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  1. Seeing passed relatives
  2. Not so Dead Mother.....
  3. Entity moving objects
  4. Voice whispering over my shoulder during Tarot readings
  5. Advice about a shadow person
  6. Cell phone
  7. I am a sceptic, in spite of my experiences
  8. Was this a spirit visit
  9. Did I talk to a GHOST?
  10. Did a ghost knock on my door
  11. are these even spirits or something else?
  12. 1984
  13. My ghost experience
  14. Really can't send spirit away unless with help needed.
  15. Need help/guidance about spirit that came to me
  16. How to “not let an entity control you”?
  17. Onryos
  18. I just realized more about the entities
  19. Sexual Encounter with a succubus?
  20. Subconsciously made self-made entities.
  21. Repeated encounters with a female astral spirit.
  22. Weird occurrence!
  23. Need advice. We can't get rid of a stubborn spirit
  24. Would you think our place is haunted?
  25. Objects disappearing
  26. Railway Joe
  27. Activity around children
  28. japan forest
  29. My Kitchen
  30. When they say ghosts/spirits are everywhere...
  31. Living at a doorway to the other side.
  32. Same comes through ghost box
  33. Everything is Demonic or a Demon
  34. Property that wont Sell
  35. A Cocktail Party
  36. did my cat sense something
  37. Deceased family member
  38. can u sea in sea
  39. Demon encounter caught on tape
  40. Demon or alien caught on camera
  41. Sage & good spirits
  42. Can a human fall in love with a ghost
  43. Neighbour's Psychic Attack
  44. can u explain this
  45. Bell Witch Area (Josephine Maccarthy)
  46. Bright white spirits.
  47. a quick question
  48. poltergeist activity
  49. EVP help request
  50. Spirit came Home with Me
  51. Shadow People: What are they?
  52. hearing mumbling voices coming from a fan
  53. I Always Wonder What I Saw
  54. Can someone tell me what happend to me?
  55. Restaurant ghost
  56. Hanted Hotel Casino
  57. Interesting Turn of Events
  58. Ghosts and Hauntings
  59. Paranormal TV Shows
  60. Making the White Light
  61. Entities for sale
  62. Paranormal Obsession