View Full Version : Childhood spirit moving with me?

21-12-2016, 02:16 AM
A little girl lived in the house I grew up in who in the 1970's got hit by a car in the street out front and died. One day, a couple years ago, my dad and I were sitting on my bed and our dog was sitting in the doorway. We were like, "Come here, Marley!", but he acted terrified to enter my room. I told my mom about it and that was when she told me that when I was a baby, she would hear me talking in my room, like I was playing with someone, and she would sometimes see a white mist come out of my room. My mom and I moved to another town and I haven't been in that room since she told me, just out of coincidence.

My dad just moved down with all of my old bedroom furniture, nothing that I had as a baby, but the same things that I had when our dog was afraid to come in. Well, today, a similar thing happened. We had to coax our dog into my room and he was acting timid and stuff like that. However, when we took him to the other 2 bedrooms, he excitedly hopped on the beds as if nothing was wrong. Is there some possible way that this girl attached herself to something in my room and traveled with it to return to me since I was her playmate as a baby? I have an antique mirror and mirrors can trap spirits, right? Or could she be attached to my bed or dresser or something like that?