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Old 26-02-2012, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by NicolaRose3
Firstly, I would like to say that this is my first main post on this forum, and I am not sure if I posting in the right section or not, as my experience includes lucid dreaming and astral projection as well and I'm not sure how to tie it all together.

I will try and keep it brief but there are quite a few things I would like to explain

Recently I have been trying to have lucid dreams and have been trying a few different methods, a couple of nights ago i was having trouble getting to sleep after trying to meditate and then just laying still for a while. I went and sat in an armchair in the corner of my bedroom and was listening to music on my ipod. I managed to induce a lucid dream for the first time. I kept completely still and had my eyes shut while relaxing. It felt a bit like I was drifting into sleep an image of my bedroom started forming. After a while and when everything around me was perfectly clear I put my hand over my eyes and felt that they were actually shut and going into REM. After i realised that everything became lucid, but I was still siting in my room. I could hear myself breathing deeply and it felt like i had become seperated from my body. I was too scared to move about or do anything (maybe it was sleep paralysis), as I started getting anxious and couldnt wake myself up. I moved but was aware my body was still in the same position, and i was burning up and tried to move the cover off of myself a bit but it just felt like my hand had passed through it. After a few seconds I woke up and things went back to normal. When I described this to someone else, they said that it was an out of body experience or astral projection and not a lucid dream.
Anyway, since that night I have noticed that I am able to see the things around me again when ever I close my eyes and focus. The night after when I was trying to get to sleep I kept on seeing the outline of things in my room appearing and then it all started to become clear after staring at it for a few seconds. There were a couple of moments when I could feel the same sensations as before which lead me to become lucid, but I was to scared to let it go that far. I moved my hand about in front of my face and could see it and count the fingers, I did a few other tests to know that what I was seeing was what was actually around me and not from memory. My room was dark both those times and I could see everything in black and white. I have been trying to elimintate other causes like light enetering my eyes through closed eyelids or only having my eyes half closed. Sometimes it is a bit hard to tell or I forget that I don't actually have my eyes open.
I have done this during the day as well and can see everything in the living room, I was able to watch things on the TV with my eyes closed, and I tried to read some text from a book as well and was able to read some of the larger writing. For some reason I seem to be able to see better when it is dark, it works well when my eyes are relaxed and not shut tightly, sometimes when I am trying really hard to focus on something far away my eyes start twitching or I have to open my eyes.
I have found that if i cover my eyes I can not see anything clearly, but I am also aware of something blocking my veiw and can see anything where there are gaps. When I keep my eyes closed and half cover them while leaving the middle section where by brow joins my nose uncoverd I can see. So this has made me think about the 3rd eye or brow chakra, as I have read a little about people being able to follow the movement of their hands while their eyes are closed using the 3rd eye, but I havent been able to find too many other similar stories. I don't know if it could have anything to do with astral projection as well, and that I am some how pushing myself just out of my body to be able to see, and sometimes I feel a bit weightless. I know that with other people they are able to move to other places, or see from a different place, or they can see bright colours and spirits. I have tried to look at myself in the mirror with my eyes closed to check that they are, I am able to see my face and some of the details but the area around my nose and eyes is just a grey blur which is strange.

This is the only major paranormal/spiritual thing that has happened to me, so I am a bit confused and would really like to know what it is exactly and how I can control it better, maybe at some point with practise I will be able to see other things and be able to control what direction I can look in. It seems that now it has happened I cant "turn it off" again. I have been finding it hard to sleep because whenever I close my eyes I still see the things in front of me and any brighter areas of light, I can make it go away a bit with a lot of effort, and when I try to see things again it feels like a black cover (like an eyelid) is lifted. I'm not sure if it is possible to see through closed eyelids in some conditions when there is enough light, as far as I can remember I have never been able to see anything with my eyes closed when I have been laying in my bedroom before this

I'm sorry this is so long, I hope there is some advice that can help me. I feel a bit like I sound crazy when I describe this. I am open to all answers and any skepticism if I am somehow tricking myself into believing what i see. I just want to be able to understand

I have the exact same symptom NicolaRose, and it started somewhat 10 years ago... I can say I am somewhat sure it is the third eye now.

Though I did not do anything in particular to develop it, I can control it a lot better now.


1. I couldn't sleep when it first started, it's like trying to sleep while my eyes are open. Now I can open/close, possibily, the third eye at will. (As simple as closing and opening physical eyes, don't know how to give you a walkthrough on that though, lol)

2. Close my physical eyes, open the other one, on the street. I see 5 people walking pass me, open my physical eyes, there's only 2 people. Close it back, switch over. I still see 5 people, lol. I still say *** sometimes.

3. When it's too dark, I close my physical eyes and open the other. It's like night vision googles, I can see a lot clearer, lol. (Though not as clear as when there's light+using physical eyes)

4. Wasn't able to see through anything but my eye lids when it first started. Now I can sort of see through everything... Hey, I haven't tried the walls yet, gonna try it later (lol)

There are a lot more symptoms aside from those.
Currently can't see too far away yet though, don't know why. It's like the third eye is only half open, or it needs some glasses, ****...

Anway, do tell me if you've found a way to develop this thing further.
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