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  1. Holy Cow
  2. Does gratitude resolve most of our issues?
  3. When all desires and wants fall away
  4. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
  5. Am I Being Punished By 'Life'?
  6. The flowering of love.
  7. my spiritual journey so far...
  8. Spiritual Help
  9. Our Future selves
  10. battles of the mind
  11. Grounding out
  12. need some help...precognitive curse
  13. What happens to a negative emotion when it's repressed?
  14. Tastes
  15. Can anyone help me
  16. Cognitive Dissonance and Perception
  17. What's your biggest secret?
  18. Stuck out of fear?
  19. Who do you talk to?
  20. We are it.
  21. Power of the mother
  22. Jesus
  23. Resistance is futile.
  24. Need guidance
  25. Developing the Ability to Listen
  26. Caroline Myss teachings
  27. Why? - all of it
  28. Perspective Of An Outsider
  29. Reality bites.
  30. Working with reality, not against
  31. Dizziness/Spinning sensation after giving card readings
  32. What's your biggest regret?
  33. how does the universe operate / life / reality / the screen infront of our mind??
  34. I CANNOT focus!
  35. My mind is constantly changing
  36. What unexpected side effects have you experienced as an effect of "waking up"?
  37. What triggered your awakening?
  38. Is it possible to repress a huge chunk of our soul?
  39. I Feel Like Giving Up Every...Single...Day!
  40. Just talked to God please help
  41. Me Vs Life
  42. HELP!! Teachers Who Are (Introverted Pisces) Empaths...
  43. Jesus' Prayercraft
  44. The divine reward of abstinance
  45. 🔝🆕 💡All That is Religious is Spiritual but Not All that is Spiritual is Religious
  46. I am bored.
  47. "Your focus determines your reality"
  48. Is Pregnancy affecting my energies and intuitive ability?
  49. Intense Resistance Arising
  50. Curiosity: Best Gift You Can Receive
  51. Best Ways to not take on others stuff
  52. Rescuing people from themselves... how to.
  53. Loving the Victim
  54. Ordeals
  55. My ears are weird. Anybody experience this?
  56. Random sounds of garden and birds
  57. Conversations and goose bumps
  58. The universe is saying.
  59. Horror
  60. Don't know what's just happened?
  61. The difficulty of mindfulness discourse
  62. dear Ego
  63. The forbearance of self
  64. A Split Second......
  65. A Message for Mankind
  66. What are we doing here?
  67. Resistance
  68. Law of one theory
  69. Who Are You
  70. Seeing imaginary bubbles in the clouds/sky
  71. reality, reality sharing what is reality.
  72. Betrayed by God
  73. Recommendations for healing and transformation centers
  74. No longer identifying with form
  75. oh my my life
  76. the word of silance
  77. Dissolving the past ???
  78. Being Loving to Others When They Are Disrespectful, Rude and Discourteous
  79. Awakenings not Coinciding...
  80. Wake up calls.
  81. Who's team was that? My dogs or mine?
  82. Is this one way to deal with negative emotions?
  83. Common sayings and their metaphysical base
  84. Balance and Relationships
  85. fear and love
  86. What to do if you are born with a "dark soul"?
  87. Not wanting
  88. Selflessness
  89. How to be happy and stop wanting "more"?
  90. Another detachment thread...bit sensitive
  91. What would you call this experience of mine?
  92. Opening the portal to hell.
  93. oneness
  94. Pep talk on faith
  95. Florida is the catalyst
  96. Disconnected to
  97. Tunnel vision
  98. Soul 'fragmentation' through fiction... is this psychological or energetic?
  99. An Awakening that I had....
  100. Synchronicity?
  101. Lonely but surrounded by people
  102. It's hard to talk about things that are deep
  103. Loss of freedom.
  104. Ego death
  105. Willingness to be open
  106. So Life..What Do You Want From Me?
  107. Any similar experiences? I'd love to hear them!
  108. Help with Enlightenment
  109. Living life aware.
  110. When I enter the unknown of myself
  111. dreams
  112. no stability in observing thoughts
  113. Which me is me?
  114. You don't need anybody, All you need is now
  115. Need of personal development and Relationship issues
  116. The Power of Now
  117. Being you.
  118. Talking about the Force
  119. How Do I Take Care Of Myself
  120. Infinity aka how to fry a human mind
  121. What is the cause of Judgement?
  122. Soul contracts.
  123. What Is The Most Important Thing In Spiritual Development?
  124. Intuition and changing direction
  125. What did you do to make a big change in your life?
  126. Our purpose and sense of self/individual soul missions
  127. Meeting other spiritual people
  128. Space and Freedom
  129. Separation.
  130. Heart
  131. Are you protective/private about your soul name?
  132. Accepting the Gift
  133. He's here, can you feel it?
  134. The Fear
  135. If you're in a high vibration why you keep attracting low vibrational people?
  136. 11, karma, past life, trying to get better
  137. Needing Help Spiritually (Anger/Frustration)
  138. Agony and Ecstacy
  139. Rise and fall back to balance
  140. the past and present
  141. Cant read the news anymore
  142. Spiritually disconnected
  143. Know your own mind
  144. Can spirituality and mental health be linked?
  145. spirituality & dealing with depression?
  146. Will spritual deveopment lessen my drive to acheive?
  147. I hate myself when I'm so impulsive
  148. Keeping my spirituality, not losing it... Thoughts?
  149. Healing emotional issues from years prior
  150. Kundalini and coincidences;
  151. Possiblities are endless.
  152. Losing Faith In All Things Spiritual ...?
  153. My development
  154. Rather scary thought
  155. birthmarks looking like star formations on arms?
  156. Hope this helps: Stop looking at the problem
  157. Being the one!
  158. Weirdness after opening Crown
  159. Is shyness really fear?
  160. I can feel that i'm loosing it...
  161. vulnerable and fragile
  162. I'm not from here.
  163. Lets unblock our chakra points together :)
  164. Unfinished thoughts about reality
  165. Empath??
  166. Can we move on from 'dark' emotions without learning anything from them?
  167. Dissatisfaction and feeling inadequate.
  168. Why is spiritual enlightenment such a destructive path?
  169. Maybe i should just get sick more often
  170. How to be close to the Holy Spirit 101, ;)
  171. What am I?
  172. Need some guidance
  173. newbie
  174. You cannot avoid life.
  175. Connecting to yourself again after the Dark Night of the Soul
  176. living inquiries
  177. How do you know you're on a spiritual path?
  178. Faith
  179. Help
  180. How to learn to listen to your gut
  181. Rainbow in cloud
  182. want
  183. Believing in your own divinity.
  184. "Secret" teachings - what are your thoughts?
  185. DNA Activation - experiences, thoughts, suggestions..?
  186. Do you ever notice that your most 'spiritual' moments...
  187. Oh sweet nature, the gardener arrives.
  188. have we got a heart on the right?:D
  189. Intense mental activity has left me disconnected
  190. Had a profound experience that I do not understand
  191. Embracing heaven and earth
  192. Hummmmm
  193. Freckles formations?
  194. Psycho-Social-Spiritual Development
  195. Forgiveness is unnecessary
  196. Being in Two Place at one Phyically
  197. Yelling at Someone then saying Sorry
  198. Free for all
  199. Growing Crown
  200. Traveling Cleric?
  201. Where does one go from here?
  202. What Are Practical Tips to Spiritual Awakening?
  203. If Emotions are a Human Condition then....
  204. Bored With Spirituality
  205. Spiritual Awakening (Peer Support Thread)
  206. Group spiritual class
  207. New to spirituality? Something for you
  208. Complete acceptance of emotions
  209. repetative numbers everywhere i look.
  210. What are fun things you can do with your ego?
  211. I don't know how to take this step
  212. Have I understood this right?
  213. Feeling for the Servers
  214. Reflections near the edge
  215. All hail to the chicken god!
  216. The Expressing Thread
  217. Merkaba Visualization
  218. spirituality real or fake?
  219. Find The Real You
  220. Escaping Alcatraz
  221. Think Fondly Of Yourself
  222. Spiritual growth during testing times
  223. How does one transcend the Spiritual Ego?
  224. Spirituality
  225. Your positivity annoying people
  226. Personal evolution vs family bonds?
  227. Luck and legality.
  228. Tips on how to create my own spiritual retreat?
  229. I don't know if I am just daydreaming or...
  230. I need some suggestion, advice, help to keep strong spiritually.
  231. Trying to connect better
  232. living on the frequency of fear
  233. Shivers through my body when I drop into non-conceptual awareness?
  234. Fearless/fearful
  235. What is your mission in this lifetime?
  236. There are all the things and then there is the joys of spirit
  237. What happens to the personality as you let go?
  238. Are You Vibrating in the Frequency of Heaven?
  239. Power is part of our spiritual heritage or development or destiny
  240. 'If' desire and attachment keep us coming back here..
  241. Emotions falling back asleep during awakening
  242. another thread about self-nurturing :)
  243. Is this an example of mental conditioning?
  244. How to interpret Geometric imagery?
  245. Illusion
  246. Analyzing this effect on you.
  247. How to deal with spiritual overwhelm...
  248. You can never be enlightened
  249. Hope for humanity, or not?
  250. Addicted To Suffering No More