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Originally Posted by MysticalShaman
yeah she was, she went to see them in rome too i think or london, can't remember and he pick out he boyfriends sister, but it's mad how he keeps being drawn to her circle. She decided to do something to by going to those concerts and getting as close to the front as possible, yeno?

honestly, it you are to be together you'll bump into your idol in a coffee shop, or perhaps you'll end up dating someone who works in the industry and by chance you happen to attend the same event as your idol and whambamthankyou mam the magic takes place :)

i hope your life is filled with beauty and joy and of happiness :)


That is exactly how I got to know him. My friend started dating his group member, someone who is his brother to him since they've worked together for so long.

I wasn't really looking to meet him...or any of them and when they had a concert in my city my best friend and his group mate were in such a HUGE fight that they didn't meet up. And even so...we ended up meeting face to face for the first time. It just so happened that he was staying at the hotel RIGHT IN FRONT of the Starbucks I go to when I'm in that area.

My other friend was a big fan of them. I liked them too so we decided to get tickets though by the time I was convinced I should go the only tickets available were the nosebleed tickets where there was no POSSIBLE WAY you could even hope they saw even your neon shirt if you had one.

Anyway, in from of his hotel was a HUGE group of fans waiting for him so I was curious. Low and behold, I got this weird feeling and made my way to the front and not even a minute later his car turned the corner and he got out. Right in front of me. And he got out and we made eye contact. It was such an intense feeling...that I really couldn't handle it. And there were so many fans that I didn't have I made believe it didn't. I'm regretting my decision at the moment though
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