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  1. more Q's about reality/spirituality/LOA
  2. Destructive force(s)
  4. Was Buddah the first "Enlighten" being ever?
  5. Is that an awakening?
  6. The up/down of progression and uncomfy feelings (vid)
  7. Twists, turns and serious life lesson learned! life is beautiful!
  8. Consciousness enjoys Duality
  9. Feeling Disconnected
  10. How do you go out in the world
  11. Highly sensitive people
  12. Consciousness as a concept
  13. Let's discuss the ego!
  14. My personal Development
  15. Life Story of Abnormal Events
  16. Reaching for something, but nothing is there
  17. Glass half full or half empty? Creativity.
  18. Grey hairs and kundalini
  19. If I could change just one thing....
  20. Spiritual Reality
  21. Life is like a Ladder
  22. Humility and compassion
  23. What's been the most challenging experience of your life?
  24. Deconstructing False Perceptions
  25. kundalini
  26. kundalini
  27. Is this my next progression??
  28. Is this my next progression??
  29. What does it mean to be "conscious?"
  30. Suppressing vs. embracing fear
  31. You cant avoid experience
  32. Is it possible to get lost in this world?
  33. too sensitive
  34. Key to the Book of Destiny
  35. Seer
  36. First Contact
  37. Lose thyself?
  38. Why the "New Age" community has left a bad taste in my mouth :disgust:
  39. Law of Attraction
  40. Lying
  41. Energy lost: part of my spiritual development?
  42. A Vison While Praying
  43. What is forth dimension and fifth dimension?
  44. Trapped energy?
  45. DNA exchange from inercourse
  46. Why do I feel the need of teach people?
  47. forgivness resolution
  48. spiritual ***?
  49. New level? No Level?
  50. spiritual heritage
  51. Physical ascension- real or a myth?
  52. A little help
  53. coincidence ?
  54. What I really yearn for, right now, is intimacy
  55. Does anyone have a 5th dimensional consciousness?
  56. Doing shadow work
  57. Sudden realization of anxiety through meditation
  58. Keeper of the Light
  59. The human spirit
  60. Sensitive Ears
  61. Wanting to do more. . .
  62. Has anyone had an Sp episode with giant vibration turned into clairaudience?
  63. my strange new years eve day
  64. I dislike people who have strong viewpoints - am I the bad girl?
  65. Forgiveness 101...signing up?
  66. After Enlightenment
  67. After Enlightenment
  68. Confrontation
  69. Choices/Free will
  70. Choices/Free will
  71. Need some help to understand a response I got from a therapist
  72. Menstruation and the energy field
  73. Any guidance how to progress?
  74. Weird experience
  75. Mindful Loving kindness
  76. Introduction to A Course In Miracles (ACIM) or The Course
  77. Vasectomy and Spriritual Growth
  78. For the LOVE of GOD!!!
  79. Unimaginable and Completely Ordinary
  80. 2015 the year of the Initiated Soul
  81. The Truth
  82. Asking the universe
  83. how can i be more aligned with my higher self
  84. how to let go of all expectations
  85. Anyone because delusional because of your spiritual awakening?
  86. Yet Another Animal (Sign, Temporary Guides or Something more?
  87. Spiritual Development
  88. Deep Sleep
  89. Pilgrimage To Wiltshire (June 2015)
  90. Prana
  91. I Love Irony!
  92. Peace man-kind!
  93. Happiness is not State of Mind
  94. Sparks popping out the head
  95. Does it matter if i kill someone
  96. learning from asking
  97. Love this video on 'the middle way'
  98. Ok for the 15th time ...I found the simple answer again!
  99. Goose bumps
  100. Translation of the terms Consciousness/Awareness
  101. Stages Of Spiritual Progression
  102. Different type of energy? :O
  103. Mainstream Movies and Spirituality
  104. There is no need to fight with yourself, cause the Real You keeps coming back
  105. Morning comes.
  106. Knowledge is Power
  107. Can somebody please explain what is happening to me?
  108. What goes up, Must come down ...
  109. Concerning spiritual development.
  110. bliss
  111. Love to let go
  112. How do you deal with anger?
  113. Ups & Downs of Awakening
  114. Swami Satchidanand free PDF's for everyone.
  115. How important is the Journey?
  116. Does your self image often differ from what others think of you?
  117. Do you ever get that feeling that you are the best?
  118. December 2014 and my "shift"
  119. Shielding problems
  120. core energy levels
  121. You're Awesome!
  122. Deep delief
  123. Pineal Gland - Help
  124. That awkward moment when...
  125. Descent & Ascent
  126. The How's are for the Universe to figure out
  127. perception of self and self acceptance
  128. Decribe please..how heart connection feels like?
  129. Unheard/ Unseen: Blessing vs. Blockage
  130. feeling as thought I'm living a life thats not mine anymore
  131. Why we take things so personally?
  132. An example of multidimensionality?
  133. Need help with dealing with spiritual manifestations
  134. True Knowledge
  135. Respect not expect
  136. We Have To Stop Enabling Each Other
  137. choosing a site?
  138. Starting a spiritual journey.
  139. Where are you?
  140. Help! How do put it in reality?
  141. Self-hate turns into eating disorder
  142. I feel very weird after releasing blocks
  143. Possible kundalini activity - clarification greatly appreciated
  144. Spiritual growth
  145. What are the masculine and feminine energies and do we all have them?
  146. KISS
  147. When spending too much time alone becomes unhealthy?
  148. Kundalini and inexplicable emotions
  149. please read before you respond to threads
  150. Do you still have a normal job?
  151. The Mastery of the Spiritual Masters...
  152. How emotional you are?
  153. Ascending
  154. Awakening differences; Descending & Ascending
  155. Crazy
  156. Judgement vs Discernment?
  157. Teach a man to fish!
  158. one way to do things..omy
  159. Black and white world
  160. Enjoying the worldly things?
  161. Your Cloths and your Spiritual Path
  162. How to find a hobby?
  163. Eightfolds
  164. Body tightness -Right side
  165. Problems with sleeping
  166. An Interesting Theory???????
  167. Kundalini Activation
  168. Help with Spiritual Development
  170. Death with every breath
  171. The Most Important Spiritual Advice EVER !!!
  172. To worship or NOT to worship
  173. anger at the sightest show of disrespect
  174. My journey
  175. Are modern therapies the equivalent of Prozac?
  176. Euthanasia, Suicide and Spirituality
  177. a spirit wanting to experience earth?
  178. Had an awakening now hitting a block
  179. Spiritual discussion making people uncomfortable
  180. Enlightenment Step One
  181. Ultimate Spiritual Evolution
  182. Disconnected from the spiritual realm, please help
  183. How to express your opposing opinions?
  184. Have you completed your journey ?
  185. Is consciousness aware of its self?
  186. Living in the 'now' but still preparing yourself for the future
  187. How can Higher Selves connect?
  188. back to the garden
  189. Slower movements/walkng/eating = better for the soul?
  190. Spiritual drugs
  191. True strength- going with the flow ?
  192. Feelings,Emotions and Spirituality?
  193. Wanting life to be short
  194. When an Animal eats another Animal
  195. Advice for someone just beginning their journey
  196. could you help a soul in need?
  197. Destined for solitary existence?
  198. Current Confusions, New Experiences,
  199. I'm so lost man.
  200. Dealing with insecurity
  201. Aligning with Your Higher Self: How has Your Life Changed?
  202. Humility = contentment ?
  204. Program for Better Life?
  205. Energetic & Peaceful Spiritual Instrumental Music
  206. the joy of sound waves?
  207. How do you reach your potential?
  208. Cosmic blueprint
  209. A flash of weirdness
  210. from meditation to insanity
  211. Karmic Paths and God's Redemption
  212. Spiritual development altering brain patterning??
  213. children with gifts and abilities
  214. Household
  215. Feeling Lost and empty
  216. The most insignificant is the deepest of all
  217. growing growing growing
  218. Animals are more evolved than humans
  219. Spiritual Development and the inner war
  220. It's not 'my' soup??
  221. A spiritual song.
  222. Soul/Spiritual Name?
  223. My fear, Help?!?!
  224. A Method to Help One Let Go. Samyama
  225. The Light and the Darkness.
  226. multiverse or universe?
  227. ethics and morality
  228. How should I approach spirituality?
  229. is it possible to go endarkenment for an enlightened person
  230. Kenis....
  231. who are the evil people in this world?
  232. The main goal of satanism?
  233. Awakening and ego...
  234. can anyone like read eye color etc about eye?
  235. starting my journey
  236. Having trouble on my path because of habits.
  237. Behaviour ...
  238. Mindfulness & Meditation & Law of Attraction
  239. kalil khalar kadish/kadosh
  240. Do you find it easier or harder
  241. Clicking/cracking in the middle of head
  242. Is life ruled by karma? Or free will?
  243. LOa, the soul, existence, stuff
  244. hey a golden ring around my eye
  245. Descending kundalini and career
  246. What path should I take? Am I really as intune as I beleive I am?
  247. And people still think we don't create everything around us...
  248. Living in the Present
  249. How to Explain the Inner Person
  250. What is the reality behind "Don't do to others what you wouldn't like being yourself"