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When we first met, in that first split second, I felt my world turn upside down. I remember it so well, every detail pin sharp in my mind. Never have I felt anything so profound. It was so real, but so enigmatic. I felt like I'd known you forever, I felt like I was exhaling.

I can't be sure if you felt the same, but you had a look on your face then that I've seen sometimes since in moments of intimacy we've shared. We lock eyes, and you get that look, and we fall away into a different place. It's fleeting and subtle but also the most obvious thing in the world.

There's electricity between us in these moments, a deep, unknowable connection. It can't just be in my head. I feel like others have noticed it. I feel like it's everywhere around us when we're together, an open secret. In those moments we cannot hide from ourselves, not matter how hard we try.

We're so different but I can't get enough of you. It's not sexual, well sometimes it is, but it's more than that, it's a bigger feeling. I can't explain any of this clearly. It's more like a sexual attraction to your soul, that's the only way I can describe it.

I know how crazy this sounds. I wish, more than anything, that we could talk about all of this. But how would I start? How can I express this? I can't find the words, words aren't enough. It feels bigger than love, but I don't know how that's possible.