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  1. Protection from co-worker with intrusive energy
  2. What is the Spiritual purpose of human existence?
  3. Personal benefit - based on fear?
  4. Insight about your Being(what it does)
  5. should I get involved in a relationship if...
  6. symptoms of spiritual awakening
  7. What is the world?
  8. Monkey see monkey do :-s
  9. Live Beyond the Edge
  10. Life Hardship for Personal Development?
  11. Judgment is wrong because...
  12. What is compassion?
  13. Biblical Vetting
  14. Eager to make progress.
  15. What "I" am - revisted
  16. Religion
  17. Guides Merging into One?
  18. What is truth?
  19. A little personal development
  20. The need for agreement
  21. Ascension - (Link)
  22. Perception and conditioning
  23. Stuck and still moving on. …Getting older but I am still not satisfied
  24. Between heaven and hell
  25. Who to accept that friends/family are sleeping
  26. There is no god.
  27. Energies on my face. But are you kidding?
  28. How do you keep your spiritual sanity?
  29. Who is God? Understaning Spiritual development.
  30. Surrender
  31. Cosmic Consciousness
  32. Christalline Activisation
  33. I do not know the Truth.
  34. Never lie, not even about a penny
  35. Feelings from the "gut"
  36. Heart hurts
  37. What is "unknowing"?
  38. Life is so easy when we have another piece of the puzzle!
  39. Expressions ...
  40. Only practice in spirituality that will lead you to truth
  41. My experience that led me to truth
  42. Cutting Energy Cords
  43. What is Consciousness?
  44. A prayer.
  45. From nothing
  46. Letting things go.
  47. Getting stuck
  48. Funny experience, yet dangerous, not normal for my age.
  49. The Souce(Gods words) explained. Ongoing truth of my crestion
  50. Can we heal simply by not judging?
  51. just a share....i like this saying..it is so true.
  52. What has been your struggle through your spiritual journey?
  53. The insanity of most humans(human condition)
  54. Important Last post without spirituality. Lost it's meaning of itself
  55. migrating to a more harmonious and elementary community/ country
  56. Mist important lice threatening truth everyone must know
  57. Watching the Thinker
  58. A full moon and sensing energy..Why?
  59. Inner shift/outer change
  60. Here's the whole deal
  61. Today the day which I live or die. 8. Hours from this moment
  62. Understanding Dimensions ....
  63. What comes after enlightenment?
  64. Trusting your HS
  65. Greatest truth there is that leads to absolute
  66. Please forgive me
  67. Personal experience with law of attraction(grace)
  68. Please read. Indescribable amount of love
  69. Experiences with electrical device interference?
  70. Taste?
  71. The Dark Night.....Where's the Light?
  72. Help please
  73. Ever Experienced such Thing?...
  74. Gift Understanding/Development
  75. My mind rules my life
  76. Cosmic Consciousness anyone?
  77. Questioning Tolle
  78. Dissolving Impediments to Opening the Heart
  79. Deep range vibrations get me
  80. Last words on forum
  81. Hello, New to this forum ;)
  82. Watching your mind knowing that others also are watchin it
  83. Mind
  84. Different phases of moods
  85. Hello i am new
  86. Head on down to the LOVE SHACK, baby !!
  87. Spiritual Masters (Guru) and Aspergers?
  88. Sacred Geometry
  89. Can you sense what might be wrong with me?
  90. How can i slow the visions down?
  91. Reality of enlightenment
  92. Words of wisdom
  93. Consistency
  94. What is Nature's intention?
  95. It's only make believe
  96. I , me and mine
  97. Self judgment discussion
  98. What to do about an EXTREMELY negative person.
  99. Shut them up.
  100. Compassion to sleepers (including myself)
  101. just a couple of questions...
  102. Was Primordal man Conscious?
  103. Where do you feel at home the most?
  104. I'm an observer of my own life
  105. Connecting to others with good intentions.
  106. Happiest person on the planet...
  107. Mutual concern
  108. Chart for mapping psychic abilities?
  109. This is moke please read
  110. The Gold Capped Mountain--of Self realization
  111. psychic abilities
  112. Help please. When I start new spiritual practice, addiction flares up
  113. I've completely changed myself in two and a half weeks.
  114. I've completely changed myself in two and a half weeks.
  115. The only one?
  116. New Mind
  117. *IT* ... by another other name
  118. I just need someone to talk too!!!
  119. 101 Attitude Shifts That Will Change Your Life
  120. Energetic "Layers" of Existence, Vibes and Signatures
  121. OK, straight talk about thoughts...
  122. Can enlightenment be achieves with doings
  123. Is this part of being a Sensitive?
  124. Super agitated, please help me
  125. Awake in dreams?
  126. The strength of your belief
  127. Special abilities ?
  128. Do we all have the same gift ?
  129. Is This Our Ultimate Spiritual Purpose?
  130. What does it mean to love? To love ....
  131. Buddhist Temple Energy
  132. Severely Depressed
  133. Friendship and unconditional love
  134. Fear of being dishonored
  135. Vetting Of Nonphysical Energies
  136. can you explain what is the "higher self" in simple words?
  137. You are.....
  138. Return to the Heart
  139. Fear and starting to develop
  140. Thank you
  141. heart of the matter
  142. My Recent Development
  143. Justice and Judgement???
  144. What spiritual advice would you give this person?
  145. What do you wish for others?
  146. Please explain the cosmic conciousness
  147. Happiness
  148. Important formula. Say: "Lord, I wish with all of my heart,
  149. Be a child of illusion
  150. Proof god exists and Jesuses words are.true
  151. Reality of this forum
  152. How to develop compassion
  153. Transmigration?
  154. What is forgiveness?
  155. Dark Night of the Soul
  156. The Universe is in you
  157. Doubts
  158. Cultivating kindness
  159. Psychic activity and very dilated pupils!
  160. What do you love most about life?
  161. What are we in love with? And what do we long for?
  162. Hare Krishna
  163. Who will be saved, and who won't? What exactly do they mean by "Salvation"?
  164. Consciousness
  165. Do you remember the first feeling of I am?
  166. Formlessness and the human rational
  167. Mind
  168. Giving~
  169. What are your resolutions for 2012?
  170. Identities
  171. How to develop my clairvoyance?
  172. The Truth About Forgiveness, How To Really Forgive Permanently
  173. Simple or Complex?
  174. Should I give up spirituality/philosophy?
  175. Can I have some insight?
  176. Fear of the unknown ...
  177. Can someone help me with figuring out this experience?
  178. Truths deeper than spirituslity as you know it
  179. Fear
  180. Adult Naming Ceremonies
  181. What is God?
  182. Letting go fear or stupidity
  183. Told you're not going to re-incarnate again
  184. Playing the martyr role.
  185. Everyone is enlightened!
  186. Time Space Form
  187. Known Unknown
  188. The Earth Realm
  189. Facial expressions
  190. Where is the higher self?
  191. Our true nature :-)
  192. How to detach
  193. Question about true nature
  194. Understanding the question.
  195. Meditation
  196. Letting go non-sense: Guess what is left?
  197. ego and spirit
  198. what came first....
  199. Addiction to thought
  200. View, Realization, Experience, Practice, and Fruition
  201. Why call it silence?
  202. Strange sensations/vibrations
  203. I wish I was dead
  204. and a quote....
  205. Belief in a Jesus/a Guru/a Buddha
  206. how many?
  207. Challenge me: There is no such thing as love
  208. I don't want to be here anymore
  209. Has anyone seen this?
  210. seems the admin took my advice
  211. Is Ego just another name for Satan?
  212. Believing only in the "good Stuff"
  213. Conditioned Love vs. Unconditional Love
  214. How do I become more spiritually open?
  215. Gods way; or your way!
  216. "If you want to uplift yourself from this world and enter the other world you have to
  217. Human evolution towards happiness
  218. Is suicide really so insane?
  219. My personal Developments and gifts.
  220. Reasons for thinking about someone
  221. Ripples of Vibration
  222. Thoughts about Love.
  223. Thoughts to Stillness
  224. Inner Sanctuaries and curiosity
  225. Intention vs Attention
  226. Separating Self from myself
  227. Joining conscious and subconscious
  228. Tingles
  229. Kundalini awakening? Where to find teacher/guidance
  230. Do Isochronic tones really aid opening the third eye?
  231. Alone and isolated = development?
  232. Moving Thoughts From Fear to A Place of Love
  233. Global Harmony
  234. Life, desire and awakening
  235. What made you finally realize you were an Empath (or highly empathic)
  236. a diamond is forever...
  237. Feeling disconnected
  238. All of a sudden i'm drawing
  239. Letting go physical beauty
  240. Our beliefs are not true
  241. Self-control
  242. people who weren't so psychic that are now psychic
  243. the witnessed state of mind kundalini channeling the higher self
  244. What direction are your abilities going in?
  245. Going back to the womb?
  246. New thread, indeeed
  247. the no-win scenario
  248. Seek and you will be disturbed???
  249. What is the point? somebody
  250. witness