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Old 09-12-2016, 08:06 PM
Bubbles235 Bubbles235 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
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Feeling connections to certain countries

Hey everyone. So I've been thinking lately, there have always been certain countries and parts in the world that make me feel really nostalgic. When I think of it, I get the same feeling I do when I'm cleaning out an old room in my house and I suddenly find memories of things I had from my childhood. It feels like an old feeling. Do you think it means anything when you feel connected to certain countries in the world? Where do you feel connected to? And why?
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Old 09-12-2016, 09:30 PM
Lucky 1 Lucky 1 is offline
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Oh yeah...I definitely feel connection to various parts of the world...some I've been to.... others never even close...but the feeling persists....

interestingly....other parts of the world leave me cold...I feel no connection at all.

Glad you brought this up as this very thing had crossed my mind a couple of days ago!

I was watching back to back to back episodes of one Anthony Bourdain's travel shows and it struck me how interested I was in some places and totally uninterested in others and that got me to really thinking about how I feel connection to some places....

One such place I've been intensely interested in is Africa's Great Rift Valley for both reasons of feeling a powerful connection drawing me to it but also because I'm kinda a paleo and archaeology buff...so I went there and lived with a indigenous tribe for a month...long story but incredibly spiritual trip for me......the energy was very powerful there!

I gotta run right now but I'll definitely be back to this thread to expand on this conversation....
I'm pretty sure my last words will be "Hey y'all....watch this!!

I'm living on "tropical standard time"!!!

Yes I Am a Pirate! 200 years too late....the cannons don't thunder...there's nothing to plunder...I'm an over 40 victim of fate!
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Old 10-12-2016, 02:47 AM
Snow Goose Snow Goose is offline
Join Date: Nov 2016
Posts: 506
Hi Bubbles, I'm new to the forum

Yes I have definately felt this. I have a strong connection to Spannish culture and felt very at home while visiting around the Barcelona area. Tried other parts of Spain but didn't feel the connection. Would like to visit Northern Spain to see how it feels but its a little harder to travel to.

Also I'm Scottish and never felt any connection to my home town, lived there for 30 years but always felt like an outsider. I moved to Northern Scotland more than a year ago and have never felt such a stong connection to an area not even Spain. It was very interesting, lots of syncronicities brought me to this area. Have never felt at home before, feel I have lived here all my life.

I have no idea where these feelings come from some people say maybe a past life some say its from historic genetic link but I really have no idea all I can say is that im opening myself up to a more magical way of living and this area im now in has definately got a more magical feeling about it.

What has been your experience?
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Old 10-12-2016, 05:21 AM
Bubbles235 Bubbles235 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
Posts: 193
  Bubbles235's Avatar
Yes, I really relate to both of you :)
Because I have always loved asia and I want to travel there a lot. Also, im interested in some middle eastern countries. Whenever I see the old architecture in these countries, I just feel a really nostalgic feeling. However, I don't feel connected to Europe for some reason. And I don't feel much connection with my hometown. I have always wanted to move somewhere else.
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Old 10-12-2016, 10:11 AM
Xanny Xanny is offline
Join Date: Nov 2016
Posts: 56
I feel that way about England, Turkey and Easter Island (Easter Island is a big one for me, actually.) I even feel that way about certain periods of time in US History (if I've been reincarnated, I don't doubt that I've lived many lives in the US) There are places that I love and I want to visit, but they don't give me the same sort of.. nostalgic feeling I guess
"For there to be beauty of face, clarity of speech, benevolence and firmness of character, shadow is as needful as light. They are not opponents: they stand, rather, lovingly hand in hand, and when light disappears, shadow slips away after it."
Friedrich Nietzsche
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Old 10-12-2016, 03:13 PM
The Taoist The Taoist is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 332
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Hello Bubbles325:

Your energies...caught my eye...or..rather..there was a strong energetic connection therefore...I will offer a brief interaction here.

And that...the primary reason that you are experiencing this experience where you feel certain 'connections' to specific areas of the planet is because...you have lived in these areas and are...remembering this as a type of....'residual Soul memory effect'.

What I immediately see and feel is that...you have very strong planetary connections with the area known as...Persia...or now known as.....Iran.
Where one of your life experiences was...that of a dancing girl to the Prince or King's family.

And that...you have had many experiences in the area of old Mesopotamia...especially the area of what is known as...ancient Sumer...and that...you were also in the area and with a group known as...the Essences...which is derived from the word...”ESSENCE”....meaning...Divine Source.

And that..you were a teacher of wisdom and held a position of great value in...keeping the secrets of that highly spiritual community..which also appears to be a similar pathway/lifetime in Sumer and also in....Babylon.

Now...it is also seen that..you have had many, many lifetimes in......
Jordan...Lebanon....and Syria......and also in....the area known as....Alexandria. Where you are seen as a male priest of hidden magic or knowledge.

Also...there are quite intense lifetimes in...Thailand...and also in Siam.

There appears to be lifetimes in....Malaysia...as a female...and also as a male Nobleman in the Kings' political positions.

And I can also see you in the area of.....Peru...and in the area now known as...Median. As..I am also seeing the area of Columbia.

Also...the city of....Cusco is seen as a valuable learning lifetime. As much wisdom and great sharing of spiritual insight was offered to those whom you interact with and..that....there is seen...you..as a male individual ..old and wise beyond your years.....living a life of solitary wandering...but also...sharing your wisdom with others whom you would meet on your pathways of contemplation & learning.

A type of...wandering shaman..so to speak.

What is seen as most experienced is...those areas known as...Israel...Syria
…..and upper areas of Egypt (Luxor and the King's valley area) and also....”Libya”...which appears to be quite painful experiences and therefore..is seen as...a place that you would not wish to reconnect with as...there has been much pain and suffering and sadness in that area of Libya...specifically.

Mainly it is seen that...you were experiencing many, many lifetimes as..a..slave...and also as...a peasant..barely living off the scraps that you found in the streets or whatever other's would give to you..as you are seen as...having no home or food or others to rely on...therefore, it is seen that..you had struggled greatly in that area...those lifetimes in Libya..and there is no desire to ...'re-live' those energies again.

Also..it is seen that you have lived many lifetimes in that area known as.....Cambodia and Laos...where it is seen that you are...many times......a woman or...many lifetimes as a female....who was surviving....barely...and struggling to learn how to....be...SELF-INDEPENDENT OR SELF SUFFICIENT.

And it is also seen that you were responsible for many, many children..or that..you had many kids of your own....that needed constant attention and nurturing...which took immense amount of energy and courage and strength of Will...to continue that particular pathway of learning...as ALL pathways are about ...LESSONS OF LEARNING....and VALUE FULFILLMENT.

The Peru lifetimes appear as....much learning in the area of....gathering the community together into a form of....structure and strength of ONE voice and....helping others learn how to...be of...ONE MIND...ONE SOUL....ONE SPIRIT...and in that way...there was greater awareness and empowerment and..greater understanding of each and everyone;s own personal sense of.....CONNECTION TO ALL...TO THE DIVINE ONE AND ALL.

Also...there appears to e many lifetimes in that area now known as....Bangladesh...and also....Burma....or...Myanmar.

And also...some very Spiritual lifetimes in...Lower western..Australia...around the time of...986 B.C....as you are seen as a male medicine man (very skinny and wrinkled dark brown skin) or shaman...who was teaching the ways of the higher realms of spirituality.

I hope this has helped you a little...in understanding your greater connections to this planet and its peoples and....your soul purpose here.

I wish you success and harmony in your present learning lessons and wish you a happy and fulfilling Holiday season...my friend.

In Light & Joy Taoist
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Old 12-12-2016, 05:06 PM
Lucky 1 Lucky 1 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2016
Location: Texas Gulf Coast
Posts: 1,944
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Notice about the next post in this thread!

Hi everyone!

A few folks here know about my trip to the Great Rift Valley and have asked to hear about.

A few years ago I made a journey to Africa's Great Rift Valley.....After several months of working with the consulates in Dimma and Addis Abba Ethiopia....I found a aboriginal group willing to give me a spot in there village.

This trip was many things for me...I have been intensely interested in paleo-archaeology for many years...I'm a history nut...and also a "sensitive" to local energy...what I call "sensitive to the energy of places" and what old time woodsman and mountain men used to call "feeling a bump" when some place they were at made them feel weird or made the hair on there neck stand up for no apparent reason...

The Great Rift Valley has a connection to mankind like no other on earth and I'd wanted to feel what that area feels like for more than 20 years....explore life with the locals and learn about there spiritual beliefs (pretty much animist much like North American tribes)

So it was a trip about that and walking the footsteps of our most distant ancestors and the fact that I have lead a paleo lifesytle and diet for decades...so it was also a hunting trip and here's where the warning comes

I hunted with the men of the village and hunt with a traditional recurve bow not a rifle....this story contains a lot about the life of the people and the Great Rift Valley... but there will also be descriptions of the hunt.....

If you are one of the vegans on this board.....If you are offend by this....my suggestion is just read NO FURTHER!

I am clearly not a vegetarian or vegan and neither are the aboriginal tribesman I stayed with....but I am respectful of other peoples lifestyles and spiritual beliefs and would not for instance...go into the vegan forums and make insulting comments....so please keep that in mind here if you decide to keep reading.

The story is long and will take a while for me to tell it in away that "takes you to that place" and does both the place and the people there justice.
I'm pretty sure my last words will be "Hey y'all....watch this!!

I'm living on "tropical standard time"!!!

Yes I Am a Pirate! 200 years too late....the cannons don't thunder...there's nothing to plunder...I'm an over 40 victim of fate!
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Old 12-12-2016, 05:08 PM
Lucky 1 Lucky 1 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2016
Location: Texas Gulf Coast
Posts: 1,944
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The Sacred Hunt...a spiritual journey into man kinds past.

Africa's Great Rift Valley

Cutting a deep jagged line right through the middle of Ethiopia on the eastern side of Africa…..it is here that scientists say that around 200,000 years ago, a powerful new competitor showed up on the ecological scene…..a new predator that made its mark not by being larger of body or having bigger claws or sharper fangs but instead armed with something even more dangerous; the largest most powerful brain ever seen in the animal kingdom.……Homo Sapiens.

Sporting an erect carriage and remarkable hands with opposable thumbs… and an omnivorous digestive system capable of turning just about any animal or vegetable it came across into food; it was like no other animal the world had ever seen.

Paleo archeologists and DNA researchers have proven with out a doubt that modern humans originated from a single location in Africa’s Great Rift Valley.

For the first 125,000 years or so, mankind made its home here, slowly extending his range north and south….then….disaster!

The fossil DNA record shows that about 70,000 years ago the human population….never very large…..suddenly dropped precipitously!

Why? Nobody knows. A lethal new disease our immune system couldn’t handle? Perhaps natural disasters like an earthquake or volcanic activity in the Rift Valley? It is after all a rent in the earth’s crusts where two tectonic plates meet.

Whatever caused the human population to plummet, the result is that our species was at one point numbered just 41 woman of childbearing age.

41 females of childbearing age in the entire world…those few girls would fit on a city bus and yet they were all that stood between us…and extinction!

DNA researchers tell us that today there are only 41 different distinct genetic lines of humans… meaning that every single man, woman and child white, black or brown alive today owes there genetic heritage to those 41 surviving woman.

Every human being alive can trace their deep genetic ancestry to a primordial forest in Ethiopia….70, 000 years ago……..

And so here I sit on a promontory rock overlooking the Awash river and the lake it drains into…. Sweating in the equatorial sun, I am slathered head to toe in Bullfrog 100 sun block and a double dose of insect repellent.

I can feel the energy of this place. It is a quite and subtle energy yet it flows through everything….the valley, the river, the mountains, the people and animals that live here…. the very dirt I stand on!

Sitting here cross legged for…well I don’t know how long….30 minutes…and hour? Just sitting and taking it in. The sights, the smells, the sounds of the jungle.

I feel that energy and the hair on my neck stands up because I know…I can feel it waaay down deep in that primitive lizard hind brain we all have from the time our species clawed its way from the primordial ooze that this is it!
This is where “we” come from….This is the “hot bed cradle of man”….and I’m right in the middle of it!

The Sacred hunt……
Oct 11th, 2013, Addis Abba airport, Ethiopia

The Great Rift Valley……I’ve wanted to go there for years…walk the trails through the primordial forests….meditate and feel the ancient energy of this place….. And hunt the animals that our earliest ancestors’ survived on.

There are many commercial hunting concessions in Africa. They cater to the wealthy who want to mostly ride around in a jeep with a high powered rifle…stay in a fancy lodge with nice beds and air conditioning after a hot day out in the bush and eat 5 star meals prepared by a great chef.

And I take nothing away from that and do not denigrate those who hunt that way…..For hunting Africa is hard no matter how you do it.
Dangerous and hard….

But my hunt would be different…..no fancy hunting lodge…no professional hunter backing me up with an expensive English made double rifle waiting to save my bacon if I get in trouble…..and believe me…its easy to get in trouble here!

Mine would be different because my hunting trip to the Great Rift Valley was as much spiritual quest as a hunting trip…..and instead of a rifle….I was bringing a single Recurve bow….my intention was to find a village willing to take me in for 3 to 4 weeks…to live with the tribe….help with chores…be one with them….and hunt the paths that humans have hunted since we came on the scene 200,000 years ago.

Having found a tribe through much back and forth with the consulates in Addis Abba and Dimma the last 6 months…..I travel out of the capital city by overland truck into the jungle with my bow in it’s hard case, another hard case filled with arrows, broad heads ,assorted archery gear and wearing a single large backpack loaded with minimum needs for 3 to 4 weeks living with a tribe in the jungle, a sleeping bag and sleeping bag ground cushion and a “just bought” 10X12 wall tent ordered from Cabelas.

After being dropped off at the village…the greetings begin….Aside from one local who travels to the city and knows passable English….I don’t speak there language…and they don’t speak mine.

To be continued as time allows.......
I'm pretty sure my last words will be "Hey y'all....watch this!!

I'm living on "tropical standard time"!!!

Yes I Am a Pirate! 200 years too late....the cannons don't thunder...there's nothing to plunder...I'm an over 40 victim of fate!
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Old 12-12-2016, 05:16 PM
SecretDreams333 SecretDreams333 is offline
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for me it did I had lived there in a past life other was I would go there later and could feel this comming sort of
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Old 12-12-2016, 06:19 PM
SerpentSun SerpentSun is offline
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Ozarks/Shawnee Hills, United States
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Oh wow Ethiopia! :) I find it strange that some folks DON'T feel a connection to that place. Deep in my heart, I feel like that equatorial sun, as well as those great volcanoes where the Earth bleeds liquid fire, played a major role in the evolution of our species. We are the only animal known to wield the element of fire.

If it weren't for the ridiculous airport "security" these days, or the risk of being crippled in a plane crash, I would love to journey to the Great Rift Valley. I'd really love to travel the whole world by foot and boat. Start in Argentina, journey up north through the Amazon, Central America, and North America, sail from Alaska to Siberia....

Then I'd probably visit Japan if their laws weren't so strict. Wander through North Asia and Europe, probably avoiding the colder northern reaches, and then lingering in both the Middle East and the Great Rift Valley. I strongly prefer warm weather. After exploring the whole of Africa, I'd head back east and go through south Asia and onto Australia. NOT climbing Everest though. Then I'd sail across the Pacifc, back to South America, visiting islands along the way. Hopefully surviving the adventure and returning safely to the Ozarks.

But that's extremely unlikely haha. I have people to take care of here at home, a pilgrimage like that would take forever, and I'm to little and cute to survive it. The world isn't as nice as back in the old days. But I remember it though; lately I'll just be going about my daily routine, and I'll have a brief memory of being back in the desert. A LONG time ago.

Or maybe not too long. Humans have been around for dozens of thousands of years, and I only remember back to about 2500 BC or 5000 BC. Or at least they certainly feel like memories. Bronze Age, somewhere near the Dead Sea, and I think I was a male blacksmith who travelled a bit. I might've also dabbled in alchemy.
Trigger Warning: I am neither FDA Approved nor USDA Certified. Certain subject matter is prohibited by federal law; I'm a good girl, so please don't publicly discuss such things with me. Privately message me if you'd like to ask personal questions.

My advice may contain words known in the state of California to offend people. Attempt any activities I discuss at your own risk. I ask odd questions and give answers you won't want to hear. Come to me as a last resort.
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