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Old 11-09-2013, 07:59 AM
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Lightbulb Spiritual Boot Camp

Namaste, Aho here.
I'm back and ready to give you's guys a systematic approach for conditioning the ol' seven centers. Well here's the scoop, of course I can assume you all know the seven major energy centers, the color and association with the energy body so we don't need to go there. So I've been working on a routine in order to strengthen these bad boys and am glad to share the information with you, please note individual results may vary. (some assembly required)

Opening these guys
Well starting out, you gotta' open the seven doors. There are a number of ways to do this; meditation, prayer, tactile imaging, chanting, binaural beats, physiological contraction, exercise, sexual activity, aroma therapy, thermotherapy, deprivation chamber, paint brush stimulation, visualization, drugs <-- not recommended, etc, etc. The method you use in order to open the big seven is not what is important. What is however is they are open.
Quite a few believe that an entity should open the root first, going up the list one by one to the crown, but on the contrary I opened my third eye first then opened everything else shortly after.

Learning to sit
Now that you've got em' open you need to learn how to use them on command. Side note, they are your energy centers they've been with you since you were born. They Love you, and you should love them. That being said sit in a nice place either crosslegged or in a chair with legs not crossed. It is important to keep your back straight and your tongue directly behind your top teeth, this assists in the flow of energy with respect to the meridians (And rhythmic breathing helps too!) Focus on one energy center at a time and contract it. You should feel a pulsing at the center that you are giving attention to. In the event you do not feel anything, this is a good way to gain its attention:
Hello, _Insert center name_ state as many times as need be before it responds with warmth or movement(sometimes once, sometimes five times)
I Love you,
I honor you,
I respect you,
I thank you,

It sometimes is a little tricky starting out to get a specific energy center to contact. But I can assure you once you get it, it'll become muscle memory and you will always remember how<--- Like riding a bike.
Alright, now that we have control of our chakras and can pulse them at will it's time to get to work. An easy pattern to follow when practicing is repetitions. Just like lifting weights start out small then as your practices continue do more repetitions. 30 contractions of Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third eye, and Crown do this 3 times a day and you will see strong improvements on; intuition, your over all energy levels, sex drive, passion, artistic expression, and, health. Once you've graduated the 30 mark add more reps to what you feel comfortable with. Sometimes I'll do 250 of each 3 times a day<-- Oh and once you got it, it never hurts to do them all at once (rotating them is good too, clock wise for males, counter clockwise for females) BTW's since your body is learning a new skill you will see a lot of fatigue and hunger in the beginning (spirit energy takes a lot outta' ya'). Get sleep, hydrate, and eat foods.

Learning to walk
Hey, you guys are doing great! Now that you've got em' down and been practicing it’s time to move to intermediate stuff. Energy balls are a great way to express and manipulate energy via your hands
Stimulation of the hands:
- Place your left hand up and in front of you (like you were to high five your other hand)
- Take your right hand and have your finger tips brush from the tips of your left hand downward to your wrist and back up
- Repeat these steps vice-versa as many times as you need
- Squeeze both of your hands as hard as you can, then let them loose and relax
Congratulations you've activated your hands
Energy balls. Easy, efficient, lovely:
- Contract energy center that you would like to project and let the energy flow out of your hands.
- Cup your hands leaving space in between for the energy to flow
- Manipulate by moving hands in a circular motion while continuing to contact energy center
Congratulations you just made your first energy ball!!!
Now it's easy to be stationary and contract your energy centers. But mobility practice is a little trickier. Basically you need to learn to walk while you practice, so it is a good idea to walk around your block while contracting a chakra, focus on your breathing relax and do work. I had a little trouble with this starting out not gonna lie it was hard for me to focus on walking, the energy center, and rhythmic breathing. But as the cliché goes practice makes perfect.

Learning the run
I'm an athlete I run about 8.5 miles a day. Recently quit cigarettes, caffeine, and cannabis those are the big C's that are not good for you or your energy centers or the glands that associate with the energy centers. Refined sugar and alcohol is a no-no as well.
Coincidentally, there are 7 energy centers and 7 days in the week. This makes this next exercise easy to allocate throughout the week.
The how to:
- Run as long as you’d like going a nice steady pace
- Focus on one chakra per run
- Breath steadily and rhythmically (preferably out the nose, but whatever works for you)
- Contract the chakra as you take each breath, when you inhale imagine the chakra getting larger just like your lungs
- When you exhale imagine the chakra getting smaller
- Repeat process throughout whole run
Note: This is an advanced tactic and if you start to feel faint ease off of the chakra and finish the run.
I developed this system because I wanted to challenge myself physically, mentally, and, spiritually at the same damn time. As result all chakra centers are doing great, body is doing great, etheric body is doing great, breathing is great, intuition is great, and dreaming is awesome.
Hey guys this concludes spiritual boot camp, I hope this helps anyone looking to challenge themselves or Is just bored with their practice and wanna mix it up. Good luck with your practice! And Namaste! I love every single of you!!!

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Old 11-09-2013, 08:16 PM
Belle Belle is offline
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Hi ..

someone said there are more than 7 chakras, there are 7 conventional chakras but I forget the others.

I'm also not so sure on the run. Some people can't, I choose not to as it's rough on the knees. For exercise I'm keen to have rest days, it's vital to allow the muscles to develop and the body to rest.
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Old 11-09-2013, 08:21 PM
Cecilia Kinzie
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Hi Awho,

Thank you for sharing.

Best Wishes,
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Old 12-09-2013, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Belle
Hi ..

someone said there are more than 7 chakras, there are 7 conventional chakras but I forget the others.

I'm also not so sure on the run. Some people can't, I choose not to as it's rough on the knees. For exercise I'm keen to have rest days, it's vital to allow the muscles to develop and the body to rest.
That is correct, there are more then seven chakra centers. I was merely mentioning the seven majors. Like I had mentioned the run is a more advanced tactic, that being said if you'd like to push yourself spiritually and physically at the same time it is a good option.
I run twice a day so a lot of the time I'll give individual attention to a specific center as long as I can fit them all into the span of a week I am happy and so are they. I usually take a rest day or two from running, but do the above steps on a day to day basis. I am not trying to put anyone down or discourage anyone, I am solely trying to provide information for those seeking to mix up their conventional routines.

Originally Posted by Cecilia Kinzie
Hi Awho,

Thank you for sharing.

Best Wishes,
You are so welcome, and god bless
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