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  1. Immune Suppression
  2. Bulbous teenie
  3. How to start working as a lightworker?
  4. Looking for Shaman/Priest
  5. Can a positive upheaval still feel painful?
  6. a spiritual Q&A with me
  7. Expansion and Contraction
  8. Spiritual Counsellors
  9. Stressed become more aware?
  10. Burning palate
  11. Consciousness Connected
  12. Raising our own Schuman resonance for spiritual growth
  13. Spiritual Awakening, Transgenderism, Reincarnation, Heaven, and/or Hell?
  14. The Answer to Everything...:)
  15. Love Can Change Your Perspective
  16. Saint Germain
  17. Anxiety
  18. My personal awakening experience
  19. Trucking across the states
  20. Did you know that the entire Universe is making...
  21. Ancient civilizations
  22. Hopelessness, Depression
  23. Its all relative
  24. Advice please on vibrating foot chakras
  25. My gift is in feeling the female spirit
  26. Energy constantly discharging itself out my feet and hands
  27. Silence but what comes from the mouth...
  28. The beginning is near
  29. Pain and suffering
  30. How does God become omni present, and omni potent?
  31. planets
  32. Vanquishing one of my demons.
  33. Free will
  34. Soul group
  35. This isn't meant to last
  36. How did this spirituality originate?
  37. Evolution
  38. Releasing deep pain
  39. Taking life seriously vs. having fun
  40. what are angels/demons/djinn/oni/rakasha/etcetcetc
  41. How to let go....
  42. Sudden decent into doubt and crazydom
  43. Can a Spirit choose to not exist?
  44. Why do I suddenly blank out?
  45. What I've learnt so far...
  46. Abilities after awakening
  47. Sensitivity to sexuality
  48. How many of you are truly happy?
  49. Are you. You.
  50. Rumi on the value of pain and suffering
  51. Knowing who you really are?
  52. Role of thought
  53. Advice on financial issues after awakening?
  54. Being a beginner to life/spiritual path
  55. Idolizing
  56. Mayan Riviera spiritual options
  57. Constant sneezing
  58. my journey
  59. Is this telepathy?
  60. Psychotic story..
  61. Weird experience
  62. Best strategy to develop spiritually
  63. Ascension Interference?
  64. Reptilians
  65. Fear = cold feet?
  66. runes
  67. The angry wind and the happy one to
  68. Cookie and the drone.
  69. In search of Spiritual Teacher, no luck.
  70. Nothingness and it's importance
  71. Are those who go to hell are excluded from creation?
  72. Spiritual illness?
  73. Kundalani energy flowing from head downward?
  74. Possible Kundalini story...
  75. Spirituality, the Ego & Nature of the true Spiritual Pathway.
  76. What is creativity?
  77. Would you
  78. I don't think it's the best thing to know about the future
  79. How to get rid of Ego
  80. The force
  81. Spiritual development
  82. still looking for reality
  83. Perfectionism
  84. I Don't Know Who I Am
  85. Arising Non-Arising
  86. I kept having multiple unsuccessful spiritual awakeings
  87. Whats wrong with me? Why did I go numb?
  88. Talents being recognised ...
  89. Going through a spitirual awakening.
  90. Facing Inner Emptiness Head On
  91. The Starting Point of Spiritual Development
  92. The heart is the way out imo
  93. Spiritual Awakening, A Little Scary!
  94. Fresh Start
  95. sharing a sign/synchronicity (story)
  96. Repercussions of breaking free from programming
  97. Favourite stuff?
  98. The Dreamer
  99. nature
  100. Questions about Self and emotions
  101. If you're fighting for something...
  102. Spiritual development at a standstill.
  103. Animal totems and animal messengers of the spiritual realm
  104. Change
  105. Taking a Step Backward and Being Grateful
  106. Divine State
  107. Getting something off your chest always makes you feel better.
  108. How to connect with the Higher Self ?
  109. Once you get a message...
  110. mental pain
  111. What is my true-self doing to me?
  112. Spiritual awakening in overdrive, can't find my place in 3D.
  113. Is it about me or is it about the progress of humanity?
  114. Karma's power vs our beliefs, thus, changing past karma
  115. Got a river running through my neck
  116. not in my hed
  117. Psychic
  118. Each Morning.
  119. How would you react if you got a letter from your child you never knew existed?
  120. skull vision
  121. Consciously unconscious
  122. Unable to practice
  123. Emotions
  124. Loved ones and/or spiritual path?
  125. 21st Top Spiritual Authors
  126. Protecting Innocence
  127. X-FILES
  128. A Conversation With My Counsellor
  129. Gaia and Luna (in my practices lately)
  130. Spiritual growth and loneliness?
  131. Spirituality
  132. Your favorite insights
  133. Connecting with people in real and tangible ways
  134. Worship...why, what is it, little discussion
  135. Does the Universe support authenticity?
  136. Finally getting out of my rut
  137. How to Repay Karmic Debts?
  138. Life - In a bit of a Conundrum
  139. The Gorilla Shoot out case
  140. Surrendering to vs. creating emotions
  141. spiritual journey
  142. Does How Your Day Unfolds Depend On How You Adjust Your Mind?
  143. My emotions
  144. From Seeker to Disciple
  145. Spiritual activities/hobbies
  146. Becoming vegetarian, need some tips please!
  147. To promote growth of transcendent abilities
  148. This is a real grounded post, please hash this out with me.
  149. Advice For spiritual development
  150. Thoughts on airspace?
  151. Tune in
  152. I thought I was exhausted.
  153. Still finding this awakening hard.
  154. Awakening on the level of mind, heart, and gut
  155. sparkly blue or white dot flashes occasionally in front of my eyes, anyone else?
  156. Spiritual strength.
  157. Any tips on how to get rid of negative entity attachments?
  158. Vibrations and tones in my ear
  159. Your calling.
  160. I was going to commit suicide last month.
  161. Surrendering to life.
  162. Getting good vibes from people
  163. serotonin
  164. Feeling empty and unhappy - kundalini?
  165. Any First Hand Kundalini Experience?
  166. Dreaming Better Dreams
  167. Gosh and golly... heres me.
  168. Is it possible for strength/passion to be someone's 'enlightenment'?
  169. Can anyone recommend a good daily home program?
  170. communication
  171. Worry and Intuition
  172. off worlders
  173. What do you guys think of the Messianic Complex?
  174. How have you found your true life purpose?
  175. Meeting My Tulpas
  176. Feeling tired of this ascension thing
  177. Stagnation
  178. Beggars Keep Approaching Me
  179. Akashic records?
  180. Spiritual Bondage
  181. The Exorcist (path)
  182. I have done the spiritual thing and passed though the bother side
  183. Finding and holding onto your OWN inner light?
  184. "Hopes and Dreams." A kind of Faith?
  185. people with higher energy
  186. wispin spirts
  187. Breakthrough!
  188. Thunder sounds in my head.
  189. Thanks to all shamans and energy or light workers out there
  190. angels
  191. Youtube energy healing, a real thing ?
  192. Is there any redemption?
  193. A Calm Moment Before Butterflies
  194. I don't know what to make of it
  195. Impressing people?
  197. Open Heart - Open Mind?
  198. Symptoms vs. Causes
  199. Why im a salesperson for the bliss
  200. Spirituality v. Religion
  201. Starseeds Disclosure - (Part III - Ascension)
  202. What You See During Awakening?
  203. What is reflected is myself?
  204. Hash this out with me friends: What is Respect and Trust?
  205. Suggestions
  206. Psychic intuition - Can what you see be changed?
  207. Introversion and being open
  208. Ideas on higher consciousness states and powers
  209. why do we do it
  210. Finding an awakened master in India
  211. deja vu have anything to do with having spirits around???
  212. This is almost like a secret about God..
  213. art from spirit vs art from ego
  214. Empaths - controlling emotion
  215. intellect, mind, vs being
  216. Is everything predetermined?
  217. Awareness of your physical body
  218. The answers you seek
  219. We can play this game forever, we have time
  220. Spanish DVD suggestions?
  221. Strong spiritual energy and migraine
  222. Consciousness journeying through the illusion of separation
  223. "psychic" abilities awakening, getting scared
  224. Feeling Completely Present
  225. The world turned upside down
  226. spiritual crisis
  227. Skeptics with ESP
  228. God requires something
  229. Facing the subconscious
  230. The Path
  231. The cause of stomach pain
  232. I've been having this enlightenment experience
  233. Eyes of activity
  234. What are the things that everyone knows but no one talks about?
  235. Why was I shown the universal compassion and love?
  236. I've Lost Sight of Life
  237. The Art of Loosing Yourself.
  238. Self-expression
  239. unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten
  240. How are you accepted by others?
  241. Spiritual development
  242. One purpose
  243. Did I have a Kundalini Awakening?
  244. Disappointed by retreat experience
  245. Discipline vs the shadow?
  246. question for psychics
  247. How to get over the doubt in an awakening?
  248. Need Empathic Help
  249. How to find your calling?
  250. How can someone KEEP GOING ?