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Old 19-05-2022, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by zorkchop
Look for individuals who can help you in uncovering the actual Self as Soul … find the individuals who are where you wish to be … in the traditional teachings or beyond … find out how they came by their own experiences to get them to where they are … find the complete set of teachings that helped them advance or unfold on the path … take on the teachings and listen to what the teachings suggest that you do … and move on.
People who think of themselves as soul are very rare. Many, or even most, people don’t know anyone like that. Organizations, such as the Rosicrucian Order, might be helpful. Do you think they, or any others you know of, are? Then, the next best thing would be for someone very knowledgeable such as yourself to recommend sources of teaching you consider to be the nearest to what you know, especially ones tailored to the especially susceptible early stages of the path, in which up to 99.9% of people are led astray.

Old 23-05-2022, 01:32 PM
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Considerations 133 …

Believe … or Dream … or Believe

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

How many here … or anywhere … would accept the concept that “dreams” can be included in the principle of belief … or that belief is really a form or level of dreaming ?

When it comes to the essence of “I believe … “ … when an individual believes in something … they imagine it to be so … they dream it as being valid and true … they expect it to carry out as designed and accepted … and at that moment … you are creating … life … yours … and anywhere else you carry influence. A “new” belief simply sends you through this process whether you are specifically aware of it or not. You search for support for the new belief … find it … and “dream” it more deeply into your personal reality.

When you “believe” in something … you form a relationship with it … an affinity … a bond … a link … and it is how the subject or theme of the belief affects or is put into action around you … and within you … in this way you are related to it. Habits, patterns, accepted beliefs and approaches … all show the relationship you have with yourself … as Self … and whatever the belief ( etc ) centers upon or involves.

When you realize that you have the option or possibility of being related to *everything* … or *anything* … you have discovered the principle for the realization of living … and each individual can and will learn that this can be done by way of the Lower Psychic Worlds … or by way of a higher “level” of LIFE … that of Divine Spirit.

When you begin to ponder … and then consider … and perhaps then put into practice the above perspective or attitude of belief / assuming … you then slowly realize that you have a decided choice on each and ever matter … do you choose to live negatively … or … positively … intellectual definitions set aside for the moment.

Through this option … you produce … life. This carries some deeper ponderings.

Throughout the Lower Psychic Worlds … much of what is around us is an automated process … from the whirling of the atom to the layout of our solar system … it is a perpetual motion machine … so to speak. *How* these atoms are “designed” in your life … is up to you … drawing from your beliefs, habits, and so on. The more distant your “creation” or manifestation is from following a mechanical approach … the higher the “creation” … or manifestation … and there is a higher creation that Soul can become a part of … and that is by way of … Divine Spirit … in the Pure God Worlds.

As each individual begins to experiment and explore … they tend to take their starting point from what is around them at the moment … their “outer world” … their current physical incarnation. As this entire approach broadens and one begins to understand its depth … you realize that the “outer world” is finished … it is effect … it has “already been.” We are just reacting to it. It started … by each and every one … inwardly … at some earlier point … or lifetime. In this way … we perpetuate vicious circle and continuance of the negative world around us … the finished aspects of life.

This often leads us into assuming that we are limited … much of this due to the fact that life in the Lower Psychic Worlds always involves change … and is slow to react … and so … we tend to accept that we are restricted or ineffective. We take the negative law as that from which we will live. Later … perhaps much later … we learn the ideal of living from the positive … and set about re-building the positive law within ourselves.

Eventually … we learn to first … look inside … and what is happening around us … whether physically, m emotionally, or mentally … these facets of life being “outside” Soul Itself. When one begins to do this as a lifestyle … looking outside oneself and *see* it solved … and when you do inwardly *see* it solved … and hold to it … you are dreaming it … you are imagining it … you are giving it “life” … and Spirit … or Divine Spirit … will fulfill that inward view … according to what is necessary in your own personal and private life. In this sense … you may only bring into your life enough money to be content … and not the swimming pools of money act you desire. There is a constant discernment and balance within all. This applies to all aspects of the learning process of the Lower Psychic Worlds schoolroom.

Most today would be surprised … perhaps shocked … that they worship a “god” that they have given much power to … power over their own life to a huge extent. It grips … and controls them … whether they know this or not … and this new and current “god” assumes all supremacy over all things … instead of understanding the proper place of this “god” and its control.

That “god” … is the “god” of emotion. Most everything caters to this “god” … male or female … young or old … immersed in the fads and fashions of todays world or otherwise.

Emotions can … and will … warp judgment … destroy self-control and discipline … make fools of men and / or women … make them selfish and uncaring towards the welfare of others … leads one way from the consciousness of the real self … Soul … and weakens the attention given to the awareness of the “ I “ of Soul … although this might be heavily disputed by the intellectuals. Emotions compels one to succumb to reluctant choices and to live in sensations.

Such is the nature and design of the Lower Psychic Worlds schoolroom. As I have often said … it is so designed … because it works. You learn … eventually … even though we leave long gouges from our claw-like fingers as we are dragged through the mud.

Once again … the inner designs the outer … though we often have this exactly backwards … or … as covered in my last post … believing that our “outer” life is just a set of circumstances, situations, relationships, and events coincidently and constantly moving through our personal lifetime is not the way or design of our life. Again … the inner designs the outer … so we are living our past lives. Many will dispute that there is such a thing as “past lives” because they do not directly remember them. It has intentionally been designed so by entities much higher than you and I. You can get a good understanding of your past lives by your beliefs and attitudes you brought with you into this lifetime. There are no genes for fears and attitudes. Many may claim that all of our present outlooks come from early childhood experiences … but *how* you look upon said experiences is what you brought with you.

An old saying … he who depends on his eyes for sight … his ears for hearing … and his mouth for speech … is still dead.

More next Monday.

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Old 25-05-2022, 03:10 PM
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There is the Pineal Energy, the Heart Energy, and the Pubic Muscle Energy. The Pubic Muscle Energy goes with your age in terms of Reincarnation Energy, like Parent Relationship Temperament, Grandparent Relationship, etc., though the Heart Energy and the Pineal Energy are ideally at Lover Relationship Temperament. if they are at Predator Relationship Temperament, you can use Woo-Aww-Wow Relationship Temperament eyes on the respective energies, so as to bring them to Lover Relationship Temperament. Using "there is a right way to do anything", you can keep them at the state of Lover Relationship Temperament.

Interestingly, Directional Temperament (showing Mind (or Pineal)-oriented, Others (or Heart)-oriented, and Body (or Pubic Muscle)-oriented) appears to be physical manifestations of the respective Energy areas.

Additionally, you can tell the Pineal Energy to connect to Heart Energy, and connect them to Pubic Muscle Energy. This appears to link the Cerebro with Neuro.

To understand Pineal, Heart, and Pubic Muscle Energy, you have to know that there are energetic lifeforms called Wisps, which can travel between the Forward Traveling Time Plane and the Backward Traveling Time Plane, though need the physical form to stay grounded in one time-space dimension.
Old 30-05-2022, 01:03 PM
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Consideration 134 …

Inner Worlds Workshop …

- - o-0-O-O-0-o - -

For those of you that perhaps might wish to develop the more complete discovery of your own personal inner worlds … and wish to elevate your “interaction” with them … this is a very old yet often-used approach and is wonderfully valid and effective … taught quietly throughout the ages. For the vast majority … the “inner worlds” is the mass and maze of all that simply goes on inside … the whirlwind of thoughts coupled with the sway of emotions … all reacting to what is going on most probably “outside” oneself. When the individual begins to understand that these attributes are actually differing “bodies” or “sheaths” or “coverings” given to us for the purposes of protection and perception … from which to learn through experience … there comes a time when you might wish to develop a more specific interaction with these “bodies” to gain a bit more controller them.

This strategy calls for your own design of “housing” … so to speak … the inner bodies themselves and therefore gives you a method of interacting more directly with them. It simply calls for you to inwardly design a house … any shape … any size … any design … from cave to castle … from an unknown design to one of childhood … all your choice. Those familiar with the “houses” often keep and maintain them from incarnation to incarnation … since they are “built” from the astral plane upwards.

This allows the individual to train the individual to understand that “I want to deal with myself directly. I want to go in and uncover, discover, revise, enhance, etc.” This is like walking into the supermarket and know you are going to buy groceries. etc. You can design this and persevere … and get it to work for you … or you can dismiss and claim it is “stupid.” It will take a bit of time to set up … and even n this … you will discover how you go about such tasks. Go slow … start simply … just as you would with physical materials in building a house.

To make it a bit more personal to Self … pout your name on the mailbox or on the front door. Train the mind to know it is *you* that you are “going into” … an not just out into the mass mind that surrounds us daily … and nightly.

Simply blueprint a house … giving it a quick entryway … whether a simple door or an actual path to … then go through your front door / castle gatehouse / cave opening … and design rooms to suit the perspective you have of “yourself” and your current set of beliefs / considerations / habits / etc. Going through a door or across a drawbridge is very helpful. Once inside … the design is yours. A den for study … a recreation room for emotions … a kitchen to “cook things up” … a massive library where one might go for research … a lab where one might test things out … a movie room where one might view past lives or possible new habits … anything and everything that makes your inner world more reachable … more interactive … where one would go to more specifically confront any inner aspect your choice.

You can further design it all with upper floors … perhaps for “mental” things. You can certainly even include an “attic” … and what you would “find” there is all up to you and how you wish to develop it. Obviously … there can also be a basement or cellar. There can be secret rooms … “outdoor” patios … skylights to bring in the light … whatever you wish. You can put fortifications around the outside of the house.

Initially … it’s entertaining to make it as big and fancy as you can. It’s great practice for the imagination and for the spiritual eye. Eventually the rooms blend into the necessities. One can “over-design” the inner sanctuary … just as easily as one can over-design overall perception.

You can come up with posters that promote viewpoints … tack them on the walls of the lab or recreation room … start looking in the closets for those things often hidden from personal perception … you can have a dream room … you can have a play room … anything you might consider as a experimental “room” that would house or be a repository for any personal facet of your choice.

In the beginning … the goal is to get your own mind and emotions to at least partially accept this inner placement. They have never been so contained … and therefore … might be a bit fussy. When and if you get to the point where you begin to trust this workshop … you can go in and build an extension off a room to enlarge the consciousness … you can have a big fireplace where you go and burn unwanted beliefs or habits … anything that brings a more workable interaction with whatever facet of choice. Practice rooms are nice … in the sense that one can go there for “revision” … something I have often talked of. You can make a “quiet room” … and go there for some peach and quiet … but this may take a bit of work to get the mind to fully cooperate … but it *is* possible.

This “house” does not take the place of interacting with Self in other ways … but it offers a true springboard that proves to be quite workable. In a sense … more complete and valid as you develop and interact with this house … this can become a valid approach to your entire state of consciousness. You are walking into your own conscious state.

This does not come about in a week … or a month … or perhaps even a year. The “exterior blueprint” can be done quite quickly … but getting the inner rooms set up and get the facets to come into agreement with them … takes time. Expect it. Some might get it all up and running quite quickly.

At least this gives you a “place” to go in and confront specifics. More often than not you have to “train” it all to acquire effectiveness. Again … this is where you confront your own consciousness … and *any* technique that assists in that can only be to your benefit. If you take this up to develop … do not overlook the value of an outdoor garden … one where you can water the “seeds” of the future plants (beliefs / concepts) you wish to get into the ground and water / nourish until they at least get out of the ground … ( perhaps show a first stage manifestation ) … and then perhaps take it into the workshop to tend more diligently.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of setting this up is to always give the approach to your “workshop” a symbol of going from Point A to Point B … such as crossing a bridge … or door … or staircase … or turning a corner … something that you will use every time you wish to tell your own mind … “I recognize myself to be here … but now I am going there.” Doorways are a very highly used port of entry throughout the inner worlds. Put titles on the doors. All this tells the mind … “This isn’t some common adventure … I am going here for a purpose.” As odd as that may sound to some … to mind … it is a classic distinction.

It works … if you make it work. If there are known other ways to gain this same individual discovery … please add them to the post. Stepping into the vastness of consciousness and trying to accomplish the same thing does work … over a *much* greater expense of time and effort. This helps make it personal … makes it “yours.” This approach has lasted through the centuries because it works. It is not openly taught. It can be developed to be *much* more broad and beneficial than the basics I have given here.

A goodly number of you will read this post. Most will dispute or dismiss … according to their attitudes and personal beliefs. A few may at least consider. Fewer still will actually begin to practice. These are the ways that one shows sincerity to Divine Spirit to learn the beyond. Divine Spirit doesn’t make this choice … you do. Do it … now.

More next Monday.

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Old 06-06-2022, 01:17 PM
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Considerations 135 …

It’s YOUR Fault ! ! …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

One of the major hurdles in dealing with the human state of consciousness is finding fault with … and placing the blame for the “bad” or “inconvenient” experiences that happen to us … on someone else … or ANY-thing else … any time … anywhere … anyhow. The common sentiment is … “It’s YOUR fault that I feel this way … “ or “YOU are the cause of this issue … “ or “YOU make me so angry / fearful / bitter / etc” x 100 … or … “If it weren’t for YoU I wouldn’t be feeling this way or have to do such-and-such” … plus endless variations on this same blame game.

This its as common to us as breathing air … and when the individual truly begins to deal with this on a personal level … to face it … they are entering an area on the Path that they will be practicing from that point on … forever.

This is one of the biggest paradoxes on the Path … something that is … but isn’t.

Yes … it is someone else’s fault that you feel that way … but it *isn’t* someone else fault that you reacted that way.

Welcome to the endless … ( literally ) … lesson that you will face until you never have to have a relationship with anyone … anywhere … whatever that relationship might be … companion or stranger.

The entire “tool” of blaming anyone or something else is a main practice in the human state of consciousness. Something *does* upset you … but you are not here to learn to eradicate or do away with all that will upset you. That will *never* happen. Even the spiritual greats have been hung on trees, stoned to death, or simply banished into isolation.

This is the method used to teach most … if not all … of the ethics, morals, and personal values. There is no other way to learn these necessary facets of patience, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding, perception, choice … and many more … in addition to courage, strength, devotion, stamina … and again … many more. These people are “sent” into your life to make you face yourself … to identify and deal with features in yourself that you would rarely identify in any other way. These “people” will never disappear. They are here to make you aware … of yourself.

You will be dealing with “others” forever … and if the Teaching Forces of LIFE know that this type person will set you off in such-and-such a way … ( make you face yourself in this specific way ) … then that type of person will be brought into your life for just such a reason… whether it be a family member, companion, friend, or stranger.

So yes … the fact that you are “offended” is due to you encountering someone or something that is disagreeable to you … but it is for the purpose of *YoU* learning to be offended by less and less and less … until someone else’s opinion simply does not carry the “clout” it once did. There is absolutely NO way you will be able to change everyone else to suit your set of acceptable interactions. Bottom line is … you cannot force change onto anyone else … so … the only aspect left to change … is you. YoU must become more tolerant ( etc ) even if the other individual is totally wrong in their statements or accusations.

This … is a major facet of detachment.

No … it does NOT mean you have to become a recluse or hermit.

Without a doubt … it is much easier to blame another … or blame society … or blame the weather … or karma … or a psychic attack … etc … especially according to the human state of consciousness … yet it is the very fact that inwardly you have the habit of being upset by this-or-that … that actually draws to you the very circumstances that will fulfill this perspective. You bring the people to you … just for the purpose of learning to be more tolerant, patient, forgiving. Others are helping you understand yourself … in terms of what sets you off … so that you will learn more stamina to put up with all around you. These people … and situations … are telling you who you are.

All of this is made worse by your own lack of effort and resolve … to balance within what offends you … so that it does not offend again … at least to the point where it controls your functioning in life.

Unhappily … this is something that Soul needs to go through before attaining a high level of balance and harmony … with the Whole of LIFE. If there were another way to learn “it” … it would be taught another way.

When something upsets us … we are allowing ourselves to be thrown into disharmony … or balance. LIFE will constantly bring such situations and circumstances into our lives … forever. Patience is not something that is learned once … and then rested upon. It is tested … over and over again. It is ever-developed.

Face it … if you balance and let go of how other people are able to upset you … it will benefit no one but … you. Those people will simply go practice their maneuvers on someone else. If we change our attitude towards others that disagree with or offend us … life becomes more tolerable. These “offending facets” are moved aside to a certain extent … and if they or others come back to us an try to offend them … we shrug them off … and begin to understand that these people are being used as an intentional tool to urge us to face ourselves.

To take all of the further … this same attitude can apply whether it deals with other individuals … or not. If it upsets us … you can count on confronting more of it.

The is one of the prime facets that meld together to design the broad generalization of “All is illusion“ … since it is the illusion that it is someone else’s fault … when in fact … it is ours. As stated in a previous post … “The art of illusion lies in the ability to shift blame.”

LIFE does not care how long it takes us to learn this … and this statement is meant in terms of lifetimes … not years.

We discover that we tend to blame all outer or external experiences and circumstances on everything except ourselves. Another part of the “illusion” is that things “just happen” to us … when in fact … they are drawn to us because of what me must face within ourselves. This is all part of maya … or personal deception.

We have been taught … and are still being taught … that there is someone or something else that we can always blame for the circumstances and situations in our own personal lives … providing a perfect excuse and justification. We can explain away why we behave / believe as we do. The moment we do this we are giving away the benefit of LIFE trying to bring greater harmony and a better balance to all within ourselves.

More next Monday.

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Post#547 reminds me of the Serenity prayer.
God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.
The Wisdom being I cannot change people, places or things but I can only change my response or reaction inside myself to maintain Serenity.
The key being acceptance.
Good post zorkchop
Old 09-06-2022, 12:28 AM
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That’s a great summary … ImthatIm. Thanks for your input.
Old 10-06-2022, 11:59 AM
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It’s YOUR Fault ! ! …

One of the major hurdles in dealing with the human state of consciousness is finding fault with … and placing the blame
for the “bad” or “inconvenient” experiences that happen to us … on someone else … or ANY-thing else …
Oh, man, I've said here many times, "Every single solitary thing that happens
around me or to me is ALL because of me!"
That is a humbling statement (sometimes). LOL, of course, then you have the fun of
knowing who "me" is!!!

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru.

Old 10-06-2022, 02:13 PM
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One of the most mystifying daily activities … even after writing some 135 posts … is when a total stranger can come up to me and just make my life torturous … or a daily activity suddenly turns mysteriously difficult to complete. I know why … and can remind myself why … but it is still a rather obnoxious confrontation. Many believe that I lead a rather balanced, easy-going life … but that is not the case. Day-by-day I learn to deal with such issues with the same attitude as when things “go my way.” Detachment is an ongoing learning process. If you are in this world … you will be dealing with it.

Thanks for your input … Mizz H.

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Considerations 136 …

Let’s be Neutral …

- - O-0-O-O-0-o - -

Many times I have suggested staying out of the either / or constraint. To approach life through the black-or-white … all or nothing … this-or-that approach … you might as well just snap on a pair of handcuffs … or colored glasses.

Admittedly … this is the common approach of the mind. It’s design leads to such conclusions. It’s objective is to determine … “Is it safe or not” … or … “is it good or bad” … or … “is it beneficial or detrimental” … etc. That is minds target.

It is impractical to blame something that is doing what it was designed to do.

Most all traditional teachings acknowledge a positive / negative nature to life … in a myriad of applications and levels. It’s easy to “see” a positive / beneficial side and a negative / detrimental side … even to the positive / negative structure of the atom and its electrons.

What is entirely lost to most is the actuality of the force right between the two … often called the middle path … many times referred to as detachment … but it is an actual stable “force” or stability right between the two extremes. The Neutral Force is a stance that one takes to allow for a much more complete understanding of the two combative forces on either side … and rides between the two … thus allowing for “staying out of one” while “still attentive to the other” … allowing both to work for and with the individual in the understanding of life and experiences.

Many people have difficulty in acknowledging the “reality” of the inner worlds … the dimensions or planes of existence. That is perfectly acceptable and they have the “right” to believe so. One thing about Spirit or LIFE … IT will wait as long as necessary for you to learn any and all lessons. It makes absolutely NO difference to Divine Spirit. In effect … these people play the game with half the deck. Most of the time it makes little difference. They just have an opinion or belief that restricts. Discovering these and revising … is what the path is all about.

In the Lower Psychic Worlds … the Law of Opposites declares that every scenario on whatever scale … from the workings of the atom to the greater cosmos … comes from the interaction of the positive and the negative. Further study reveals that there is clearly a third aspect … a neutral or passive or detached middle. This is *not* a belief in the positive - negative approach and choosing one side or the other … or simply disbelieving in both such as negation … but is a balance of both and working / viewing between them … thus allowing both the understanding necessary to allow it to work for you but to not get so caught up in either that you become mired or defined by either.

Science can accept and work with the positive / negative recognition … and bases most everything it understands on this premise. In true spirituality … the “middle path” is often mentioned but more often than to is constrained to be some vague, ambiguous “middle” of something … often undefined and therefore misunderstood.

For the Neutral Path to be an actual “force” … is still to be more fully recognized. Probing into “Spiritual Science” … one learns that just a positive force or just a negative force cannot produce phenomena. Since the Lower Psychic Worlds are worlds of relationships … there has to be a “second” force in combination with the first … that brings phenomena about. A “purely” positive reaction has to be a positive plus neutral combination … and vice versa. Since these works are worlds of “relationships … there has to be two … to be a relationship.

The neutral force is neither easily recognizable nor easily observed. The three forces in the “grater picture” of Life is the basis for the various trinities of the religions. Positive, negative, and neutral.

Seeing this at work … is not what is portrayed as obvious to the Lower Psychic Worlds. The more obvious is … it’s either one or the other … the positive or the negative … the good or the bad … etc.

Neutrality is non-attachment. This allows you to interact most anywhere in all the worlds. It will keep you out of emotional ties and mental categories and judgments. It lets both extremes work for you and be understood for what they are … to you … or to anyone who holds to the Middle Path.

*So* much is instantly dropped into the either / or perception and that immediately snaps on a pair of handcuffs or colored glasses. It’s one of those approaches where if you watch yourself using it … you can automatically sense that you are creating a limitation or misdirection … just as using the word “all” is a trap … because if you can find just *one* exception … that dismisses the entire premise … something the masses love to rely upon to dance around deeper understanding by dismissing such-and-such because of the use of a word or single exemption.

There are obvious exceptions to a neutral force … or to detachment. One would be … love … and here I mean … an emotional love. You cannot “love” everything and everyone. What can be done … is to give simple kindness or benevolence to all … but still allow yourself to give warm, full emotional love to those whom you choose to receive it … and often … who receives it is determined by what they do with your “love.” Choose wisely … then commit. Emotional “love” throws you into the arena of attachment … but if your choice to do so is a deeply knowing one … you are then willing to answer for any resultant attachment issues … whatever they might be. Nothing wrong with that.

Acknowledging and living by the Neutral or Middle Path helps us highly question the obvious / visible world around us and recognize that life anywhere is directed by the invisible forces which we manipulate through our state of consciousness. We create the effects / scenarios of our lives. We can inwardly give any and all power to what we outwardly interact with … thus leading to an inward acceptance. To uncover and revise these is much of what the Path is all about.

Soul’s true purpose is being the formative vehicle for Divine Spirit … and certainly for the revised or amended version of Spirit that designs these Lower Psychic Worlds via the integration of the negative element. Soul manifests … one way or the other. What one inwardly manifests is brought into your life outwardly … and this continues as each individual discovers that the physical body … the emotions … and all mental whirlings are “outward” to Soul Itself. We find that it is a perfect interchange or give-and-take design … we “receive” what we “put in.”

Neutrality is what keeps you out of emotional ties / attachments. Much of this has to do with the depth of affection. The deeper the affection for … whatever … leads to the stronger tie … thus … attachment. A simple, warm appreciation or acceptance for all … a “good will” if you will … suffices for the most part. To knowingly choose those whom you wish to give a warm, deeper affect to … forming an “attachment” or not … is acceptable since the choice is a knowing one. All karmic implications are accepted in such a stance.

More next Monday.

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If sincere … I will respond to private messages

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