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Old 23-03-2017, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Swami Chihuahuananda
Thank you ! Zeus the Moose thanks you Mrs. Chi does too, and Brother Enrique ("Squeaky") , the other Chihuahua Overlord.

Zeus is doing great; he feels pretty normal now, eats like a horse and is gaining some weight back, which brings us joy. He has 3 more chemo treatments to go, and it's so wonderful to have him stay with us , happy , for as long as it lasts. They make every day special, and every day we have Zeus, after what he's been through , is a treasure . These little guys show me a lot about love

It's funny/interesting : some of the times I felt the most love on "the other side" is when I feel the love from the animal spirits , and how much love there is waiting for our little critters when they leave this life. It really helps deal with the grief of losing them . I told Zeus the other day "this (life here) is just the beginning for you and I " , because these are our little walking companions forever .

Here's Z & E

I'm glad to hear Zeus the Moose is doing OK!

So much LOVE in your post. Blessings from me and dog spirit.
A Dog's Life After Death
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Old 23-03-2017, 05:38 PM
Jbcool0626 Jbcool0626 is offline
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Hello Spirit Guide Sparrow,

I've made it through this entire thread slowly but surely the last few months. I've really enjoyed the wisdom you've shared with us on this forum and I'm grateful that you're still active here. Though I have no idea how you could possibly know what you know my heart tells me that you know what you're talking about and I don't need to know anything else about you, you're wisdom speaks for itself.

My question is about mental illnness and the afterlife. I am aware of one of your early posts on here where you state that physical and mental illnesses do not follow us in the next life, but sometimes I feel like my mental illness, being bipolar, snares me energetically into a way of thinking and seeing the world and my place in it to the point where it's hard for me to differentiate between my character, my feelings, my thoughts, my energy signature and my mental illness. And I'm not sure that this will just leave me on its own in the next life.

Any clarity on Bipolar Illness and it's role or lack of role in influencing the environment that people suffering from it would go to in the next life would be appreciated.

Also, I dabbled in astral projection for a few months and had a lucid dream astral projection experience where I felt emotionally, free from my moods. I felt connected to everything and everything radiated love and beauty and I was apart of this beauty. It was a nice moment for me, maybe a hint of what the afterlife is like?
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Old 26-03-2017, 09:19 AM
jatin_sadana jatin_sadana is offline
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Thanks Sparrow ...

I am so happy I found you ...

And thanks BoB who made a website of your posts ....

I have never said this to anyone so far but really I love you
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Old 04-04-2017, 09:58 PM
a1candidate a1candidate is offline
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Dear Sparrow,

Thank you very much for the very detailed descriptions of these extraterrestrial beings. I hope you are doing fine.

Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow

In the interest of your own safety I would not recommend deliberately seeking out such groups within their marked territory as many of them are intolerant within their territorial claim and protective of their hidden presence in these locations. They have taken great steps to camouflage their presence in order to increase their survival and escape detection. Many species can detect your presence telepathically a long distance away because of their consciousness development. Though they are more likely to remain hidden, if they consider you an immediate threat, particularly to their young, you will be treated as a predator. These are still essentially animals and act instinctively as animals, as human beings are themselves animals. As any other animal you find in the countryside they have their own habitat and will defend it fiercely, and choose to avoid direct contact with humanity in the interest of their own preservation.

I think it is reasonable to expect these groups of extraterrestrials to react defensively in the presence of a potential intruder, but if I were to stay out of their marked territory and wait for them passively outside, would you still consider such an undertaking to be potentially dangerous? For example, if a certain group of extraterrestrials live in Territory A, and if I were to passively wait for them outside the marked borders of Territory A, would you consider this a sensible approach to initiate friendly contact?

What happens if someone unknowingly wanders into a marked territory and comes into direct contact with an extraterrestrial being? Does this happen often, and how should one react in such a situation? A forum member posted a Wikipedia link to the Dyatlov Pass incident and based on what the article says, it seems to me that these creatures (if they were indeed extraterrestrials) are so powerful that there is no point in trying to run away. The trekking group that were camping inside what I presume to be an out-of-bounds territory did not stand a single chance of survival against such unbelievably mighty creatures.

Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow

The universe of which you are a part does not technically have a size for it does not have a definable static shape, in that, it has no definable edges through which it can be measured. This is because the universe is expanding in all directions simultaneously at different rates of speed at different points. Much of the outer regions consist of a weather of different gasses and molecules pushed outwardly from the inner midst of the universe with tremendous pressure, and as such are not in a hospitable state to yet form life. As these conditions gradually slow down and cool down they will eventually form life harbouring atmospheres.

Sparrow, I believe you mentioned in a previous post that the universe is like a large hologram (correct me if I'm wrong). I have been trying to understand how such a hologram works and I have recently come across several sources indicating that a mathematical process similar to the Fourier transform is involved, at least when it comes to the relationship between mind and matter. Is this true? To what extent would you agree with the following statements:

1. The brain exemplifies the holographic principle that the whole contains the parts, and every part contains the whole

2. The information processing power of the brain involves Fourier analysis. More specifically, the brain uses Fourier mathematics to translate visual images into wave forms.

3. Distinctions leads us to conscious awareness; coordination leads us to meaningful valuation of those distinctions. Distinctions between thought and matter are processed by the posterior regions of the brain while union between thought and matter is forged by fronto-limbic systems.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and am very eager to learn more about the unity of mind and matter.

Best regards,
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Old 27-04-2017, 06:25 PM
iJenna iJenna is offline
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Dear Spirit Guide Sparrow, Hello...

This is an amazing thread you started. I hope you are still visiting here and answering questions when you can. I found this thread and forum several weeks ago when I did a search for grief forums. My boyfriend, the love of my life, passed away at the end of January. It's been very hard for me. We both had strong beliefs there is an afterlife, but very different opinions on what it is. His beliefs were almost exactly as you described, it's been almost spooky for me reading this thread from the start. And makes want to believe he somehow "guided" me to find this to help me cope. But then my practical brain takes over my mind and says that's likely just my wishful projecting it's true because I want it to be.

Myself, I have met over the course of my life, 3 NDE'rs (flatlined in the hospital) all of whom said when we die, we (and everything) become ONE singular universal consciousness of information. No gods. No spirit inside us. Just our information transferring into this consciousness of collective information that is forever infinite with no beginning or end. This was not the news my heart wanted to hear, but as someone who can't help but live in reality of evidence and scientific theory, this does seem the simplist and most plausible with what science has discovered to date.

But with the death of my Love, I am hurting inside imagining him a part of this afterlife he knew I believed. I much prefer what he believed which is mostly what you say it is, as keeping individuality feels so much more comforting in my heart. And some of the things you have said in this thread that are possible in the spirit world... not only would this mean I can be with him again, but we could experience together some of the most beautiful and unconditional loving things together, like the spirit merging that is better than sex, which is so us with the unconditional love we have for each other. I want you both to be right so much, but am scared it's fantasy wishing.

So may I please ask you some questions that I hope will help me cope with my grief and give me hope you both really are right about the after life?

First, if I may ask... Do you have any insight or answers to why these NDE'rs concluded from their experiences the afterlife is only one singular consciousness of collective infinite information? And on that note, why do NDE'rs experiences vary so much? If the afterlife, like Earth life, is what it is, same reality of everything, then all experiences should be pretty much the same. But they are not. Do you know why? Thank you.

Next questions please... I copied this sentence you wrote on post #968: "Your spirit attaches a thread of consciousness, the silver cord, to the first two dividing cells of a fertilized egg. This etheric umbilical cord, if you will, can be partly witnessed by the glow which appears during this chemical process under a microscope".

If this can be seen under a microscope, and this sliver cord is really attached to us, then why isn't science recognizing this as finally our evidence of a spirit inside and proof of an afterlife? This all should be testable in a lab setting if this is real. And if this happens at the stage you say it does, then identical twins, triplets, etc. must share the same spirit split up? Could you please explain how that works? Thank you.

Another question I have: If this Universe and Earth were created (and by Source/God/Unconditional love, right?), why did it create an UN-loving environment where survival of the fittest is the law of nature all life lives by, and we are designed to kill and eat each other for food to live, survive and evolve? And then we when die, as spirits, we are to feel bad for this that we have no control over here? Sorry, I really struggle to understand this, as it makes little sense to me. I hope you can answer this and I can find hope in the possibility of this wonderful afterlife you both say is right. Thank you so much.

And my last question that again I struggle to understand is: If the afterlife of a sprit world with individuality and choices is real, why is there no physical proof of it's existence? We all want this proof. But we are left with nothing of solid evidence. Even those who have passed on, like the Love of my life just did, would come back if he could and give the world what it's always wanted, but that doesn't happen. Why are we left here alone to believe whatever on our own, with no physical hard core proof the afterlife is real? It seems there must be a very good answer for this if it is a choice as a spirit to come here, which itself has reasons. I guess questions like this I have, are part of the reason I had chosen to believe the 3 NDE'rs claims of the more simple afterlife.

But like I said above, I want those NDE'rs and myself to be wrong soooo badly, and you and my Love to be right. What you say is so much more appealing and hopeful. So I ask these final question to you Spirit Guide Sparrow, with all the love in my heart... Do you know if My Love can hear me when I speak to him now that he has died? Both when I speak to him out loud and when I speak to him from inside my heart? Do you know if he can or does visit me even if I don't know he is?

Since he's been gone, I have heard his voice in my head and felt his love in my heart. I have wondered if he guided me to find this thread. I want to believe so badly it's really him but then my dang brain starts in and says it's just me, not him, projecting it's really him, in hope because I so badly want it to be true.

I am kind of a mess over this. I miss him so very much.

Thank you so much Spirit Guide Sparrow.

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