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  1. Daimon or Yaksa?
  2. What does this mean? -picture linked
  3. Anger and forgiveness
  4. Apple and burying in the ground. Meaning
  5. The Spiritual Path
  6. Energy Burning
  7. fear and anger
  8. Being your own emotional (body) victim?
  9. Rules Copy and Paste - Commercial Links
  10. Keep seeing a huge purple eye
  11. How do we know certain emotions are "positive" vs. "negative"?
  12. Over sensitivity
  13. Play With Awareness
  14. Figured out what was wrong, cautiously optimistic
  15. Outside Looking In
  16. Our paths
  17. What is real and not real?
  18. Spontaneity
  19. When experiencing the explainable, how do I determine it's alignment?
  20. discourse on the fundamental aspects of.... nothing.
  21. We're all talking to ourselves :)
  22. Born Leader?
  23. Struggling with my self and peoples perception of me
  24. This may help your spiritual development
  25. The symbols I see in visions (drawings included)
  26. Literally a Leap of Faith
  27. Neglect Depressing Thoughts
  28. Using Other Peoples' Experience To Your Advantage
  29. How does our inner child interact with physical adulthood?
  30. What is the difference between intuition and the ego's necessity to know?
  31. hypnogogia and "hallucinations"
  32. No Definite Anwer
  33. Spiritual awakening because of twin flame but got diagnosed as schizophrenic instead
  34. how would you express enlightement
  35. How to sync emotional and spiritual bodies?
  36. Where are the real gurus?
  37. what comes and goes? what always stay?
  38. Advice Needed on Removing Negative Entities
  39. waking up at exact time without a clock?
  40. Cease to struggle
  41. What should a new psychic know or do?
  42. Is there an "I"?
  43. Being a better parent
  44. Adveristy
  45. Is there a way to express creative energy without creative talent?
  46. The help-me/no-thanks (plus know-it-all) complex
  47. A bit of an odd subject,.... money
  48. im being haunted by a ghost!
  49. spirituality and pregnancy
  50. An experiment
  51. Divided Self
  52. Would You Side With Happiness or Achievement?
  53. Time to yourself
  54. Does inner strength mean siding with or defeating your negative emotions?
  55. Dealing with Grief
  56. What Is Your Biggest Spiritual Growth Challenge Right Now?
  57. What do you want?
  58. In moments of grief, focus on the grief
  59. My mind is becoming power
  60. I Am Foolish And I Am Paying The Price
  61. Yet more Irony but why?
  62. Striving
  63. Inertia
  64. Boundless Self and conditioned mind
  65. Fear of death
  66. The Unseen Hand - Book
  67. Tendecy to Talk too much
  68. Masculine energy & masculine man
  69. Unconditionally Loving God
  70. Could your soul be rejecting you?
  71. Spirituality vs Normality
  72. Words (just words)
  73. If you are always kind - will you not just end up as a doormat?
  74. Walking the path to my Higher self and God alone
  75. okay..
  76. Early stages of Clairvoyance
  77. Integrating
  78. It feels (once again) like my soul is dying....
  79. Forces acting against me or egos?
  80. Dead Ends
  81. Rotting Corpse
  82. People with a Dark/Black Mark?
  83. Question about Knowledge of Alernate Selves in other Timelines
  84. Be Empty
  85. This Japanese Music video
  86. Seeing faces change into someone elses
  87. Is Life Dynamic or Static?
  88. Fewer men than women who believe in spirituality?
  89. Finding Inspiration
  90. I heard the crystalsong
  91. Black and white thinking
  92. Connection to animals and hearing them?
  93. Immediate experience
  94. development in to the light
  95. Awakening - What Were Your Big Questions?
  96. How do you deal with past lives "problems" ?
  97. Where to "Begin"
  99. A side order of crazy... Why not. Was there a portal in my bedroom last night?
  100. Clairaudience
  101. Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening
  102. Ego blocks and challenges
  103. On Moving Forward After Losing Your Spiritual Rudder
  104. Why is spirituality so boring?
  105. spirit guides
  106. Ego
  107. A cry out to god
  108. Trust in your Wings
  109. Realization of Physics/Natural World
  110. The gates of fire, in my home
  111. What is this emotional reaction I have showing me?
  112. Thinking Globally
  113. Calling all wise men and women
  114. You are wawakening. Not crazy!
  115. advantages of higher vibrational reality
  116. Aware of awarness
  117. We Have What We Need
  118. Empaths- Help me with tips on shelding
  119. Changing Frequency
  120. Testing tunes and concentration points. Little creativity
  121. Self Knowledge is the way to solve our problems
  122. an exercise in developing compassion
  123. Thinking and Destiny
  124. Relinquishing all attachment
  125. Feeling Lost and Unsettled
  126. Not judging anyone
  127. Question about Synthetic/Natural Merkaba
  128. Purification
  129. The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Learning Magick
  130. Do you feel your spiritual life is dragging you down ?
  131. a few thoughts on readings and such
  132. Question about new sensations
  133. Importance of Parad (Mercury)
  134. My imagination is not my own
  135. I'm becoming super sensitive
  136. Guidance
  137. Chakra Rainbow
  138. What Am I Doing Here
  139. Could my emotions be spiritual?
  140. I don't know.
  141. Balancing your crown and root chakra
  142. Frequencies
  143. new resolution
  144. state police
  145. Formless Freedom
  146. Clairaudient or Crazy?
  147. Feels good to be trucking back over the road again
  148. the experience of non-separation
  149. Trapped in finitude
  150. Wearing Siddha Mala to reach top level?
  151. Insecurity bleeding over into spiritual life
  152. Temple of Witchcraft Study & Discussion
  153. Developing Third Eye
  154. Darkness & Light
  155. reality beyond our perception
  156. Dealing with wounds
  157. Being an empath- feeling those at a distance
  158. spirituality mainstream ideas are all wrong?
  159. The great truth
  160. Tired of putting effort into the old way of life...
  161. The Awakening
  162. My clairvoyant abilities are awakening!
  163. Power of the heart
  164. How we treat others is how we treat ourselves
  165. Controlling anxiety left over from pre awakening
  166. Ones spirituality.
  167. Trust
  168. Losing Memory.
  169. empath question
  170. What lesson am I learning here?
  171. What is spiritual energy?
  172. Heard this weird sound in my ears
  173. We all are aware of what negatively from others psychically but are we aware of whawe
  174. Pimple on my third eye area?
  175. things i notice in songs and movies
  176. Truth
  177. Spiritual Awakening: Did It End?
  178. What it is and what you want.
  179. I feel like I am losing my mind!
  180. Strange Question
  181. i want to go home
  182. What happens to childhood karma?
  183. Highs and lows
  184. Have a little faith in me.
  185. Can the etheric body shrink? How to fix?
  186. The Inner voice
  187. Mind, Body, and Spirit
  188. Advice...divine plan defunct
  189. Awareness at all cost?
  190. Seeing tiger - Meaning?
  191. Spiritual voice? Automatically speaks ...
  192. Responses to one's energy
  193. What are your thoughts on thoughts?
  194. Not sure if this is a sign of something or...?
  195. reality
  196. A question
  197. Get the joke!
  198. What could this be?
  199. Why is it hard to get a reading on some people
  200. Living and Dying
  201. deep pining
  202. Spiritual Path Confusion
  203. Unconditional Love
  204. Merging with your higher self
  205. Understanding what planet Earth is and our Purpose
  206. My Gifts/Abilities
  207. reaction of dogs
  208. Nothing is really what it seems
  209. Conscious Spirituality.
  210. Breeze, Tones and Pressure (It's Happening Again)
  211. Developing Clairaudience
  212. Emotional Strength
  213. How do you find the balance between loving yourself and living without identity?
  214. Active participation
  215. Divine Connection
  216. animal totems spirit guides and power animals
  217. Avoiding the "ascended being" pitfall
  218. Recognizing subtle negativity
  219. Creation - transformation
  220. religion
  221. Best way to contact spirit guide??
  222. Break from tv
  223. Ego
  224. 1+1=3
  225. Dimensions of reality
  226. Essene, apparently they still are around
  227. Everything leads back to itself
  228. In Spirit
  229. energy vampires
  230. Samsara
  231. Listening to your feelings
  232. I do not agree
  233. Is being a hypcrite a big deal in spirituality ?
  234. What part does self discipline play in spiritual development
  235. Are there karmic repercussions to not having children?
  236. Not Taking Yourself Seriously
  237. Judgement
  238. Together we create this life
  239. Accidental human telepathy...anyone else??
  240. buildings
  241. I don't think we need channelled messages re; ascension.
  242. Caught up in your story.
  243. A talk on answered prayers...
  244. still wondering about reality and what happened to me.
  245. Connecting to the greater pool of consciousness.
  246. Healing the inner child
  247. Best places on Earth for Spiritual Development?
  248. Listen to yourself
  249. what happend to you people during 2012?
  250. How to have a closer relationship with God?