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  1. Hoping for some help.
  2. Why does the paranormal unravel many?
  3. Hospital ghosts
  4. Ghost woman , time travel ?
  5. Hospital and Ghosts Personal Experiences
  6. live investigations
  7. Question about ghosts
  8. ghost outside
  9. Random burn mark and crazy clock
  10. Was it my grandfather or something/one else?
  11. Ghosts/demons/human created thought forms
  12. 100 Billion Humans Already Dead; Where Are The Ghosts?
  13. Extreme negativity and psych issues - under assault from demons - please help me
  14. Charlie Charlie
  15. Face unseen
  16. Haunted Dresser
  17. hi
  18. sky pic
  19. portals?
  20. Please explain what is happening
  21. entities
  22. ghosts attach themselves to objects
  23. Does anyone?
  24. Entity/Ghost?
  25. Why are ghosts seen as the least credible evidence of LAD??
  26. Famous ghosts
  27. A mad spirit with middle finger up?
  28. How to See Ghosts?
  29. Entity experiences
  30. Strange Owl and Shadows
  31. Three taps from a cold finger
  32. Hearing
  33. Watching or Reading too much paranormal attract ghosts/entities?
  34. is this possible
  35. Editing for a Paranormal Group
  36. Shielding when drained
  38. Needing thoughts, opinions on something that happened to me last night
  39. Fleur de lis and Negative Energy
  40. Ancient church UK...Two ghosts
  41. Mark and Debbie Constantino
  42. Friendly?
  43. Santa clause
  44. What era?
  45. Think story based on Exorcist/Emily Rose,etc are real?
  46. Not again!
  47. Rules Copy and Paste - Commercial Links
  48. My First Ghost Siting...?
  49. Other Happening's since the last..
  50. Is it dangerous to live in a haunted house?
  51. Ashy Murphy's Poltergeist
  52. Spirit "Assault"
  53. First clear visual experience
  54. Green Ghost..maybe
  55. Possible Resident Spirit
  56. Flag Fluttering with No Wind
  57. Cursed Objects
  58. Ghost Hunt/Paranormal Investigations
  59. My First Ghost Tour. Need Advice.
  60. Seeing Ghosts and communicate them- Sixth Sense esque
  61. What Am I Dealing With?
  62. Beautiful Daytime Orb Photo
  63. Ghost
  64. Angel
  65. Felt "satans presence" during a prayer
  66. Pretty sure my house is haunted.
  67. My Ghost experince
  68. How to Keep a Negative Entity Away Whilst Before Sleeping?
  69. Haunted object help?
  70. How To Get Rid of This Entity?
  71. TV News - What I Say but it was not Real
  72. What was this?
  73. Need to have a talk with my ghost.
  74. Can We Remove Some But Not All?
  75. Spirits & Lights/TV
  76. Do Ghosts see the living
  77. Dark fleeting shadows lately
  78. the sensation that something is on your bed
  79. Share your WORST supernatural experience!
  80. Can entity come through chakra's?
  81. The Spectre of the Newby Church
  82. Demonic Mind
  83. Mark and Debby Constantino killed in domestic violence*incident
  84. Black man in dream and in vision
  85. Someone touching my arm
  86. does anyone have any ghostly pictures?
  87. Help Me Believe Again.
  88. Being Paged by a Pager
  89. What to do when a dark spirit enters your meditative state?
  90. The Past Year
  91. Satanic Spirit?
  92. Third eye need to be opened to see/feel spirits?
  93. Catherine
  94. Three Slugs and a Rock Entity
  95. Demons and their effects on people?
  96. Spiritual Weapons
  97. Attacks, presences and loss of motor control
  98. Possessed Baby
  99. Is something trying to contact me? (seeking opinions/advice)
  100. Shadow
  101. Why Do Ghosts Wear Human Clothes
  102. Seeing Orbs With The Naked Eye
  103. Parasite entities, can anyone give me any thought on this??
  104. A hostile growing black mass
  105. Would a French spirit speak to me in French?
  106. Has anyone ever heard of or visited Slows Furnace?
  107. My parents house, I can communicate with the spirits in my mind.
  108. Shadow like man?
  109. shoes in crib?
  110. Haunted Clown
  111. Apparition Sighting
  112. What Can an Evil Spirit Do?
  113. Does Anyone Else Think That Signs Are Created By Malevolent Spirits?
  114. The Ghosts of Monte Christo
  115. Catching a spirit on a camera?
  116. Followed today
  117. It Was Bound To Happen
  118. Symptoms of Spirits Interacting With Me?
  119. Does your deceased family still visit even if you don't feel them?
  120. Djinn attached to items
  121. paranormal investigator needed
  122. Negative Entities
  123. exorcism
  124. Not sure what it was
  126. Helping an Old Friend
  127. Not sure what to make of this? Pure nonsense, or actually something?
  128. Have Been Experiencing Bad Luck, Haunted?
  129. Ghostly Cat?
  130. What is this?
  131. Sudden entity?
  132. Strange child ghost.
  133. Attached/Disguised Entities
  134. 3:29am
  135. What does it mean when you hear your name
  136. Paranormal & Ghost TV Shows
  137. spirits leaving bodies
  138. Buying a House By a Cemetary??
  139. Can a ghost fall in love with you
  140. Felt a poking/ prodding on the back of my pillow
  141. Ringing in the ears
  142. Is it possible to get molested and touched by a ghost?
  143. Ghost in the Office
  144. Room full of spirits ?
  145. Are ghosts really demons?
  146. Can dogs see spirits?
  147. Can Anyone Identify This Type of Spirit Being?
  148. Childhood spirit moving with me?
  149. Spiritual Attachment
  150. Story time!
  151. La Llorona
  152. Light orbs ?
  153. A loving spirit has been having sex with me
  154. Can learning tarot cause paranormal activity?
  155. Shaddow men
  156. clairaudience from above
  157. Hot/Warm/Cold Spirits
  158. Are There Ghost Dinosaurs?
  159. Someone Takeing a Shower
  160. Jacket Spirit Connection
  161. My Ghostly History
  162. Advice on demons and exorcism, please help!
  163. Heard of Dogmen?
  164. Picture frame changing?
  165. Location memories vs spirits
  166. Investigations are not Games
  167. Shower Visitor
  168. Kettle keeps switching itself on
  169. Wondering about a dark presence
  170. Seeing spirits in corner of eye
  171. My experience...and still seems unreal!
  172. Bracelet Flew at Me in a Store
  173. Could our dog be visiting us (from the other side)?
  174. I have an orb shower in my room
  175. Tired
  176. Towel unexpectedly thrown onto the floor
  177. White face staring at my girlfriend, when I woke up
  178. Other People's Spirits
  179. Strange photobombs
  180. My best friend is in the hospital because of this
  182. Physical action against my thoughts and involuntary muscle control.
  183. Something Was In My House
  184. My experience with a ghosts/spirit
  185. Car Trouble In Haunted Places?
  186. Do Hauntings Stay with a House?
  187. Missing cross
  188. I need help entity is attached to me can't function
  189. Iam confused..
  190. Tamil boy
  191. Thought form remainders vs. "ghost" interaction
  193. Help with interesting encounter
  194. Very negative entity and needs help.
  195. hi
  196. Misconceptions Of Ghosts.
  197. Last night's ghost hunt
  198. Haunted Areas
  199. EMF Dectector
  200. Ghost in my horse's field?
  201. Odd Spirit In My Home?
  202. Spirit keeping?
  203. Nature Spirit Help
  204. Legitimately Scared.
  205. True Ghost Story
  206. Could I have met a spirit?
  207. Think Iím under a Psychic Attack
  208. The Ghosts in my Room
  209. Just moved House - strange things happening
  210. Questions about Portals
  211. Pictures Too Good Not To Share
  212. Was this something/someone?
  213. Wrecking yard ghosts
  214. abusive entity
  215. The TRUTH about Ghost Hunting
  216. Ghosts and the mind
  217. Why do ghosts haunt people
  218. Not all ghosts haunt
  219. You can film ghosts and spirit orbs.
  220. one eyed black image
  221. Blue/green Orb
  222. Communication With Spirits
  223. The Man in the Hat
  224. The Shadow Man
  225. Do ghosts only "talk" in dreams?
  226. I miss living with spirits
  227. caught on cam
  228. Do you think it's possible for spirits to come and go in house?
  229. Door-pranking poltergeist?
  230. Increase in activity
  231. Art Speaks
  232. I'm Being Messed With
  233. How can one deal with evil beings?
  234. Theatre Ghost
  235. I have caught entity's mind control motions on movies.
  236. can u sea it
  237. Keep feeling a strange presence...
  238. Presence from Childhood
  239. Ghosts and Latin
  240. The presence of an Orb shower
  241. Problem With Uknown Entities
  242. Dolls - Creepy Things.....
  243. Black shadow with white eyes.
  244. Creepy voice
  245. Why do psychics say spirits are drawn to people with bright auras?
  246. Is my bad luck caused by my encounter with a spirit?
  247. Cruel spirit activity. Why is spirit doing this to me?
  248. Smudging to rid bad spirits
  249. I think we have a ghost
  250. seeing ghost that i think came from a statue i used to have