes
  185. I want to develop my Clairvoyance.. Do you??
  186. Why Do You Believe What You Beleive?
  187. what is ascension?
  188. Explaining Spirit Experiment
  189. What kind of experience is this?
  190. Exploration
  191. Thought forms
  192. psychics, meduims, healers, anyone knowledgable
  193. Finding My Path?
  194. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels
  195. The importance of the moment...
  196. Ants have been attracted to me since my latest spiritual advancement.
  197. Fear Deconstructed
  198. Dalai Lama is The Man.
  199. The atheistīs test of inverted thinking...
  200. Spirits that keep contacting me while I'm on the Toilet. (???)
  201. Ready or not? How are you adjusting?
  202. Debilitating Pain-Outer Left Ear
  203. What do you prefer in spiritual groups?
  204. Seeing sparks and movement
  205. Have ye Balanced one's life Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually ?
  206. Do ye Fear the Unknown ? The Non-Physical ? Why ?
  207. Is Empathy Useless?
  208. Detachment
  209. Keys to your own journey...
  210. Moments Of Confusion
  211. The true humility of "I am God"
  212. Elementals
  213. How To Forestall The Blows Of Nature
  214. Zen: The Best of Alan Watts
  215. Discourses on Breath.
  216. What Do You See When You Look At These Eyes?
  217. Last wave Of Mayan Calender
  218. can the asecnsion process be stopped?
  219. How to raise Consciousness
  220. Latent Clairsentience - Smelling something in room at night?
  221. Personal Journey Concerning Earth Energy
  222. Intermittent spiritual experiences?
  223. Ego Trancendence and Entrenchment!
  224. Clairaudience
  225. A Spirituality of Transfiguration
  226. crazy happenings, left lost
  227. The Passing of Time
  228. in awe of spirtual
  229. The shift.. in action..
  230. How To Be An UNSTOPPABLE God-man!
  231. How To Transcend EGO!
  232. God Man!
  233. The Curse of Duality
  234. feeling hotter than usual lately?
  235. Karma and the next time round mmmm?
  236. The God-Man Shall Return!
  237. Dying and coming back
  238. Exploring energy
  239. New Development.. Very vivid flashing abstract images..
  240. 3D to 5D paradigm shift in healing
  241. Morning Prayers
  242. Moving to a new level of awareness
  243. 'M's??
  244. Everything We Do Is 'Expression' so what should we express?
  245. Seeing a rainbow?
  246. Fancy a try?
  247. Illustraited Disection of Astral Body/form
  248. Archetypes
  249. When nothing is happening, is something happening?
  250. The Power of TRUST