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  1. Shadow People
  2. taking my breath away.
  3. Am I cursed?
  4. Did I see a spirit?...
  5. Was it an Angel or Ghost?
  6. spirit in your room
  7. Ghost or not
  8. My roommate things we have a ghost
  9. Spirit/ghost in my room? Not sure... maybe I'm just nervous from other things?
  10. Why would an energy 'Tutt' at me as im falling asleep? A playful spirit?
  11. A ghost, a guide or what?
  12. See Smoke
  13. pushed
  14. Spirit animals
  15. Finding History on House...
  16. Please Help! Are these Orbs or ghosts/
  17. Hovering People
  18. Voice calling for "Mama"
  19. Ghost Adventures on TV.....
  20. have u noticed
  21. My new aptmnt
  22. Bedroom Haunting
  23. Batts and angels
  24. Haunted movie theaters
  25. Whats the cause of this?...
  26. No clue what to make of this
  27. activity in my house
  28. Great Grandfather's Ghost
  29. Black dog in the middle...can you see him...?
  30. Better EVP's and getting rid of negative stuff
  31. My Grandfathers Spirit???
  32. Terrifying Experience
  33. What my spirits did to get my attention
  34. I love my ghosts :)
  35. spirit energy drainer
  36. I'm sure I'm being haunted, but its strange. I need some answers.
  37. help needed please
  38. please help with this situation if you know what it is.
  39. What should I do???
  40. Seeking help
  41. Growing Up In A Haunted House
  42. The Haunting of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  43. Have You Ever Seen A Ghost?
  44. Protection Tips Wanted
  45. Souls without bodies union - recruiting now
  46. is my home haunted ?
  47. Confused and Worried
  48. Wont let me add a photo
  49. The Earing
  50. i saw a ghost and shadow people
  51. rainbow colored spirit
  52. Ghost Radar
  53. Black shadows
  54. How to know if there's a ghost??
  55. Non-physical Non-human Entities
  56. Mysteries In The Mountains
  57. Ghost speaking in tongues?
  58. I think I had a paranormal encounter last night
  59. Sceptical but hoping for advice after a strange week
  60. Are they here for our entertainment ?
  61. Crystal Pieces FLYING at You
  62. How to heal after a possible demonic/Poltergeist haunting?(confused on which it was?)
  63. Spirits and water
  64. How do I tell if my school is haunted?
  65. "Loonies going Missing"
  66. My sister saw my father's spirit. Why haven't I?
  67. My sister saw my father's spirit. Why haven't I?
  68. Has anyone seen this Symbol?
  69. Arthur Findlay foundation
  70. Ghosts that won't let go
  71. How does one notice/detect a ghost or other spiritual being?
  72. Skeptics can become believers. LOL!
  73. Drumming spirit visit.
  74. Asking for a friend in the spiritual realm
  75. Spirit touching me in my sleep...
  76. Oscer
  77. Please help me end my nightmares? :'((
  78. Is there some kind of "veil" around my house?
  79. Old house haunted
  80. Very scary experience. . What happened??
  81. I need advice... please
  82. Gets scratches on arm when sees ghosts?
  83. This guy gets scratches on arms when seeing ghosts?
  84. Who Are They ?
  85. ghost?
  86. Haunted Ohio House?
  87. Physical spirit activity
  88. Sexually energy
  89. Apparition of Dark Hooded figure??
  90. white glowing eyes
  91. Two desperate ghosts
  92. I'm not even sure if this is the right thread, but...
  93. Spirits walking backwards
  94. Smoking sage - An alternative to an exorcism
  95. cat spirit in house, what to do?
  96. red coat spirit
  97. woke up aware something was there
  98. Freaked out Cat
  99. Bedroom Door Slams
  100. Possible evil energy... advice please
  101. Ghost cat
  102. Strangers that want to avenge
  103. Evil spirits plague my home
  104. Saw a Ghost in My House in the Middle of the Day!
  105. Keeping safe *urgent* advice needed please.
  106. Target Of Strange Events
  107. Possible fragment of spirit in my home?
  108. Visitor that felt threatening last night
  109. Her "imaginary" friend
  110. A spirit keeps following me
  111. entities, ghost or residuals
  112. Spirit still not left after trying everything
  113. My spirit cat
  114. Spirtual experance. One Ill never forget.
  115. Ghost, My Imagination, Or Something Else?
  116. Gettysburg at Halloween
  117. Present 'falling' being 'thrown'
  118. Ghostbuster
  119. I'm new to this, spirit won't go away HELP!
  120. Amorphous Black Cloud (Recurring)
  121. Wow Ive now seen about 32 Ghosts
  122. grave in odd place
  123. Negative energy in home
  125. ghost boy.
  126. Dark Figure Standing on Bed
  127. My Mother Was Attacked In Her Sleep
  128. door locked in my house? spirit?
  129. How Do You Cope With Negative Energy?
  130. A deceased Aunt
  131. Ghosts Whispering
  132. How do you know if entities are positive?
  133. missing...ghosts who dont cross over
  134. Another experience
  135. Animal ghosts?
  136. What could this be??
  137. Very odd situation happening to my friend advice please!
  138. White Orb
  139. Help please
  140. Frustration
  141. Shadows
  142. Need some assistance in dealing with something
  143. Black creatures crawling out of aura? Friend's vision
  144. Questions about spirits manifesting
  145. Why do I keep being awakened during the night?
  146. I had an episode last night at my friends house, there's a demon in her room..
  147. Spirit following me
  148. I need help with negative energies.
  149. Apparition
  150. Poltergeist?
  151. I think I have a visitor...any thoughts or advice?
  152. Never met a ghost I didn't like!
  153. Possible spook on camera...
  154. The Riley Graves Eyam "Orbs"
  155. Farleigh Hungerford Castle England
  156. Waken up by a qhost starring at me...
  157. Orbs in Coventry!
  158. Still curious who or what this little guy is...
  159. Bradford on Avon Tithe Barn
  160. Paranormal activity and I'm seeing dead people...
  161. Boy in the Window
  162. Spirit Crosses you Path
  163. Orbs Everywhere (Leicestershire)
  164. Lincoln Memorial Orbs
  165. Ghostly Sunset
  166. LOOKING FOR ORB EXPERTS: Here is video of orbs in my apartment.
  167. No idea what to make of this!
  168. Black Spirit
  169. teenagers!
  170. Black Eyed Children
  171. peeking at the unseen?
  172. Seeing spirit in public vs in private!
  173. Strange Meditation Experiences
  174. Weird Happening
  175. Help!?!
  176. black shadow with auras
  177. Wisps
  178. Are the "bad" spirits still around me?
  179. Egregores? Tulpa?
  180. Overcoming fears and living fearlessy
  181. How long after someone passes...
  182. New House, New Spirits
  183. Help! Please!
  184. Can someone tell me what's in here?
  185. Trying to get to the bottom of things...
  186. Incubus, ghost or ??
  187. Girl has become obsessed with me for no reason
  188. Is he a spirit or a ghost?
  189. Scratches appearing seemingly from nowhere
  190. Would you be concerned?
  191. Whoa whoa whoa what do I do!
  192. is this a spirit?
  193. Jinn/Demon haunting help!
  194. in need of help please
  195. Ectoplasm
  196. Blue Fire Orb
  197. A strange entity
  198. Strange handprint (photo's included)
  199. See a face?..
  200. My Grandad died last year, (long read) but worth it.
  201. Psychic/magick attack advice or help please
  202. Spirit activity picks up during my meditations.
  203. Longish story about Borley Church
  204. A curse? Or Demon?
  205. Green Eyes
  206. Every time I meditate...
  207. spirits in dream
  208. to take photos
  209. Can you see anything in this picture?
  210. Residual?
  211. Dream meeting.
  212. A ghost following me?
  213. Can I get some people's opinion?
  214. Scratches on shoulder
  215. Ghost pets.
  216. Demonic entity, but I can't help.. Advice needed to pass onto a friend.
  217. I Believe in Ghosts
  218. Advice needed!!!
  219. Readings
  220. An awesome and truthful ghost story
  221. shadow people
  222. Living in a 'haunted' house
  223. Needs to be dealt with :help:
  224. ghost adventures
  225. Cleansing from Evil
  226. Old hag syndrome/sleep paralysis
  227. Poltergeists, my point of view on how they come about & the mischief they hold dearly
  228. Need help with agressive entity...kind of long.
  229. Something in house
  230. Ouija board
  231. Shadow people or friends deceased father?
  232. ghost in bathroom
  233. Ghosts physically moving you
  234. For those of you who've had spirit encounters
  235. Demon??
  236. How early do kids start seeing spirits?
  237. Random Visitation
  238. Entity viewing
  239. Ghost can never move without tendencies
  240. Psychic attack
  241. chase and scare it
  242. Ghost?
  243. Advice on crossing a spirit over
  244. Grandma Seeing People in Living Room
  245. smelling burning rubber, white floating ribbon?
  246. Red energies
  247. Who/what was it?
  248. What was this?!
  249. cold feeling on my calf
  250. I can't get rid of an entity in my room. Please help.