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26-07-2016, 06:30 AM
How to deal with them/get rid of them? How to protect yourself from them? How to know if you have them?

29-07-2016, 10:31 AM
You may know you have them if you can see, hear, smell or feel them (or maybe others have)

How to protect yourself from them. Try to be of a higher mind and live in a higher manner.

Protect your house and protect you (shields if needed, later on shields may not be needed. They arent needed once one gets of certain vibrations). Or one could get another to help them with the protection. I just did a houseclearing on my home, not due to thinking anything was there but just want the energies there nice. Bad energy draws bad things.

How to get rid of them.. some things can be easily got rid of with ones will alone and strongly just telling them they arent welcome in your space and to leave. or you may be able to get your guides to remove them.. or find another to do so. Make your home energies nice as you can to help get rid of negative energies.

12-08-2016, 12:58 AM
I would usually burn white sage incense to cleanse the energy of every room in the house. I also agree with the previous poster. Do what is necessary to elevate your mindset, in order to vibrate at a higher frequency. Like tends to attract like. So, if you are functioning at a lower level, you will likely attract negativity into your life. Good luck

23-08-2016, 03:08 AM
i've had problems with entities for years, the best solutions ive found are when their attached and mess with you in the moment, usually while sleeping or trying to fall asleep, the first disturbance, immediately do not react to it emotionally but start praying to god, the angels and archangel michael to come in to help, this will usually help subside it temporarily. Also meditating imagining divine white light flow through the top or your head into and throughout your body can help and I practice this all the time.

I have recently found a solution to release entities, send them to a different dimension to never come back or to the light. This can even be done remotely. If any of you would like help in releasing and sending away any annoying entities or other spiritual pests feel free to pm me your skype and I will do my best to help you. Best of luck

Shivani Devi
24-08-2016, 03:30 AM
How to deal with them/get rid of them? How to protect yourself from them? How to know if you have them?If you have them, trust me - you will know!

I've been under spiritual psychic attack for the past 3 weeks and the methods used have been so insidious and involving other people too, I thought it was all 'me' and I thought I was slowly going insane.

The root cause often stems from some degree of dishonesty coupled with the after-guilt from it...like breaking the law and getting caught...telling a fib and getting found out...causing something bad to happen to somebody else, then wondering why your own life is going to hell in a rocket.

The way you know you have these negative attachments is when stuff happens to you that's just ludicrous beyond stupidity as to how it could ever happen!

e.g you are in a very small/tight parking lot and you have done your shopping, placed it in the boot of your car, go to reverse out of the space and at the exact same time notice that the drivers of the cars on either side of you and behind you, all want to reverse out at exactly the same time.

You know you have a negative energy attachment, when every traffic light is red between 'point A' and 'point B', only letting 3-4 cars through and you're always the first car stopped by those red lights.

You know it when you are out in the middle of no-where, about 10kms from the nearest house, drive off the main road to go and take a leak in the bush...and as soon as you pull your dacks down...oh look...bushwalkers are laughing and pointing at you...

Yeah, when you have one of these things, there's no doubt about it whatsoever!

What I do now, is challenge it directly. I put in place procedures to stop it in its tracks...like parking in a side-street and not in a parking lot, having a tin I place $1 in every time I get stopped by a red light and go "c'mon, I love these red lights - gimme more" and investing in thick sanitary undergarments.

In fact, every stupid situation that occurs now, I come up with an alternative to prevent it from ever happening again and these 'negative entities' are running out of ways to pee me off now...so they are becoming very inventive and have started on me physically now - but I have got the 'all clear' from my doctor, so I just go "oh the pain I am imagining that's 'all in my head' is returning now"...it doesn't last long after that.

26-08-2016, 11:45 AM
If you have them, trust me - you will know!

I had heaps of negative entities attached to me but didnt know at all for a very long time. Many people dont know they have this issue.

29-08-2016, 09:03 AM
I have heard to wear a Crucifix preferably blessed buy a priest can repel negative energies or entities
It could be worth a try

30-08-2016, 02:54 AM
Also sea salt has the amazing ability to absorb negative energy, you can place it in bowls about the house or it can be used to rid you body of these energies
This can be achieved by soaking your feet in water with sea salt added
It also helps if you recite the lords prayer while doing this
Then make sure you dispose of the salt water down the toilet