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Old 03-07-2016, 05:05 AM
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Your Inner Fountain of Eternal Life

We are present. You all have so much to give, to offer each other in your interactions. We would like to focus a bit on that, on the value you offer each other, that is, rather than "how much" in terms of your time. We mean how much of your love, your praise, your positive attention, your heart, your compassion, your inner beauty, your encouragement, your acknowledgment of their light and their indwelling spirit...

How much of these divine qualities are you mindful of giving? How often are you mindful of giving and allowing yourself these divine gifts? Many of you are very thirsty, and in your desire to quench this thirst you may find yourselves hoping that another may have the type of "water" that you seek, whereas all along it is really your inner fountain of eternal life, your inner being, that you are really wanting to drink from.

If you are thirsty, drink the beauty of where you stand. Why not drink of your own ocean, your own majesty?

In other words, it is of great value to yourselves if you can decide to seek the highest and best of your current circumstance, and this means taking it upon yourselves to look beyond present appearances. Your imagination is a powerful tool for this. Some say, "Look beyond imagination." We say, "Your imagination is something that you cannot possibly stop using altogether, for it is how Spirit is able to have a human experience."

Meditating on the "Inner Antenna"

There are times for deep meditation that will take your attention away from imagined realities, yes, but most of your human experience is spent in imagination, whether you are consciously aware of this or not very aware of this. Most of the time, most humans are not aware of the subtle inner imagery that their minds are perpetually attuned to. We offer this insight in our hope that you may use it as a type of meditation or contemplation, if you will, setting some time aside to meditate upon your inner antenna (and we do not mean your physical brain) that receives thoughts and images. We will leave that one as a mystery for you to have fun with. We suggest that you feel the subtlety of it, for it is beyond words.

We appreciate you, and we are complete.
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Old 03-07-2016, 07:00 PM
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The Practice of "Clarity Journaling"

We would like to bring to your attention the practice of clarity journaling, which has many wonderful benefits. In a way, you are already journaling, each and every one of you, for your human journey is a journal, with each thought and feeling you have being a new entry. Each day is a new page in your life journal. More accurately, each moment is a new page; each decision is a new page.

Every thought you have is a snapshot of endless probabilities.

So we ask you to think of journaling as a journey, and that your human life experience is already part of your soul's journal.

A clarity journal is a written account of the new insights and fresh experiences that you have on a daily basis. [It is an appreciation journal.] That is how we are defining it. It is simply a tool (and a very powerful one at that!) that allows you to express your joy in a much freer way than the typical type of journaling where you often focus on "what is" and "telling it like it is," which is essentially a problem-oriented type of journaling.

A clarity journal is a SOLUTION-oriented type of journal. It is deliberately writing about subjects that inspire you.

It is deliberately looking for the highest and best in yourself, in others around you, in your daily activities, in your quiet time, in your world, etc. It is about affirming that which you already KNOW as generally true about yourself, such as,

"I know that I am on a journey. I know that I am following a path. I know that I can raise my vibration. I can raise my consciousness. In fact, I have done so many times. I have been successful in getting to where I currently am. The clarity that I DO have is as a result of my openness and receptivity to my indwelling spirit."

Our friends, this is the type of journaling that opens doorways to new dimensions of experience that will fulfill your soul. This is the kind of journaling that releases miracles into your life.

You are effectively letting go of any feelings that desperately cry, "I need this," and successfully allowing yourself to affirm, "I enjoy this! I appreciate this! I am pleased with this result!"

For example, if you are seeking a new partner, a romantic relationship, you may use your clarity journal to purify your vibration, your consciousness, in relation to the subject. You may get to the point, in other words, and recognize what it is that you REALLY want, which you inevitably realize must be a higher awareness of love, joy, well-being...

A higher awareness of your True Nature.

A new partner may only give you a reflection of the [degree of] LOVE that you give to yourself. Money may only give you what you give it [what you give to yourself]. If you feel that it is difficult to achieve, based on past experience, then that is what you are giving to the subject of money as it pertains to you. However, using a clarity journal will shed new light upon old thought patterns that do not serve your best interests, making it much easier to tap into your spirit's natural feeling of joyous abundance and freedom.

Your "inner antenna" (your attention) may be consciously directed to attune to the love and the wealth that you already possess, and this opens a channel, like a tube or a river, that allows fresh, inspired thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences to flow into your now, into your present material reality.

A clarity journal helps you manifest a clear journey, a clear pathway. It is not arrogant to inwardly proclaim what you DO know, for there ARE things that you DO know that you can achieve that you do not carry resistance about, such as washing your hair or brushing your teeth.

In other words, we are teaching the art of "effortless achievement," if you will. More accurately, it is an art in which you learn not to fret over effort and achievement, for you cannot not have effort in your human experience, and you cannot not have achievement, since these are fundamental aspects of your space/time reality.

Many serious "spiritual folk" take issue with subjects such as effort and achievement, and our purpose is to help lighten any sense of "anti-" or being against anything, for the key to healing is allowing peace, which includes allowing any resistance to peace to be peacefully surrendered. However, those of you who are already emotionally inclined to an easier path are those who most likely find messages such as ours.

The Role of Imagination in Your Clarity Journal

Your imagination is a tool, just as a clarity journal is a tool. Thus, you are using two powerful tools in conjunction: your imagination being like a pen or a paintbrush, and your journal being like a canvas. In truth, the two cannot be separated, for imagination always needs a canvas on which to express itself.

Remember, you are all already "journaling" your human experience through your thoughts/beliefs, feelings, decisions and actions [and through your speech, words and inner self-talk].

The Role of Feeling/Emotion in Your Clarity Journal

We suggest that you use your imagination in ways that feel fun. Feeling the emotion of fun is central to keeping a clarity journal, although you do not need to always feel bliss when writing in it. It is simply a tool for raising your vibration.

Whatever emotion you feel, first allow yourself to honor it, for it is but a message that reflects your vibrational state of awareness, a reflection of how you currently feel about yourself.

The feeling of fun is simply a clear pathway in which joyous experiences may manifest into your human experience from the "realm" of Divine Spirit. However, since you already exist within Divine Spirit as part of It, you are really recognizing more of what is already present; more joy, more love, more ease...

The Role of "Goal Setting" in Your Clarity Journal

How about setting a goal, setting a clear intent, to simply allow greater expansion of awareness of your True Nature? This is essentially but an intention to feel better, at its core. "Knowing thyself" and feeling good are not separate; they are in fact actually the same, when understood from an enlightened perspective. In other words, when you feel well-being you are experiencing a level of KNOWING your self-worth.

We feel that opening to clarity is in itself a very honorable goal to achieve, simply for the ride, the journey of expansion from one perspective to a higher one. And whenever you visit clarity--which is your "Kingdom within"--your highest heart's desires begin materializing into your personal reality for as long as you keep the portal open.

We appreciate you, friends. We are complete.
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Old 06-07-2016, 09:48 AM
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An Exercise for ENLARGING Your Perspective! [Part 1]

We are here (and always really are!). How may you enlarge your perspective? Your particular view or perspective of your reality is based upon where you stand [in your self-perspective, your beliefs]. This is common sense, yes. But what if you were to move an inch, or a meter, or a kilometer, then you would find that your perspective has changed...

Or has it really? In other words, you may move around, you may go up some stairs or climb a mountain and get another view, but your attitude about yourself may be relatively the same in vibration, in tone and mood, no matter where you go, and this may be so for many years.

What we suggest is that, if you are feeling bored, stagnant or confused as to what the next step may be in your journey, we suggest that you remove yourself from your habitual environment for a little bit and take another perspective.

However, we suggest that you may then imagine where you last were; so, if it were your bedroom, then now--from your new physical perspective--we suggest that you either imagine looking at yourself from that perspective of where you currently are (and for this example, let us say that you are now sitting on a park bench).

You may imagine viewing yourself, watching yourself, from an "out of body" perspective, floating above the bedroom scene, sending yourself love, and this in effect aligns you with your Higher Self, your inner being. Seeing yourself from a higher perspective, looking down with unconditional love, you may imagine sending yourself Cosmic Light, Divine Light, and this in effect gives you a new EMOTIONAL perspective, you see.

Having a new emotional perspective, you now understand your situation better. You understand, you FEEL, that you are loved, even when your physical self is lying in bed feeling lonely, you KNOW from your Higher perspective that guidance, love, protection and well-being are available to be accessed by your "lower" vibrational self that may be experiencing loneliness and despair, or any lack-based feeling of disconnection from Source.

Using this exercise is like "remote viewing" yourself from another location in time and space so as to send yourself healing energies, and this is in essence what is occurring constantly in terms of your Higher Self's relationship to you. It has been said that your Higher Self is like a "future" version of you, more wise and expanded, and this is a simplified and fairly practical way of understanding it for humans to get the basic gist of it.

You say that you want to enlarge your perspective? If so, we are giving you this exercise in order to accelerate your learning of this lesson, this lesson [of learning] that you are NEVER EVER really "alone" in your reality, not in your human dimension nor in the celestial dimension, so to speak, where we reside.

Have fun with using your imagination, we often say, and use it as a tool to enlarge your human perspective, for this is why you were GIVEN your imagination in the first place, our friends. We are transmitting an image of the multidimensional nature of your imagination. It is likened unto a kaleidoscope of probability.

(We know, a part of our translator's mind tends to want to say "possibility," but we encourage and prefer your word, PROBABILITY, since all possible realities or events are given endless chances to materialize, due to the eternalness of "all-that-is," the multiverse, which thrives on diversity.)

The translator's energy level is such that we are complete and will resume this message at another perspective in your now. We bless and appreciate you.
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Old 06-07-2016, 10:58 AM
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An Exercise for ENLARGING Your Perspective! [Part 2]

Another example we are transmitting is that, from our example of you sitting upon a park bench, feeling some relief perhaps from the loneliness you had felt while previously at home lying in bed, you may now imagine, sense and FEEL that another version of you is still lying in bed at home (because this probability exists, remember).

So now, you are experiencing yourself sitting on the park bench while simultaneously lying in bed at home, and you can see with clarity that both versions of you are experiencing different emotional states, even if just slightly different. There may be a large or small emotional gap, or variance. It really doesn't matter. For YOU as AWARENESS are aware of both "you"s, both versions, as they exist in the same Eternal Now.

As awareness you are non-physical, and you are aware that both versions of "you" each represent a different vibrational reality, different states of being, and you love them equally, absolutely and unconditionally, for you obviously recognize that they exist within your more expanded reality as awareness, or what some of you call Pure Awareness.

Thus, this divine awareness that you are, which some of you may perceive as the "Higher Self" if you wish, is of a very high and very fast energy frequency, and guess which version of "you" is the closest in emotional awareness to this Pure Awareness? The guy or gal on the park bench, or the dude or lady lying in bed at home?

It is most definitely the one who sits upon the park bench, who is FEELING a sense of relief, a sense of peace, perhaps observing ducks swimming on a pond, or a happy family nearby. There is absolutely no judgment from YOU as "Pure Awareness," for Pure Awareness is EQUALLY available to both versions of "you." It is just a matter of physics, of cosmic physics, we say.

One who is in alignment with his/her inner being is one who holds the key to "effortless" creation, which is creation through pathways of near-zero resistance.

So yes, the guy or gal who sits in bed having a pity party is not, at that very moment, in close alignment to divine awareness, even though he/she is quietly being offered love, peace, guidance and safety from the "Higher Self." But you DO have many, many, many, literally endless, other physical perspectives from which to choose, whether they be park benches or getting up and walking two or ten feet away from your bed.

And the ONLY reason for moving, for taking such simple action, is to help "shake off" the negative perspective, because you would want to FEEL BETTER. The cobwebs of fear come in many forms, and "loneliness" is often an excuse many of you use in your stubbornness not to move on with your lives in courage and enthusiasm.

We love you, and we remind you that you have the POWER within you to alter [enlarge] your perspective for a smoother ride ahead.

A simple step forward is all it takes in order to give yourself a greater sense of space and freedom, whenever you may feel restricted or sluggish (just cobwebs of fear, remember, and thin ones at that! Once you begin to see how powerful you really are, thus showing you the transparency of the ghosts of fear.) Such emotions may only feel "heavy" when you GIVE them enough attention and thus sufficient power to make you feel that way.

You are ALWAYS much more powerful than you realize, even [more so than you realize] when you are "self-realized."

Enlargement, expansion, is part of your ascension in consciousness. Allow the end of illusion-making [AKA delusion] to come naturally, for it can be realized no other way than through being at peace with "what is," thereby allowing ["mind" as you know it to be dissolved, and] the Divine What-Is to be realized in perfect awareness.

We are complete.
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Old 06-07-2016, 11:46 AM
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I want to ask you something about God, if I don't bother.
Please tell me if God is some type of energy, consciousness or he is also a beings, a spirit or is just an energy or consciousness? Many blessings.

Our friend, it is good to "bother," if you do so fearlessly. Understand? You asked us the question anyway. Your "bothering" has so much love in it, more than anything, and we thank you and congratulate you for that. Be brave!

Our answers here are but reflections of the inner answers that your inner being have for you, remember.

You are asking questions, here, that you can easily sense and FEEL for yourself. We have no intellectual answer to give you that will ultimately satisfy you [and for good reason! Divine Truth is beyond words.].

There is no such thing as energy "or" consciousness, for energy IS essentially consciousness, dear one, and it is itself truly without gender identification.

Energy, consciousness, being(ness) and Spirit are One, and in many cases the words may be used interchangeably to refer to the same Divine Reality.

Why don't you ask God directly? We joke a bit, for in essence you already have, even before approaching us.
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Old 20-07-2016, 06:09 AM
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Applying the Power of Soft Strength


Our friends, there are many advantages in being childlike, such as embodying the natural sense of spaciousness, openness, receptivity, freedom and spontaneity that your three- and four-year-olds display. And let us not forget to mention joyousness!

You see, you all still have these attributes, no matter what you are presently faced with. We would like you to be more in the remembrance of what never truly left you, these wonderful childlike traits, instead of thinking that you must obtain them.

And now we have a new term that we will use for a bit, because we like the sound of it (we don't have ears, but you catch our drift), that being what may be called "soft strength." We invite you to feel this one out with us, the energy of the words...

Now, a level deeper, beyond the words, into the very DNA of the words, if you will. (Yes! Were you aware that words carry DNA as well? Well, they do, indeed.) Feel with us, if you will, the energetic strands of verbal DNA, the living, lively, Life Force within the core essence of soft strength.

Soft strength is like yin and yang. You see, the small child is very attuned to this divine power that we are calling soft strength. It runs like a river through them, feeding them with buoyancy and LIFE. Feel with us, dear ones, the delicious Life Force of soft strength!

It is a gentle yet powerful river that connects you directly to the higher energy frequencies of your Cosmic Heart. We said "your Cosmic Heart" (and our interpreter here almost changed it to "the"), because we feel that it would assist in helping you feel it in your body, "up close and personal" as your saying goes.

Notice your heartbeat. Your Cosmic Heart is beating through it.

Notice your breathing. The Divine Breath of God flows through it.

Notice your hearing. The "Music of the Spheres" is being orchestrated by angels for your ears to hear.

Notice your emotional body. The Infinite Love of God is pouring through it!

Are you feeling this, or are we just blowing smoke up your you-know-what? Only you get to determine, of course, if this feels true for you or not.

"But what is soft strength?" some of you may still be wondering. If so, please return to the first part where we said "Notice..." You see, noticing is an art and a science. There is great power behind that word of yours, notice. Notice!

It sounds similar to "know this," does it not? This is not accidental. Similar sounding words and phrases carry similar verbal DNA.

Now, when we suggest that you get a FEEL for the words soft strength, this is in fact how you may notice a vibration, a sense, of the concept we are sharing. It is how you may personally tune into the Cosmic or Divine Meaning of any word, in a manner of speaking, without the need for going to a medium or interpreter other than your lovely indwelling spirit.

So, let us correct ourselves! We are not giving you these messages so that you may "catch our drift," per se, as in the sense that we are a different entity than you that you may look up to. No, no, no!

Since there is no real dimensional wall between us, between "you" and "us," this is really a celebration among equals, a holy gathering of friends who are attached at the hips, for we indeed walk beside you as equals in the "Eyes of God," you may say.

We are, in part, here to assist you all in easing up on this interdimensional hierarchy silliness, as much as you allow us to. [That is, for those of you in particular who may still adhere to the concept, but are willing to stretch beyond it.] Ye are gods means that Divinity--however you may interpret It to be--walks with you, within you, as you, at all times.

We love using unusual approaches to help you arrive at deeper or "Cosmic" understandings, and this is just what we are doing. We too feel the limitation of words, as we are aware many of you sometimes feel, and so we love giving you things for you to play with, to have fun with, and investigate for yourselves, and soft strength is one of these things.

We thank you. We love you. We see that you are expanding, and we delight in this, for we expand as we observe you expanding. It is, after all, how the "Law of Attraction" works.

We are complete.
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Old 15-08-2016, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by awareness
We are here. We are present.

Could it be that your humanity is awakening to a higher reality, a more pristine and more clearly defined sense of self? By "more defined," we do not mean in terms of intellectual understanding, we mean in terms of clarity of purpose.

For even within your apparent upheavals and struggles, it is certain that new clarity of purpose is being birthed from within you, ready to be acknowledged and put into action. That you may trust that opportunity for rebirth is always present, during your happiest moments as well as those that seem less than happy. But unless you are consciously aware of this sense of renewal in your life, in your present, then it is as if you are not feeding your soul, for the soul thrives on fresh experience, it thrives on expansion.

The "unveiling" of your True Nature, in fact, is an expansion of your present awareness to feel a sense of renewal. Through this sense of constant rebirth, each and every moment is experienced with vitality. For know that whenever any moment, any activity, feels stale and boring, it is always because you are not acknowledging and appreciating the eternal freshness of the Life Force that is constantly being fed to you by your inner being.

The less hypnotized you are by outer appearances, the less distracted you are by how the moment is clothed, the more joy you reap from your present circumstance. That was sort of a backwards way of stating it, but we feel that you understand what is being conveyed.

You may bring new life to any activity through remembering to acknowledge your innate creative power and asking your spiritual essence, "How may I best use this power to serve?" This is, in fact, giving your attention to a new activity, a highly creative activity; whereas before, if you were unconscious of your present power to be happy, that is what created the sense of staleness or boredom in the first place.

We so very much enjoyed sharing these reminders of your present power to appreciate your True Nature. We are complete.

Hi Awareness.

Nice thread, I do feel humanity is awakening into a higher awareness of are
in dwelling spirit.

And although there is much confusion in are world at the moment, I feel we have reached a time of great change and it is time for are true core values to come into play.

Much love
Each spices each energy being understands and experiences what God is in a completely different way.
This is what God truly is it is any thing and every thing you can imagine and aspire your self to be

Quote Spirit Guide Sparrow
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Old 16-08-2016, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Pagandell
Hi Awareness.

Nice thread, I do feel humanity is awakening into a higher awareness of are
in dwelling spirit.

And although there is much confusion in are world at the moment, I feel we have reached a time of great change and it is time for are true core values to come into play.

Much love

Hello Pagandell.

We extend our love and appreciation to you. We very much agree, our friend. A mass awakening is indeed underway.
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Old 25-08-2016, 04:52 PM
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Cosmic Disclosure: The Art and Science of Inner Research



As you gain in experience in making conscious contact with the divinity within you, your understanding of "research" is deepened. There is no higher expression of research than that which is found within you, as you seek deeper understanding about any subject from within yourself. Your Internet is but a human-made attempt to replicate what your collective consciousness already does much more effectively.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with creating technologies that pale in comparison to what your mind can already do, but if you rely heavily upon such technologies then you are enslaved to them. There is a "Cosmic Internet" that you may access through intent and imagination, which has everything that your electronic Internet has, but infinitely more.

You may access this Cosmic Computer through lucid dreaming, meditation, daydreaming and through playing with such tools as Tarot, Ouija and the I Ching. In fact, as you are aware, your human Internet may be used as an excellent tool to assist you in accessing higher levels of understanding, such as what is available in this forum and in other social media interactions.

When you are using your Internet, you are actually using the Cosmic Internet in what may be called a stepped-down form. You generally believe (in your human level) that you invent things, new technologies, but you do not really create your physical reality from a standpoint of physical reality. You do not actually invent things from a purely human level, for there is no such thing as a "purely human level."

As human entities you are still divine beings, no matter what physical appearances you temporarily manifest and experience. Therefore, it is true that everything you create carries divinity within it, some light within it, even what may be considered your "worst" creations. Even darkness is a form of light. The Ultimate Truth of Light is that only Divine Light actually exists. There is no fundamental opposite to light. There is no real absence of light.

Only in dualistic fantasies is such polarity seen to exist.

It is therefore necessary to transcend the mental slavery of duality-consciousness in order to master your ability to access Cosmic Insight. Divine Insight is joyous, it is not "serious" in a manner of lacking joy. If your research is based upon a strong sense of lack, as most human research is in general, then know that you are not really discovering anything worthwhile.

Many of you hope for some kind of great revelation or "disclosure" to happen, when in truth no such thing will ever appease you, for you are never really satisfied with such transient and temporary things. The light that you seek, the revelations of truth that you seek, are eternally within your Higher Self, they are not fundamentally governmental or social in terms of your human experience.

Your human race is perpetually seeking the next great revelation, even when any one of you think you have found it, for your soul always asks, "What's next? What shall I experience that will top this?" You came to Earth in order to enjoy expansion within stepped-down frequencies of light, so that you could channel more light into your world, into your plane of existence. Ponder this: Every birth, human and non-human, brings fresh soul-light into your dimension.

You wanted--you chose--to play in the mud, so that you could joyously shape it like clay into whatever form you desired. Why not choose to make the best of this decision and have fun while doing so?

When you choose to allow closure of that which is your "personal history," this closure leads you to Cosmic Disclosure, which is enlightenmental and revelatory in nature. In other words, you access bliss through transcending personal history, through rising above the trappings of personal reality, and this may only happen through feeling yourself immersed in LOVE.

True "research" is an immersion not in books, not in gathering "facts," but in LOVE. You are "searching again" for your True Reality, your True Identity, which may only be found in the LOVE within you that is at the spiritual core of your human expression.

We thank you for allowing this transmission. We love you. We are complete.
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Old 31-08-2016, 06:38 AM
Zeronknight Zeronknight is offline
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Hi OP, are you giving out readings or something like that? I've really never seen a thread like this xD.

Btw: Nice messages :)
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