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  1. Chatting with my laptop
  2. Swimming with my ipod nano......
  3. Sorry devolution.
  4. MY phone rings all the time
  5. Kenetic energy?
  6. lightbulbs are always busting in this house
  7. Electricity?
  8. telephone
  9. wierd cell thing
  10. Excellent EVP Experience
  11. Hearing spirit voice - white noise recording
  12. Of the Internet and Intelligence
  13. Television sets...do they harm spirituatity
  14. Telephone communication to no one
  15. What is going on here?
  17. DRV clarity/method
  18. If spirit is an energy?
  19. Why reversed?
  20. spirit or fluke?
  21. Odd lightbulb behaviour?
  22. Telephone interference? Ear issues?
  23. Was this a spirit?
  24. small success with my custom device
  25. Remember the white noise ghost calls?
  26. phone calls from the dead
  27. Whiie noise
  28. My dad has an EMF Meter [K2]?
  29. 3am phone call
  30. Ipod
  31. Do anyone know of any good spiritual aps?
  32. voice last night.
  33. General EVP techniques
  34. new to ghosting hunting? question
  35. scary house!
  36. Energy Flow
  37. new tech(for spirits)
  38. Word of advice for evps
  39. Lightbulbs brightening when I look at them
  40. Video of orb after asking to show itself
  41. Help with issue and sorry I wasn't sure where else to put this
  42. Magic at Midnight !
  43. Article in Psychic News about Electronic Communication
  44. candle giving of a blue beam is this normal?
  45. Ghost Radar
  46. My home is falling apart!!
  47. Having a hard time obtaining an EVP
  48. Are cemeteries really that bad of a choice for EVPs and ghosthunting??
  49. Curious about EVP
  50. communication.
  51. Candle flame interacting with bulb
  52. Many different EVP's-What do u think is said?
  53. I got an EVP
  54. Can you have Same EVP on Different Recorders?
  55. iPad sending me a message
  56. my stuff breaking
  57. Television
  58. Text messages
  59. Analysis my recording
  60. Class A EVP
  61. Anagram Candlelit Numerology with Records
  62. I set my fire off in my sleep.
  63. Name in songs
  64. EVPs Obtained Since 2011
  65. Cybernatural Occurrence
  66. weird...toy
  67. What is the best/safest way to conduct EVP's?
  68. Caught Demonic voices.
  69. Electronic Voice Phenomena (Scole Experiment)
  70. Car SatNav turns itself on
  71. Spirit Voice Box iPhone/Android App
  72. parallel universe?
  73. Collapse of the parallel universe
  74. Orbs
  75. Shadows in pictures
  76. Spirit Box
  77. Have you been lied to by spirits?
  78. Echovox
  79. Need opinions on voice captured on video
  80. EVP.....
  81. Gaurdian Spirits
  82. spirit voice recorders
  83. Post your own EVP! share evp and give feedback!
  84. ouija board style
  85. Does this ever happen to you?
  86. Telephone hypnosis - saving a copy here because they deleted it from wikipedia
  87. Power line bug connection with dirty electricity?
  88. EVP Locations
  89. EVP?
  90. Spirits Seaking Through Music
  91. am i talking to satan? plz read
  92. "Talking" Ouija Board
  93. What is this sound coming over my cell phone?
  94. Ghost box
  95. music thru white noise anyone else get this?
  97. telepathy messages
  98. windows 7
  99. What do you think is the best way...
  100. Feedback needed regarding a new website project!
  101. Never seem to hear clear voices..
  102. My Spirit Box Progress
  103. Spirit/Ghost Box?
  104. Spirit Box Advice for new users
  105. :-) Recording scanning radio on Utube.
  106. Utube manual scanning radio
  107. Randomized sound bank channeling. Edward Kelley
  108. My old phone calling my new phone
  109. Code Download
  110. Rules Copy and Paste - Commercial Links
  111. isochronic tones
  112. Art Bell Calling: You're about to be abducted by aliens?
  113. Structured Light Sensing
  114. My P-SB7 Spirit Box Sessions
  115. Sleep talking software
  116. Electronic Spiritual Attack
  117. Forming Tulpas using Electronics as signs
  118. getting lots of action
  119. crazy echovox session
  120. ghost/box and EVP's protection before you do it
  121. My audio recordings
  122. Clearest Spirit Box session EVER!
  123. I recieved a message consisting of a cross. but I dont know what it means
  124. Kinda Urgent: Somethings imposing my friend on steam trying to convince me its him.
  125. Calling Earth - ITC Documentary
  126. A Treat For You All
  127. (question)Random voice during song
  128. Screaming through dead phone
  129. Strange noise when spirit is speaking into Evp
  130. My Descent into the Maelstrom of Voices
  131. 3G Phones vs Iphones
  132. Evp using smartphone..is it possible???
  133. Spirit Box Authenticity
  134. Hi can anyone tell what is the shape of the God...............
  135. spiritbox
  136. Electronics were used
  137. any electronic device will work
  138. Evp
  139. Favorite Ghost Hunting Apps?
  140. Extremely low frequency towers - Mind control
  141. Ghost Communication Apps
  142. Caused A Betting Machine To Give Me Money
  143. Apple iPhones
  144. Spirit connecting through iPod and wireless headphones?
  145. Spirit connecting through iPod and wireless headphones?
  146. Can you hear my EVPs (recorded spirit voices)?
  147. Phone going off out of nowhere
  148. Ghostcom app
  149. Spirit box question
  150. EVP Question
  151. Same woman voice at different times at different locations,am/fm
  152. Possible entity attachment?
  153. What sort of spiritual entity has access to technology?
  154. Electronic devices turning on and off, malfunctioning,street likes acting funny..
  155. black eyes in pictures.
  156. EVP Ghost Box Hardware Vs Apps
  157. Subliminal music
  158. hi
  159. noise of a cordless phone about to die on cell phone and laptop
  160. Telepathy
  161. EMF Detector
  162. EVP Reversed
  163. is it possible for a ghost to speak through a speaker?