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21-06-2015, 08:43 PM
Hi All.

Just wondered if you know any thing about portals since a good friend of mine was told she had a portal in her flat and came across a few spirits etc, some good and some not so good.

I moved into my new flat 3 years ago and thought it was great etc. But the last year and maybe more I've had nothing but sightings also night terrors. Me and my partner has had these.

even though I know when I have them, what's funny about it, it practically happens every time when we open the built in wardrobe. We now try to have this permanently closed and tied up because every time we open it some thing comes through. I wanted to know if you have any advice as it would be much appreciated.

The last one I had again, the spirits normally visit me in my dreams, the one that I had before once again hadn't yet jumped on me but I had seen it barley wondering at the base of my bed, I think i threw some thing at it as soon as I saw it and sure enough... it ran and scuttled off into this wardrobe and when i did wake up the wardrobe was open.

There was another dream where I woke up in bed and saw a few books hovering towards me in the middle of the air, i could not see any one or any thing holding these but my concern was to get these before these dropped. my dream ended before I could grab these but sure enough, these books where in the wardrobe.

interesting one ehy?

Any thoughts appreciated x

02-07-2015, 02:49 AM
Hi moonbeauty,

I think portals are rather rare phenomena. I cannot say for sure but I think you just have a gathering of ghosts in that apartment. If it gets too stressful, I would get rid of them.