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  1. No reincarnation for me
  2. Home Sick
  3. Spirits of Nature
  4. the diamond age
  5. Past Life Regression
  6. National Karma and Reincarnation Workshop
  7. karma
  8. Reincarnation
  9. Books
  10. Past life regression...
  11. Past Lives & Reincarnation.
  12. twins
  13. galleries of justice-nottingham
  14. Ever knew you were HOME?
  15. phobias in this life
  16. What strikes a chord with you?
  17. question
  18. Old Souls
  19. Is reincarnation for ever?
  20. Who Do You Feel You Have Been In The Past?
  21. Famous Past Lives?
  22. A past-life meditation
  23. If You Could Be: Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere...
  24. Orb Manefestation of Previous Life (photos)
  25. Are Past Life Experiences Important??
  26. What happens to a soul that fails to fulfill its purpose here?
  27. Personality: Nurture or Nature? Nature!
  28. chat its fate
  29. My Lives As A Writer
  30. Past Life Talents and skills.
  31. Who Reincarnates?
  32. pansmermia - anyone familiar?
  33. Is there anyway to deterime who you were in the past?
  34. Reincarnations Future Lives WHY ?
  35. Do we have a Choice NOT to Come Back Human ?
  36. A brief history of reincarnation
  37. Past lives ?
  38. Past lives on other planets
  39. Any Former WWII Germans Servicemen/women Here?
  40. Reincarnation Questions - Newbie
  41. Help with finding anything out about past lives
  42. Speculations on Reincarnation
  43. In a dream I am in another human body ?
  44. Dreams of battle
  45. Past Lives help.
  46. How many past live you had.
  47. Silver Birch on Reincarnation...
  48. future life echos?
  49. Regression
  50. convincing evidence for reincarnation
  51. marks on body
  52. They Call Me An Old Soul - Help?
  53. Reincarnations Future Lives WHY ?
  54. Why do we Seek to Come Back ?
  55. What do you want to be in your next life? King, poet, farmer…if you have a choice?
  56. Reincarnation stories - Falun Dafa cultivators share...
  57. animals
  58. Are you an incarnated inhuman Soul?
  59. The Malinche?
  60. Finally... the Truth Awakens
  61. hanging!!
  62. The Soul and Reincarnation......Long
  63. Do our past lives affect our life now?
  64. Perhaps a memory from another life?
  65. Past Life Consciousness
  66. Why does it have to be past life?
  67. Have you been an animal in a previous life?
  68. Real Reincarnation
  69. Familiar souls
  70. The next step .......
  71. My First Regression, in August
  72. how do you know if you had a past life
  73. Regression when I was 14
  74. sooo, i've got an interesting ice breaker...
  75. Bonded with this planet?
  76. When you remember a past life what does it feel like?
  77. That strong attraction...
  78. past lives, regression, and karma
  79. Reincarnations, all at the same time?
  80. Regressing into insects and reptiles
  81. Reincarnation and sun sign
  82. Past Life Energy
  83. The Man With No Past Lives?
  84. A reincarnation story from the high level...
  85. Learning to forgive - reincarnation story
  86. Does Ndyr sound familiar?
  87. Are my feelings from a past life?
  88. The Spiral of Rebirth / Reincarnation
  89. Regressions and spinning?
  90. Curious about Past Lives
  91. Not entirely all you.
  92. Reincarnation as a pig - a terrible fate...
  93. dream trying to recap a past life with this man I've awaken too?
  94. am I missing a message here?
  95. Past or Simultaneous Lives?
  96. Past lives as non humans???
  97. Some help!!!???
  98. Resurrection, not reincarnation!
  99. Strong sense of a past life
  100. This is going to sound insane but I feel I must admit it. (H-itler).
  101. Ry Redd's Cayce Past Life Reading Reports
  102. A witch in your past life?
  103. If you were a dog would you really know?
  104. Advice on my past life.
  105. Meng Po
  106. New interesting past lives book coming out
  107. Past life hypnosis?
  108. Questions to Ask During Session
  109. Something I need to know about dead pets.
  110. Was I Scottish in my past life?
  111. Some professional research results on past lives...
  112. Was this a past life dream?
  113. Kindly help me with a Past Life Renunciation
  114. Ghost issues
  115. Reincarnation or ?????
  116. I need clarification again...
  117. Past Life Confirmation
  118. cave man stone age happiness
  119. can a person find out if someone that wronged them will pay the consequences?
  120. What made you believe in reincarnation??
  121. breaking free from the reincarnation cycle
  122. Reincarnation story - Choices...
  123. A British boy remembers his past life - Channel 5 reports..
  124. A Theory About Reincarnation
  125. Western Research on Reincarnation: The Story of a Marriage
  126. How to deal with unfinished business for now???
  127. If we're software programs, who creates us?
  128. Do we choose to be born with a chronic illness or disability?
  129. Out of the mouths of babes
  130. How many ways can you do a past life reading?
  131. What are the tell tale signs you have a past life?
  132. Can't find the thread...
  133. reincarnation vs. spirits
  134. My soul resonates through history...
  135. has anyone had a karmic clearing?
  136. How does one really get rid of karma??
  137. Does forgiving someone release them from their karma debt to me?
  138. regression
  139. Any sense in this? killed myself and paying back in a strange way?
  140. Atlantis., Lemuria and Egypt
  141. God and Goddess aspects
  142. What aspects do you have?
  143. How can I remember a previous life?
  144. My Past Lives
  145. when past life issues resurface
  146. Past life Regression - is it a form of Hypnotism? Or anythingnelse!
  147. Just for fun
  148. How to see past lives?
  149. lbl
  150. If I reach the Astral, will I be a combination of all my previous lives?
  151. Tired
  152. Future Reincarnation
  153. reincarnation and mediumshiip???
  154. Once I Was Regressed
  155. White Children
  156. How to know my past life? The process to find out.
  157. Influences
  158. Concentration camp
  159. Heaven and Hell??
  160. Dreams of drowning...
  161. Want to share Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis Memories?
  162. How to remember
  163. The source of your phobia
  164. My Grandma needs your help!!!!
  165. a theory about reincarnation and hell
  166. Past life vision that I cant forget
  167. Living Multiple Lives at the Same Time
  168. What is happening to me? Am I slowly starting to remember a past life?
  169. What are your thoughts on this?
  170. When we reincarnate.. we are fundamentally the same person?
  171. Cant get my head around it....your take..
  172. Just How "Old" Are Our Souls ?
  173. Where do we Go when we Die ?
  174. When do we Go to Heaven ?
  175. Reincarnation or Afterlife
  176. Preparing in Death
  177. Somewhere in Time ......
  178. Gettysburg experience, soul attachment, and past life connections
  179. Do we get to remember all our previous lives when we die?
  180. I used to be a fish?
  181. Watching with a child-like fascination. . .
  182. does anyone remember how u died and how it felt to die then not breathe after
  183. Nature, Nuture, or Spirit coming through?
  184. Uh-oh... another regression and not a nice one
  185. err.... Thoughts on future life progressions?
  186. Has anyone ever been a ghost?
  187. My friend's new husband
  188. Why is it??
  189. Karma, what it really is
  190. That place between physical lives. . .
  191. Am I suppose to know my past lives?
  192. first time on earth
  193. Caravaggio Reincarnated
  194. why do you believe in reincarnation
  195. Soul Age..
  196. does everyone reincarnate or only some people
  197. what is the purpose of reincarnation?
  198. do you ever stop reincarnating
  199. past life
  200. Do we face the same problems in this life that we did in our past life
  201. Question about past lives.
  202. The Wheel
  203. feeling different.
  204. could this have been a past life memory?
  205. Reincarnated from other species
  206. From another planet?
  207. "Old Souls" and Past Lives
  208. do you want to reincarnate?
  209. Those things we carry with us. . .
  210. Help me figure this out
  211. Reincarnation Yes, But From Where
  212. How can you tell?
  213. Multipersonality disorder?
  214. Could it be a past life memory?
  215. Past life issue
  216. Is this a past life experience or a message?
  217. Past life regression session
  218. I believe we have more than one
  219. I had tuberculosis, and it's the worst memory ever.
  220. how do you tell the difference?
  221. Choice
  222. The De Javu Feeling
  223. Great past life karma story
  224. Do you recognise anyone?
  225. What are the chances??
  226. reincarnation in religions...
  227. Ok here is another
  228. reincarnation in Babies
  229. Laws of Reincarnation
  230. riots causing "life bubbles"
  231. Past Lives Stories
  232. ??????
  233. Digging up memories in dreams
  234. what does this mean? past life or something totally different
  235. I really want to know ...
  236. Weird thing..!!!
  237. Musings on Past Lives
  238. Messages from dead..
  239. Coinicedince
  240. Is it related to a pastlife!?
  241. ???
  242. My Time Travel Class
  243. A tiny bit idea of your past life
  244. Resolving/Healing Past Life blocks
  245. Finding out more about my past life
  246. Curious about your past lives?
  247. Moon Signs
  248. Past life repeat visits ?
  249. How do you know what you were in past lives?
  250. Who tells us to come back?