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Old 10-01-2006, 06:41 PM
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The Magick Forest


Often when I meditate I return to my childhood. To a happier time and a special place I call, "The Magick Forest." It begins with a narrow path that circles 'round and beyond a glistening-white-stone, medieval-looking tower. The path has no end and the forest knows no boundaries.
I can "find myself" there. I am refreshed and renewed by its beauty and wonder. I have family there...along with good friends and Spirit Guides. They play with me. But they also teach me things I need to know. And sometimes they help to solve my problems.
The Magick Forest is an incredible place. I wish everyone could visit there. But I'm told only certain, special people may enter. I know that's true because I've met so many special people there. Some of them are physical, or have been physical in their past lives, while others have never been physical at all.
There is life and spirit in the Magick Forest. It's as I said, "magickal." The trees, flowers and animals are able to speak and converse (though words are not always necessary). They appear almost animated sometimes, with curious and whimsical personalities.
And there are friendly elves, gnomes, and faeries beckoning to play.
Even the wind can speak (if it wants to). And there is great power and wisdom in the deep, baritone voice of the cave up in the mountains.
Yes. The Magick Forest is an extraordinary realm of babbling brooks and winding paths, which lead to who knows where? Sometimes the sunlight comes trickling through the trees like sparkling gold dust. And, at night the brooks and streams glisten and shimmer with the reflection of the moon's silver beams. At other times the forest is peaceful and quiet with the hush of freshly, fallen snow. But I like it best just after a gentle rain and when the paths are carpeted with dense, rising, mist. But whatever the weather it's always ideal.
I spend timeless hours wandering and exploring the Magick Forest. I like to walk the long, mossy, path, which leads deeper and deeper into the forest.
I often walk alone, but sometimes a friend walks with me. Or, sometimes I make a new acquaintance along the way. Occasionally my mother joins me. We might picnic on a grassy knoll or paddle a boat around the sleepy lake. Sometimes we're joined by her ladybug and firefly friends. They seem to especially enjoy my mother's company. I'm not surprised; I like being with her, too. She has the unique gift of turning ordinary things into something extraordinary. And she always packs a delicious picnic lunch!
Sometimes I meet my dad there, too, and he coaxes me into a hiking trip with his "wood buddies" (is what he calls his oak and pine friends). We always have a lot of fun together, except when he and his buddies start to lecture me about "responsibilities," which I've never been very good at.
Then there was the time I was overtaken on the path by the royal procession of a beautiful Countess.
At my surprise she invited me to ride with her inside her gilded coach. We rode and talked for the longest time. She was very warm and friendly. She held my hand and confessed she loved to dance. I told her I loved to dance, too. Then quite suddenly we stopped at a clearing along the way and she requested her musicians to play, while we danced and twirled in a field of daisies. It was exhilarating! She is one of the most enchanting Ladies I've ever met. Sometime later she invited me to be her escort and "honored guest" (can you imagine!) at a jousting tournament. I was delighted with what turned out to be an exciting and unforgettable experience.
On another occasion one of my Spirit Guides, the Lady Roslind, introduced me to her very good friend, Marilyn Monroe. Of course, I was overjoyed to meet her! Who wouldn't be? The three of us went wading in a brook and together we tumbled rocks to build a dam. Later we climbed high into the branches of an apple tree to dry ourselves. There, we talked, laughed, sang songs and ate our apples. It was a happy time for each of us.
One of my most treasured experiences in the Magick Forest occurred one evening while walking with some friends on an unfamiliar path. We happened upon a clan of Druids, who graciously invited us to join their ritual at an ancient site of standing-stones, which looked very much like Stonehenge. The moon was full and the sky was illuminated with a billion diamond-like stars. The air was cool and crisp. It was a candlelight ritual and we all joined hands and stood in a circle among the standing-stones. The ritual began when the Druids brought their voices together in a low, melodic, almost hypnotic chant. My friends and I joined in. Soon there was a change in the atmosphere. Clouds gathered from out of nowhere and the sky began to swirl. Then there was flashes of lightning...followed by enormous claps of thunder, which rambled-on and finally trailed-off into the distant hills. We continued our chant. Then I noticed a ball of light beginning to emerge in the center of our circle.
It grew brighter and brighter and started to take shape and form. Gradually it transformed into the image of a woman - a very beautiful, young, woman with blond hair and brilliant blue eyes. At once I recognized her as Diana, The Princess of Wales. I had always wanted to meet her. I was beside myself with excitement. But we continued to chant. As our chant mounted and evolved into music the Princess began to dance in the center of our circle. Her dance was mesmerizing and like none I had ever seen before. It was a dance of happiness and joy, of love and life. It embodied visual trails of motion and fireworks of colored light. It was a spiritual dance. Our hearts were filled with love and our eyes filled with tears of joy. But in the rush of emotion I had wondered (for an instant) if the Princess was, in fact the Goddess? Later, when I confessed my folly the Princess was amused. I was embarrassed. But she sat and talked with me and we became fast-friends. We talked through the night and shared many heart-felt stories about our personal lives and families. She is truly a gracious and lovely Lady.
Yes. I've had many wonderful experiences in the Magick Forest. And, I've met and made so many wonderful friends there. Some of them you would know by name, but far too many to mention here and now. But, what is more interesting is that I never know what to expect when I visit the Magick Forest. I might happen across a magnificent, vine-covered castle...or find myself in a thatched-roof-hut sipping tea with a wise, ol' crone, while she contemplates her cards and tells my fortune. But, whatever the adventure, it's always fascinating and always a learning experience.
There is no sense of time in the Magick Forest. While there I'm absorbed with the "now." I would happily remain there with my family and friends, but "something" always draws me back to the "real world." I come back. But, never am I convinced the Magick Forest doesn't actually exist beyond and apart from the limitations of my own imagination and consciousness. It's a very real world to me. A "world between the worlds." I suspect one day I'll visit there and not return. Perhaps I'll meet you there?

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