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Old 26-03-2013, 02:27 AM
Sorai Sorai is offline
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Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow
Yes, I am always well. Salutations of love and light I speak with you with complete delight.

I would not bother concerning yourself with discerning your passion or path once you come to pass, for there will be opportunities and directions that open up to you far beyond anything you now currently conceive of. Most, as I have seen it, place themselves upon a very limited spiritual expectation prior to passing, and so it is once they pass they suddenly feel what they had aspired themselves to be or do no longer holds any importance to them, for the doors that open to them make everything else insignificant.


Within finer specifics, the work you choose to do will be something which allows and perpetuates others to be able to experience themselves as THEY choose to be and do. So for example, if you become aware of a desire in others to experience themselves as human beings, in human bodies, and who want to walk around in human clothing, you might then develop a passion for creating new garments of human clothing for others to wear as their coat of consciousness. Or it may be you want to learn, from the many halls of learning, other garments of clothing other species have invented, and thus learn to make those and design more of those for souls to wear as coats of consciousness. Through this endeavour you would come to learn of the living essence, the consciousness identity behind every single material you come to use, for every strand, every piece, every particle would speak to you with its own voice. Each strand of material will tell of its own ancestral history and divine story of how it came to exist. Then, if your vibration is compassionate and equated towards the resonance of that source, from where such material comes from, it will lend itself to you to use in your ‘works of art’.
That is why I sponsor the thought in others upon this forum to be compassionate towards animals of whom they eat, and of whom they neglect to communicate with on an equal platform, for if your actions speak your intentions and resonance of heart, then this will be carried over and seen by those beings in the spirit world, who you will later rely on for much of your work.

Another example, if you had strong affections for, and an affinity towards botanical life forms and so forth, then through the halls of learning you would educate yourself to other forms that once existed, that do exist, and which can exist on Earth and on many other different planets across the universe. You would then utilize this understanding to participate with groups of other beings whose passion it is to nurture and beautify botanical life forms all over the physical and non-physical universe. You would literally participate in harvesting new botanical life forms and strings of evolution like a God upon a throne of divine influence. There then watch them grow as if they were your own child, personifying your deepest passion and delivering your grandest concept of love to the universe.

If your passion is that of teaching upon a specific subject or sponsoring new thought and idea for others contemplation, then you may seek to become a teacher or guide. Again, you will develop these skills via the halls of learning, where knowledge is infinite and experiencialized. It is experiencialized because knowledge here enters consciousness experientially, not merely upon a mental level, but all levels simultaneously. After all, it is another dimension. This information, as part of your experience, you will then interpret to others elsewhere, or actually within the halls themselves to those who visit. Remember, though knowledge is infinitely available, it is only available through the adequate energy resonance of your ability to understand such information, and your desire to know such information. This means, in the spirit world, until you desire to know something, it will be invisible to you. Similarly, as your understanding of a particular subject or concept grows, further understandings and dimensions of such a subject will magically appear to you when you are ready and wise enough to comprehend it, in the way it is presented. Teachers or guides then are utilized to dispense information and understandings to those who have not yet developed to a certain state of understanding in certain subjects or aspects of experience. The teachers or guides will then present the information in another way as to simplify it to others, so that they can then make the next step themselves.

You are right to say this list is infinite. I can speak of more at a later time if you wish.


Yes, I would love to learn about more of the various pursuits with which beings occupy themselves in the Spirit World. Would you describe some more of them?

Also, I was wondering if there is something similar to acupuncture or an energetic channel theory in the Spirit World or other dimensions of the everlife. Would such treatments serve to help beings connect with their Spirits and come to terms with and raise their vibrations? If it's not there perhaps I could help create something like that.

Would you please go into detail about some of the forms healing takes in the Spirit World? And what those experiences are like?

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Old 28-03-2013, 11:01 PM
JOHNTY JOHNTY is offline
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Greeting to you Spirit Guide Sparrow,

This is part of a quote by Spirit Guide White Eagle:

And remember that your beloved partner, even if he or she is not with you in a physical body, is with you in your heart. Every soul was created a dual soul. It must be so, because the whole of life is based on duality or the balance between opposites, positive and negative. This duality is in all life, therefore you are part of your dual soul whoever you are. You do not necessarily come together in the physical body immediately; or you may come together and then separate for a time, because you have work to do, you have wisdom to gain. But together or apart, the dual soul is one, just the same as you have a father principle, a mother principle—father and mother, positive and negative; father—the power, the life, the energy; mother—the love, the wisdom. The mother is the womb, and enfolds that sun, that energy, and from this duality comes the light and the love of Christ the man.

It's the duality part that troubles me. If all things are duel how come we have a Father, Mother and Holy Ghost or Father, Mother and Son? Did our Father/Mother God never have a Daughter to keep that duality or balance of two male and two female, the two positive two negative?

May the Love of God be forever in your heart.
Much Love, Light and Laughter to you All

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Old 31-03-2013, 06:01 AM
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Dear Sparrow,
I have never sensed my mother's spirit visiting me since she passed. We loved each other when she lived here. I always sensed she had a noble Soul. But towards the end of her life she was beset with health problems including serious dementia. She almost always seemed content however and bore most things very stoically.
I have wondered if she needed a period of healing in the spirit world, and it has been quite a few years since she passed now. I know "time" is different there, but could it be that if she needed healing, that might be why she has not contacted me?
Or would these ailments not necessarily need any healing once the spirit is released from the physical body (as physical problems are gone then) -And the distance I feel between us is for another reason perhaps?
Another deceased loved one has been very strongly with me very frequently, and I am learning a lot with this spirit....I wonder if my mother might be standing back for a reason?
I am not worried, just interested.
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Old 31-03-2013, 05:39 PM
Soul Searcher
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Question Confused..

Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow

For those in particular desperate situations:
It should be emphasized, as wonderful as the afterlife sounds to be, any act of desperation through physical suicide, as means to escape your life challenges, will ultimately lead to deep soul trauma and a deep rooted sense of regret. One kind of suffering will be replaced with a different kind. For this reason it is strongly recommended you seek a spiritual or life counsellor for advice.[/color]


Hi Sparrow,

I've just come across your thread, and found it to be a great read, so thankyou

I'd just like to quote the part above, in reference to something i'd asked recently in the Death & Afterlife forum.

My Grandmother sadly took her life, when my mother 18. We have been debating for years how often, if at all, she has been around us both. I have sensed and actually known her brother and sometimes father have been around, although i'm not fully sure i've sensed my Grandmother's prescence before.

My concern recently (for some reason, this has been at the forefront of my mind and I feel I need to lay something to rest) is, will my Grandmother be at peace now? The lovely people here have reassured me she will now be at peace, as the torment left her soul when she passed to the spirit world.
But.. I don't want it to be sugar-coated, do you think this would have happened? After what you've said above, i'm not sure... I would hate to think she hasn't found inner peace yet.

Next weekend, for the first time, i'm visiting the grave of my Grandparents, and I'm going to lay flowers and have a quiet talk with them

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Old 08-04-2013, 02:33 PM
forests rammac
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a wee bit too New Agey for me but thanks.
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Old 08-04-2013, 02:46 PM
Soul Searcher
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Exclamation Non-productive comment...

Originally Posted by forests rammac
a wee bit too New Agey for me but thanks.

LOL. This is a spiritual forum, what did you expect to see? Talks about biscuits??

I hate these labels like 'pagan' 'new age' 'hippy' etc. We are all gifted and have our own ways and means of developing this. People come here to be not judged, open and learn from each other.


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Old 08-04-2013, 03:24 PM
forests rammac
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Lightbulb Productive comment...

All gifted? Sounds a wee bit too New Agey for me, thanks.
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Old 08-04-2013, 04:57 PM
Soul Searcher
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Ah, the joys of copy + paste hey? Totally saves on you having to re-type the same sentance

Firstly, before you disrespect others belief's, turn the tables and think would you like it done to you.

Peace & Light,

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Old 08-04-2013, 05:21 PM
forests rammac
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No disrespect at all just my opinion. I see you have one too.
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Old 08-04-2013, 05:29 PM
Soul Searcher
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Thumbs up All good

Originally Posted by forests rammac
No disrespect at all just my opinion. I see you have one too.

Glad to hear it. And yes, we're all welcome to our opinions


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