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Tim Lewis
06-08-2016, 10:27 PM
My wife and I were riding through the cemetary on day last week when she mentioned she wanted to stop by someone's grave but could not remember who. I immediately remembered and commented that I had been meaning to stop by someone's grave also, but could not remember who. A minute or so later, she stopped the car. I was shocked to find that we were sittting in front of the grave of the person I felt the need to visit.

I had not mentioned the need to visit this person's grave to her, nor did she know him or where he was buried. I sensed his presense and thought I had handled him to the point of him moving on. Wrong!!!

Later at home, my wife is doing some solo processing when she heard someone yelling that they needed attention. She asked who was there and the response was James. "James who?", was her next question. The response was James Holt, the name of the person I was supposed to stop by and help. (The name of the individual is altered for privacy reasons.)

She told me that he knew he was dead, but he missed his family. Though they visited him, I guess he never knew he could leave with them. I knew he could hear me, so I told him to think of his wife, Jenny and his daughter, Carla and go to them. He was gone.

The thing is, he had been trying unsuccessfully to get my attention. I just thought I was simply thinking of him, but he had been trying to reach out to me for help. Due to my lack of perception, he had no choice to go over to a more perceptive person.

Yes, this is a bit humbling to realize I had gotten so slack, especially since this was not the first time a spirit in my space went to her because of my lack of perception.

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