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20-06-2011, 09:29 PM
I was on a cycling weekend with my husband. I was not going to go as my dog recently had orthopedic surgery. Last minute I worked out a way I could half my time away from home and managed to meet my husband in Niagara Falls, at the hotel our group was going to be at.

At 3am -exactly- early Sunday morning (which happened to be Father's day) my cell phone rang. It was a call from my Home (I have the cell programmed to play a particular tune and show a photo when someone calls me on it). Nothing unusual, except my husband and I were in Niagara Falls and not at home.

My mother has an apartment in my home. It has a seperate phone line. Mother came to live with us when my father passed away in 2009...up until then the dog lived with them, and the dog and my father were beloved to each other.

After the 3am phone call, I phoned my house back thinking something was up, no answer. Then I tried my mother's line, and she picked up. She hadn't phoned me. Either she is fibbing, motive uncertain, or perhaps dad reached out on this significant day, Father's day, at a time when we are all concerned about and focussed on his dog. But perhaps he also read my tribute post to him on another forum, who knows.

And another thing I observed to do with the loss of my job. I was worried, and I stopped my car and said a word to my dad asking for guidance. Next day his friend called, came by and mentioned he was thinking about kpartnering with someone. Synchronicity. THAT didn't work out, but months later, my mom had a dream where dad was standing in the doorway and he said that "something big was coming my way"...the next day I had a job interview with a big bank, a job I've recently landed. And then there's this: Mom has been woken out of her sleep hearing dad's voice, shouting her name.

I do not feel that dad is around, but I can say that I am open to believing that he hasn't just "gone away". Seems Dad uses opportnities to reach out to us. Where is he to do be doing this? Is this our imagination? My "feeling" is there is still a bond to him that is still alive.

I would like to hear from anyone who has had legitimate contacts like this.

Miss Hepburn
20-06-2011, 10:27 PM
All I can say is, of course it was your dad :smile:
Apparently according to many mediums electricity is similar to their 'frequency' - they can flicker lights easily, ring phones, make static on the TV.

Pastor Charles Stanley was saved from electrocution when the phone rang - and no one was there. Ha!

My sis was in trouble with my dad's car sliding on ice into a ditch sideways ---when his audible voice in her head said - in words she doesn't even use ----"Gun it... don't let it come to a stop!"
And she got out of the ditch on a dark country central NY road.
:wink: Happens all the time.