View Full Version : Can dogs see spirits?

01-12-2016, 12:26 PM
Our dog recently seems to bark and growl at thin air aswell as follow something with her eyes.
We have always thought there was a spirit with us.
Anyone any info on the subject?

01-12-2016, 01:18 PM
This was a question I had asked one of my teacher's who is a medium. I assumed that dogs and most animals were more sensitive than we were and would easily see spirit. They told me that dogs are much like we are in this regard. Some of them can, and some of them just do not.

So it is possible that you dog is seeing something that is around them.

01-12-2016, 01:43 PM
I would say so. Our dog does the same, I'll walk into the living room and she will growl at whatever is behind me in the hallway. I always tell her good girl and comfort her so she is not scared. She often looks at something specific that I cannot see, but once I notice, I can usually feel the energy in the room. There's no doubt that my dog can see them, but I guess it depends on the dog and how open they are to these things.

01-12-2016, 07:56 PM
Our dog recently seems to bark and growl at thin air aswell as follow something with her eyes.
We have always thought there was a spirit with us.
Anyone any info on the subject?

Miricalesarereal - I believe dogs can see spirit or sense their presence more so than humans. I lived in a very haunted old house for 17 years. I was home along one night when the TV went static with lines while mumbled voices came out of the front door income, TV and intercom in the kitchen. Just then the living room got very cold and the door leading upstairs started to slowly open on its own. My dog stood in front of the door and I noticed her gaze was fixated on the door and the exposed stairway. The hair on her back was standing straight up and she was shaking and motioning for me to let her out of the house. They definitely have a keen sense for these kinds of things IMO anyway.

Miss Hepburn
01-12-2016, 09:06 PM
I just know stories from animal psychics...so yes, they see spirits.
No real information. Sorry.

01-12-2016, 11:01 PM
I had a dog who passed away in 1999. Never -not once -did he show any excited or interested behaviour concerning something that I couldn't see.....except during his last few days.
He'd been diagnosed with cancer and I was giving him 'hospice care', unsure how long he had left. He was obviously very unwell but still had good energy.
One evening just two days before he passed, he suddenly woke up and started following something I couldn't see, which obviously he did see, in the room. He was looking up, maybe to about a 6ft height.
He was happy, wagging his tail. He looked suddenly so healthy and well again! It seemed that he knew whatever he was greeting.
Nothing I did or said could distract him from that. I am sure it was a visitation from Spirit. Maybe my husband who had passed 9 months earlier....who knows?
I think whatever it was had come to meet him.

My other dog, Misty...well never -not once -did she show me she saw anything from another dimension! Not while she was alive here anyway.

02-12-2016, 03:11 AM
A couple years ago, my dad and I were in my room and his dog was sitting at the doorway. We were like, "Marley, come here!", but he refused to come in. He was acting afraid, as if the room was forbidden to him. I'm pretty sure that he could see a spirit. Back in the 70's, a little girl used to live in the house who got hit by a car and died in the street out front. I believe that she haunts the house, but I don't see why a dog would be afraid of a little girl spirit. So, yes, I think animals can see spirits, more so than we can.