View Full Version : Green Ghost..maybe

25-10-2015, 05:58 AM
Years ago when my son was only young 7 or 8 I think,he told me he had seen a ghost. He had neen playing down near an old shed in the backyard when he sensed being watched. He looked up and saw a green hand palm on one of the shed supports,disappearing around the post.
Unafraid he followed. There were a mass of dried leaves around that side and he heard the leaves crunching. He saw the leaves being compacted down in the shape of footprints but couldn't see anything else. As the footprints appeared they got lighter until they disappeared.
My son has also had a cold hand press into his chest while sitting down.
What would this be ? If a ghost, why green?

desert rat
25-10-2015, 04:20 PM
It may or not been a ghost . On the green part my guess would be that it might of been a gardner or farmer ect.