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In some discussions, say Phillip K **** or Chalmers, the likelihood we're in a matrix is about 20%; I think that's about right.

If we fast forward 20 years, human connectivity and neural translation would be the main barriers to a true VR; ala the machines 2390 (Matrix) I have no doubt we'll get their as the MIC will invest heavily in helmets and protocols to train their future soldiers safely and realistically.

I do think it's a matter of time if it hasn't already happened. We could be functioning in a geothermal-powered supercomputer projecting the world we see based on an asteroid strike making the surface uninhabitable for some time. It certainly would be a way to perpetuate the species and knowledge capacity of humanity so long as the projections could be physically realistic (silicon wafers and cutting your finger with a piece of glass.

When I pass from this corporeal form, the first question I will ask is "Was this a 'Total Recall' experience or a physical existence as understood by the Greeks. Who knows!
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