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Old 01-05-2007, 06:45 AM
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Smile Namaste & A Brief History Of SF!

Namaste & A Brief History Of SF

Hi members of the forum,

This is basically my goodbye message. After some deliberation, I have decided to step down as an Administrator and leave this forum. I can think of no better place than to post such a message than here in the News & Announcements section.

This is a pretty big thing for me since I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at SF since first joining last year. I would like to think that I have made some very good contributions to the forum both as a member and a staff member. Myself and the rest of the staff have set up a lot of sections that had not been there before. We all enjoy those very same sections now!

Anyhow, I originally joined the forum; my first spiritual forum, because I felt that this was somewhere that I could discuss my views as well as gain much knowledge and information from much wiser members and in this, I am very glad I joined for I have learnt much.

I became the first moderator of the forum under devolution's administration because due to the lack of staff, the forum was a slight eyesore in that there were many double, triple threads even as well as many double posts. So my first task was to clean all that up which I believe I have done a good job of since finding such posts and threads is a rareity now.

As an active moderator, it soon become apparent due to debates between members that another moderator would be needed and so the wonderful, very down-to-earth member known as daisy took up that role. Between us, I would say that we just about managed to do our jobs as peacekeepers!

Still, there was something lacking due to the sheer amount of work we had ahead of us and so it was that tiltjlp offered his assistance in helping me and daisy to keep an eye on things. John (tiltjlp) became SF's first Helper and shortly after, a full administrator.

Under John's administration, the amount of members signing up to this forum, IMO, has tripled. This is a good thing. More than that, John also had the Staff Rooms 'constructed' which allowed myself, daisy and John to bring far more organisation to the smooth running of SF. Not that it was always smooth of course yet we did not allow that to affect our decision-making with regards to forum matters.

Anyway, it was around this time that devolution changed the format of SF to allow the links to be installed on the left plus the nature-reminiscint background, which, well, made SF more easy on the eyes so to speak...

It was not long after this that myself and daisy became super moderators and a number of regular and very wise members become moderators. In hindsight, this decision would serve us VERY well. Firstly, due to the sheer amount of new forum members there was plenty for us Staff to discuss and make decisions on but secondly, LOL, it would not be too long before our forum would become a target of another forum...


Most of you will have been members by the time these Discordians made themselves known. As far as the Staff knows, a couple of these Discordians who followed parody religions (or do they? It is inherent in the Discordian nature to play mind games and create chaos!) were already members here at SF presumably to scout the forum out and play a game of undercover catch-me-if-you-can...

Not that we actually knew of them until the first wave hit the forum! Anyhow, when they did hit, they hit hard. First, they made as many of themselves as members and come under the false pretence that they were here for serious discussion.

Anyway, John being the insightful rogue he is, immediately saw through their game and we began to ban as many of them as we could. However, eventually, all the staff had to log off...hey we have got lives you know!!!

Not too long after, I was back online, since I love SF and lo and behold, the first 'attack' waves were starting. So, guess what? I then spent the next 8 - 9 hours removing threads, deleting, editing and banning these clowns who were posting all kinds of incredibly BAD!!! stuff and when I say BAD, I mean exactly that. 8-9 hours! Lol, my greatest hour...or 8 or 9

Anyway, thankfully and I would swear there but that would be just plain silly, reinforcements arrived in the shape of Moonflower, John and the rest of the SF Staff and then it was THEM who spent the next day doing exactly the same! Those people are to be congratulated and shown the greatest respect! Ah, for the love of SF

Well, anyway, in the end and to cut a LONG story short, we ended up banning about 60 of these members. They went home to their Discordian forum where they no doubt talked about how all awesome they were at being Discordians and in this land of a thousand words, we just kept on saving the day

So, anyway, I became an Administrator and everyone else rightly became Super Moderators. Apart from daisy...who in my opinion...should become the NEXT administrator. She is awesome


Now then, oh yes, as this is a 'goodbye' thread , I have a lot of thanks to give out. In fact, I do not know where to start which isn't strictly true as I will start by saying:

Thank you daisy for helping me in my mediumship and thank you to all those members I read for.

Also, thank you to John and all of the SF Staff, you have all been truly wonderful in your endeavours! Without everybody's efforts when the Discordians landed, the forum would have fell.

Special thanks also has to go to the following members for their much enjoyed company and enlightened discussion:

daisy, chi chi, chadley, enlightener, dreamer, tiltjlp, mother goose, moonflower, whisperer, chadley, TzuJanLi, dream angel, nickmellor33, Ascended Master, bodylisious32, angel, El Barto, Bob23, Octarine, cweiters, angelicious, neetikamath, Glorymist, Michelle, ljepotica, makoorakoo, Lapis, Lazuli, Jaycee, OceanWaves19161, Earthskyes, BLAIR2BE, auricman, mikron, GoldChord, Light Mage, rose, e-ma, devolution, Katara, imageimaginer, DASA, lumas, Angels444, pounamu, jeremy67, developing1, Saranda and everybody else here at SF who have made it such a vibrant and warm place!!!

Seriously, collectively, I cannot believe just how much I have learnt from everybody here at SF; it has been absolutely amazing and a complete and utter pleasure!


Well, for a start, the only reason I became a moderator was to tidy up the place and that was it. Now, though, the forum has a truly wonderful staff in place due to John's initiative in that area and I truly feel that my work is done at this forum! We have a large membership and our members are diverse in their lives, nationalities and beliefs but unified through their discussions of wisdom It is truly wonderful!

Also, there are now other places which I can attend to in much the same manner as I have here. I can only say that being here at this forum has been a JOY!

Finally, I will not be leaving immediately. I have a couple of things to sort out here still...

Once again, thank you all for everything, it has been an experience...

By the way, I hope you enjoyed the short narrative of SF's history as I have viewed it...and as they say, NAMASTE!


Last edited by kundalini : 01-05-2007 at 07:04 AM.
Old 01-05-2007, 07:05 AM
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Hey K

Sorry to hear you are leaving you will be greatly missed but we know when the time is right to move on & to move on in whatever direction you are headed I am sure your decision is right for you personally & above all we are people first with our own agenda..

However I must add a great post & the longest I have ever known you make yet LOL!!!

Great respect to you & the best of everything that you so rightly deserve.

Love & Light Moonflower x
Old 01-05-2007, 07:11 AM
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Hi Moonflower, thank you very much for your comments! :)

You know something, it IS the longest post I have made and I think that is the reason I forgot to CLOSE the thread! I'm thinking I could get in trouble with the administration for this...LOL.

I've been so very, very good for all this time too!

I have great admiration for you Moonflower, especially through that Discordian thing. Seriously, that was really something...

Old 01-05-2007, 07:14 AM
Michelle Michelle is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Nottinghamshire
Posts: 196

I must say I am so sorry to hear you will be leaving although I can understand what you are saying I feel you have been one of the biggest inspirations here for me and without all your help and advice I don't think I would have come as far as I have, so for that I can't say thank you enough

It has been a great pleasure to know you and I can only hope you will still visit here from time to time to let us all know how you are getting on

I wish you all the very best in whatever your future holds.

Lots of love and very best wishes
Take care
Michelle xxxxxxxxxxxxx
If Reincarnation is a fact, it is we who will inherit the earth and it will be us who have to sort out tomorrow the problems we create today.
Old 01-05-2007, 07:17 AM
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Aw thanks Michelle, I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed our discussions about books, crystals and the like; they have been very pleasurable chats! I too wish you the best of good luck for the future.


Old 01-05-2007, 07:32 AM
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for all your hard work I thank you. May your path lead you on to greater accomplishments I truely believe in you. Take what thy will on thy travels and if you ever need any help were all here for you.

namaste my friend and a gentle farewell. Its been an honor.

love and blessings to all
Old 01-05-2007, 08:03 AM
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Yo K,

Sorry to hear you're leaving, but life is a series of paths, and you have to follow whichever path feels right. Thanks for your help and advice these past six months.

Old 01-05-2007, 08:16 AM
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Hi Makoorakoo,

Thank you for your comments and I have just got say here that I really appreciate your many posts here at SF! You have a way of putting certain things that make me laugh greatly and your good humour is very noticeable! Good stuff! Thank you.

Hi John,

I just want to say thanks for your comments and for making me an Administrator in the first place. I would like to think that we have made a pretty good team and done a really good job too. As for the help and advice; that's a two-way thing. I really appreciate it, thank you, K.
Old 01-05-2007, 09:10 AM
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Oh I am shocked to see this thread Kundalini but I respect your reasons, and I wish you well in your new endeavours. I know, more than anything else just recently, that you just have to go with the flow and see where it takes you - although I hope you'll still be visiting us & making the odd post or two in the future!

I have personally learnt a great deal from you, and always appreciate what you have to share with all of us - and you set a fantastic example for a moderator/administrator that I could never hope to match! You have a very calming influence, for one thing...

So, all the very best from me!

(Oh, and how come you got so many emoticons in one post? Thought we were rationed with those....? LOL)

Love Jay xx
Old 01-05-2007, 09:24 AM
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Hi Jaycee,

I have a confession...I bent (not broke them! lol!) the rules and you have now exposed me for doing that! Seriously, how could I have made it a very good GOODBYE thread without being able to express properly just how much the forum has meant to me and all of the people on it!? LOL!

Anyway, thank you for your great comments. It's really nice to receive these thank you messages and I have to say Jaycee, I have been a little disappointed that you have been unable to post as much recently. That's not your fault but I have really enjoyed some of your threads - such as the medium circle ones and the like - really enjoyable stuff! As for fantastic examples, I truly believe all of the staff set one; including yourself!

Again, thank you, K.
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