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01-12-2015, 04:09 PM
So last weekend we visited my sister in law. This is the third time I've been in this house which gives you goose bumps the moment you walk in. This is the first time we've actually been there for most of the day, other times it's been an in out visit. The whole family was there, about 30 of us. Some watching football, some kids outside or in bedrooms and most adults in kitchen playing cards and eating. I was sitting at dining table and felt a hand rub against my neck but my niece that was sitting next to me was pretty far from me, turned to look at her and she was on her phone. so it couldn't have been her. Didn't say anything and ignored it. Then a conversation comes up about an hour later about the house being haunted! My sister in laws youngest daughter who is 6 apparently speaks with a little boy named Angel. My sister in law said she started to mention him about a year ago. She says she went along with it and thought oh her imaginary friend. Turns out after a few months my sister in law, Candy found old documents that must have belonged to previous owners in a storage room in the back yard. There were school kinder folders to a boy named Angel!! At this point Candy started to believe her daughter about seeing Angel. She describes him as a little boy with a hole on the side of his face with blood. She finds her talking to him and going out during the night to take him snacks.

As we are sitting at the table she's telling us all this and tells us, come to back yard I want to show you something. We go into a storage room where thee is pure junk, old bikes, car parts, you name it. There's even an old boat. She showed us a coffin that appears to be very very old. Her daughter told her that "Angel" told her there is money buried under the boat but gives orders not to touch it. "Angel" said he saw his dad burying the money and he was not supposed had seen him doing this. Angel told his mom. The dad threw a rock at Angel causing that hole and blood she described, then killed the mom and ended up killing himself. This is the story the 6 year is saying she was told by Angel.

will continue.................

01-12-2015, 04:20 PM
Candy told us they had someone come to the house with some sort of money/coin sensor and there appears to be something buried under the boat. But her daughter told them to not touch anything. They are scared to do anything and they have not moved the boat. She sated they took a priest already and the priest told them there was too much activity and could not continue to stay in the house. He would open his bible and it would shut on it's own. As Candy is telling us all this, her daughter comes up to her and whispers in her ear and goes back in the house. Candy tells us she said Angel said to stop talking about him, he's getting upset. We were all freaked out and went back insider the house.

My other sister in law who lives down the street visits Candy very often and started telling us all her experiences. She has seen a baby crawling and a man with red eyes. She's' also seen a boy about 6 years of age walk across the living room.

She took a picture of Candy's daughter while we were there, when we looked a the picture, you can see what appears to be a boy wearing a black hoodie ducked right behind her. At this point were were ALL in shock.

When we left my kids starting telling me things that made sense now. They ha experienced things while we were there, before we even knew.

My 9 yr old daughter happened to spend the night there, the first thing she told me when I arrived was mom, I could not sleep it's so scary here, I asked them to leave the light on until I fell asleep.

01-12-2015, 06:01 PM
I'm going to add a little more.

Candy has 3 other children. Only 2 of them has seen or experienced things. The oldest daughter is 15 she hears like an old lady giggle in her bedroom at nights. But has never seen anything. Her 10 yr old son has seen a man with red eyes walk through the house. Candy herself has felt arms being wrapped round her leg as if it was a child. She has never seen anything though. She's only noticed things misplaced without explanation. She is scared to enter one room of the house they use for storage.

Anny suggestions from anyone? Is her daughter in trouble? It scares us that she has that interaction with "Angel". While we were there, she came out and told Candy, "Angel doesn't let me come out to play". Candy told her "tell him your cousins are here and you need to come out". We were speechless. She just goes along with it. Is that what you're supposed to do?

desert rat
01-12-2015, 11:27 PM
It does sound like you have.some ghosts. You might let them know there dead and it's time to go.

02-12-2015, 12:30 PM
Wow. ..your story was giving me goosebumps :icon_eek: ..I think she is not in danger for talking to angel. ....
But I would stay far far away from the boat. ..

Would love to read more about it butterfly :hug2:

02-12-2015, 08:13 PM
I don't know how that can go on with their normal lives living in that house. The moment you walk in you feel something weird. No kidding! My husband walked in with my nieces husband into what they call the chimney room (this is where the picture was taken) and my nieces husband said, let's get out of here, it's freaky in here!

03-12-2015, 05:57 AM
Well I guess I would move out of this house :rolleyes:
If it is scary. ...I would not stay :cool: