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Book1 Do not read if you want to keep the myth alive

I have knowledge of two myths. I am going to explain the myths to you but if you read them, the myth will be forever gone from you and you will be left instead with the knowledge.

So, if you want the knowledge keep reading. If you want the myth, keep contemplating on your own until you figure them out for yourself.


~ pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and a sasquatch ~

Pot of Gold

One perfect summer day in July a new acquaintance took me to a religious / spiritual sort of place that has camping and trails or whatever. It was super sunny and warm with clear skies. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a torrent of rain came crashing down and so my friend and I turned to leave. The moment I turned around I saw that A RAINBOW was right straight directly in front of me! It was incredible. I took a step forward and was then standing directly IN this rainbow. Naturally, like an idiot, I began looking around for the pot of gold.

And, I found it.

Yes, it's real. Yes, it exists!

There I stood inside the rainbow when I began looking all around for the pot of gold. I looked forward, I looked to my right and to the left, I looked up and behind me until BAM! THERE IT WAS! I FOUND IT!

Did YOU find it? Where else do you need to look? Look down, at the very end of the 🌈 where it rests directly upon the 🌎

The earth itself is the pot of gold.

And yes, this unleashes a leprechaun. After I had this unique experience I found myself possessed by a real leprechaun spirit. I went around to strangers telling them I would pay them $5 to tell me my name. I spoke in a leprechaun voice and was baffled and perturbed by this involuntary behavior.

No more myth.


This is another VERY REAL phenomenon with a simple explanation. Once you learn the facts, there's no going back.

Have you ever heard the phrase "do you have a hair across your a$$" or "he's / she's got a hair across his / her a$$"?

I grew up hearing that phrase but was perplexed by it as it did not make any sense to me at all. That was until my loose hairs, a whole lot of them, began to really annoy and aggravate me (because I'm so sensitive, I can feel the slightest sensation of a loose hair anywhere). It eventually occurred to me that having a hair across one's a$$ meant that they were annoyed and aggravated and thereby, not very pleasant to be around.

SO unpleasant, in fact, that if someone is just COVERED in hairs, they're so badly aggravated that they have to leave civilized society to go live in the woods alone by themselves where they will not be bothered and annoyed anymore.

And that's a sasquatch. And they're real creatures who happen to be real people who are driven out of life / driven out of the world because of extreme factors.

Ain't that sad?

And people go looking for sasquatches, hunting them, like children in a fairy tale never really knowing the truth. Man, that's so sad.

I can also tell you about flat earth.

People who believe in a flat earth do not know that they do not have the right definition of the word flat. Flat means lacking in vitality, such as flat soda. Or flat in affect (emotion). A flat earth is a dull place lacking in vitality.

I hope you aren't mad at me and won't hate me. I didn't do anything wrong. Plus, I cautioned you that the myths would come to an end.

And now you've got the knowledge.

Don't shoot the messenger. Thanks.
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