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Old 20-11-2017, 05:55 AM
SaturninePluto SaturninePluto is offline
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The idea Lepus has written you of a money charm, is a great idea to start.

I have something very similar to this I read about in a Wicca book years ago, it is the same idea, but the money charm does not necessarily have to be carried in this instance. It was called a "Money Magnet".

Now written in the book it was said to keep your simple pocket change on a tray with a magnet to attract prosperity and monetary things like money that you need. You could keep this in any room with the intention that it will attract what you need- remember to continue to keep coins, jewelry pieces and things that represent money to you there.

I have my own version that is currently being used by me without however a magnet- as I have no magnet small enough to put with it- but the basis is the same. My own is made of a jar candle in which the candle has been removed and I am left with the jar and cover and contains loose change, a piece of anthracite coal for a representation of money, a silver engraved wedding ring my father found with a metal detector. Essentially use what personally represents, money prosperity and happiness to you.

Also I wanted to make a note here of often times the subtlety in which spells can work.

Using my money attractor as an example I started this new money charm a few months ago when I found the coal by dowsing and wondered what to do with the coal as I did not want yet to use it for burning, incense etc, during the past few months of having made it, I have an interest in gems and precious stones grow more due to finding the coal, so right along I have been researching gems etc. I also actively knew I could use money- holiday season and all and I put a couple things up on ebay- they have not sold but my mood is not dampened, it is not time for the objects to sell. Then while reading up on gems again this week I came across an online place for treasure enthusiast those interested in antiques, coins and such. Well I remember days of panning for gold and metal detecting and gem hunts with my family, and am now 6 batteries away from grabbing my father's metal detector he let me borrow to go a hunting and have a blast with it.

This brings me to my conclusion, you are probably by now there wondering well what is her point? My point is in the subtlety of spells, you see, I made a money attracting charm, and my foremost thoughts have been on having fun finding interesting and old things, including precious minerals, an old hobby now again takes my focus. Creative ideas about money are coming to me more frequently, and my thoughts are focused.

That is my point. Don't just perform a spell, or make a charm- believe it will bring you what you need, and then act to make that so, and importantly act in a way that is enjoyable for you rather than an act of hard work. Put yourself into your spell work, enjoy what you do, know what it is you want your spell to do, and then help it along, but when you find it pleases you to, and it doesn't just become a chore.

That is my advice to you. Yes life probably isn't exactly the way we want it----- YET.

Now to enjoy making your dreams reality.

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Yours In Retrospect, The Universe.
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Old 20-11-2017, 06:56 PM
Lepus Lepus is offline
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Originally Posted by Kine Lea
What a nice collection of symbols, Lepus.

Do you know what each of them represent? And how might they be reorganized sequentially
for greater, (or lesser) effect?

I wish to perform a moon spell this week, with my Selenite (pencil) wand, and moon mirror (charged with this November's super moon).
Those symbols look useful, in a weather vane kind of way.

Oh, these symbols aren't made by me. I took this picture from a book called Black Toad by Gemma. Sorry, I have no clue what these symbols represent. I'm sure the author made it that way for the reader to unconsciously read these symbols to bring specific changes.

“People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later believe it.”
― Walter C. Langer
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Old 21-11-2017, 11:37 AM
Kine Lea Kine Lea is offline
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Originally Posted by Lepus
Oh, these symbols aren't made by me. I took this picture from a book called Black Toad by Gemma. Sorry, I have no clue what these symbols represent. I'm sure the author made it that way for the reader to unconsciously read these symbols to bring specific changes.

I suppose if you trust the author then the origin of the symbols are irrelevant. Although I couldn't help myself from studying them all day yesterday. My only conclusion is that they are based on the astrological symbols for the planets. Like the old song, "Pennies from Heaven" - after rain there is sunshine.

I had been wondering, if it was money that was desired, where it might come from. But then a post had been made about the use of a metal detector. This reminded me of a friend, a devout Christian, who would pray for money. When a storm crashed through someone's garden he was paid to repair the damage. Which still leaves me puzzling the moral ethics!

I guess the real question is how has worked out for you?
But you don't have to answer that, poverty can take on many appearances.
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