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01-08-2011, 01:52 AM
i just remembered something that occured a few years ago, while i lived with two friends in their new house. its an old house, and the moment i walked in the door, it had a different feeling. the house was old and backed onto the river valley. the bathroom had quotes from people throught the years that wrote on the walls, there was little space left that didnt have something written on it. some were quoting famous people, and others were from the person who wrote them on the wall in first person. after moving in, the lights in the kitchen would always turn themselves off, and the breaker in the basement wouldnt change, so it wasnt overloaded or anything. one day we were all in the kitchen and one of them came upstairs and said i have to see this, he turned the computer off and you could still hear old music, very faint in the speakers, like 1930's music. we were baffled, so we unplugged the computer from the wall, and the music was still playing. we went upstairs and a few minutes later a picture on the wall, behind the computer fell on the floor and was quite loud. we went beck downstairs and took the picture off the floor, and on the back of it the string was still completely intact, and the hook was still on the wall, and was the type that you have to lift the picture up a cm to get it off. we put it back on the hook and went upstairs. talking in the kitchen, the female roomate said they were talking about painting the bathroom and covering up all the quotes. and thats when this all started, apparantly the computer thing had happeded before, i was just never home. so they decided not to paint the bathroom and i moved out shortly thereafter, and dont know if theres been further activity since. they later found out that the previous owner lived in the house for more than 50 years, and when she passed away, her ashes were dispersed in the back yard. she was the head person in the cities musical theatre program, and the writing on the bathroom walls were her friends and family from years and years of visiting. the computer thing was unbelievable to me.

03-08-2011, 02:05 AM
Student4Life1975 - I really felt your story as I lived in a very old house for 16 years that gave me countless kinds of experiences such as what you spoke of over and over. Your picture coming off the wall reminded me of when I was home during the day one day and a picture simply popped off the wall. When I inspected it the nail was intact and the wire was still of the back, like your experience. Because of all the other experiences, such as doors slamming shut on their own, cold chills, electronic equipment turning on and off, foul smells in certain locations and voices coming through the TV and intercom together one evening that sent my dog running for the back door - I knew the picture popping off the wall was no coincidence. I indeed had some spirits that did not want to leave this old house. One previous owner was killed in a war and I often suspected that he came back to the house and was upset to find that his family had sold it to another family as it had never changed family hands until we bought it. I could go on and on, but just wanted to acknowledge your post and say I'm on board with you 100%. What you experienced was more than likely the spirit activity of the previous owner from what it sounds like. Interesting for sure. Thanks for sharing.


04-08-2011, 06:20 PM
I can totally believe the computer experience. I get a lot of paranormal activity in my house. A few weeks ago I was woken at 4 a.m. by the speakers in my bedroom suddenly blasting out some unknown radio station or tv channel. How the naffing heck this was possible, when the freeview box connected to it was switched OFF, so shouldn't have been capable of transmitting, is beyond me. It completely baffled me!