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Old 05-10-2010, 12:37 AM
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Devas, elementals and nature spirits.

Love yourself...

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Old 05-10-2010, 12:55 AM
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: USA
Posts: 11,111
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In respect, I will start with the history of Pan before I get into the elementals. Pan is a nature being, an Italian cultural Faun. He has the horns of a goat and hindquarter legs and the upper body of a man. Nature spirits helps trees and trees help nature spirits. His mother is a wood nymph and some say his father is Zeus and some say it is Hermes. But who knows and so anyways, the Greek word pan means all; however his name derived form the word pa-on, which means herdsman. So Pan has all knowledge of the earth and the elementals that reside on it, just as any ruler should. Through out history, pan is best known to make a lot of sexual moves on a lot of female elementals. In fact, the musical instrument he plays was created when he turned a nymph into reeds by a water bank. The sound of the air inspired him to create his musical instrument that he proudly plays in her honor. He calls it a Syrinx after her name. After several failed attempts with other nymphs, he found his calling with the maenads and mated with them all and finally found his undying loyalty with one of them. Needless to read, but fun to the imagination, Pan is a very sexual entity. Okay perv, focus.

Once upon a time in the human world there was a German physician in the sixteenth century by the name of Paracelsus. He was familiar with the elemental world and formulated names to describe the true personifications of each elemental. All elementals are true to their form, meaning the never are masked and thereby follow the blueprint of a divine life.

ALL of us humans and elementals and angels awaken and evolve on their own personal spark while traveling on the serpent of the rainbow.

Water to fire to air to earth is the elemental “stages” of creation. Elementals are known to be the builders of form. Naturally, they increase in size as they evolve into the creation of the cosmos. ALL individual elemental creation has its own life force. As elementals evolve, it cycles and grows in mass. As humans evolve, our energy field (aura) increases. As I said, the earth is a live entity and as it evolved in space-time of the physical, the elemental creators of the earth (us included) evolved with it in the form of body elementals. We are beasts of the earth. We are the conduits of the spiritual sparkling energy that the earth produces. God created man from the dirt, its true and one day our bodies will become rocks.

As our energy rises from the ignorance of space-time to cosmic consciousness, communication with the elementals will become more common. The purpose of the elements is to create the now-ness of heaven on earth. When a human finds this restoration to be his purpose, the elements will communicate with you.

From the get go, elementals formed a hive like mind and created what is known as a nature spirit or as the Persians call them, Devas. Devas are in their pure form a brilliant light in any shape that inhabits the earth. They are the ruler of one of the four elemental kingdoms. Devas have instinctual knowledge that can be obtained in the astral realm via open vortexes of cosmic energy. Devas are a conduit for energies of the cosmos to the earth. If you come across one, watch for the moon for they are sensitive to its influence. A full moon represents protection and a new moon is transparency.

They remember their entire existence and learn from their mistakes as they move along. They are in the process of obtaining a human form. In space-time, they evolve into future generations. All humans evolve from the elemental kingdoms. I am fire.

Elementals are lower in class and reside with in Devas. There are many elementals in each Deva and there are many elementals that are not part of any Deva. These elementals are either ascending to create a Deva or they are souls evaporating into elementals and then into nothingness. This is the cycle of life. Elementals will appear in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as fairies and giants. With a lot of energy, they can appear in a three dimensional form, but usually they may appear flat because they reside in a two dimensional world.

Deva planes make up the octaves of pitch that blends harmonically with the each other through minute communications. These minute communications are called secondary elementals, which are the blending of two or more of the different elements. This creates the element of time, which holds the power and free will to allow travel for the elementals as they wish. They have the ability to stop time, speed it up or slow down as they sees fit in accordance with the laws of balance. This allows for the elementals to bi, tri-locate and so on.

This “element” of time allows for travel of the four basic elementals by means of a tare. This tare is the gateway for shamans so they can travel to other dimensions. You see, the shaman has ascended and has communication with nature spirits, the pure form of the elemental, but travel must be done in the shamans pure spirit form. Many people have tried to manipulate the Devas and elementals by physical practices, you know them as mad scientists, wizards or magicians. They are the arhimaic pulse that tries to conjure up ways to create portals through physical technology or rituals of bad intentions, so far their intelligence is futile. Our bodies would deform beyond living means if we tried to travel through the dimensions of space-time. Duh!

The shaman can communicate with Celestial-nature spirits. They maintain the connection between the divine and the physical. Xenocrates says that it is mans choice to acknowledge the elements. It is true. He also says that fire Diva’s is planetary spirits. A shaman will identify them in the shape of a circle and according to the element, the element may or may not cause severe pain to the observer due to the great energy of the creature, says the research I have come across.

Since we are on the sacred Mother Earth, we might as well start with the creatures in this element first. Keep in mind that elementals are subjugated to human thought, where Devas are not. Earth elementals are the most adaptable seeing as how they are from here and naturally there are more descendants of this plane than any other. As an object of great mass, the earth elementals are the most powerful, but evolve the slowest, just as mankind does. They are the cycles of stones and minerals on and inside the earth. They move around just as food moves through our digestive system, creating gas leaks, the runs and recycled stones of pooh. On earth it would be earthquakes and volcanoes.

The earth represents an abundance of feminine strength that has stability. It is our foundation. They represent the practical matters of the physical life.

With will and energy on the part of both elemental and man, they can appear to humans via the senses and being especially strong with the sense of touch. Sometimes they will transform from a rock to appearing as humans with no heads. I recently had a dream of seeing two bodies with out a head, earth elementals. In my dream they were experimenting with these two bodies. Life goes on…in the search of my primitive “Pan” being. Each elemental corresponds to colors.

“Color is the place where our mind and the universe meet each other.”

Paul CÚzanne

The earth’s colors are black and brown. Brown stands for stability, protection and healing of your household and those who live in it, including animals. The energies of brown help solidify your relationships by enabling you to stand firm in your decisions in all areas of life. And when you lose your watch, it is the energy of this color that will help you find it.

Black entities are of the underworld. They are not evil; they do quite the opposite by repelling and banishing evil from around you. They help those who are addicted to lose their addictions by opening up their deepest unconscious levels of the mind.

Corresponding to the Tibetan direction of the south comes forth their ruler, the Gnomes. In Greek their name means knowledge. Gnomes live inside the earth and posses an inner sense of metals. Some of them reside in the forest. They have clarity that gives them a clear conscious. This allows for immediate knowledge through the senses. Gnomes think that we humans are dumb. We are, we pollute and we are greedy. Naturally in protection of the earth, this makes them cautious of us, but they will communicate with trusted souls who are interested in healing the earth. Their job is to take care of minerals and the roots of plants. They also assist lowly developed animals in spiritual matters.

Under the ruling of the Gnomes are the Giants. They live in the mountains and in the world’s oldest forests. Their size is said to fit the description of their name. They are least intelligent earth elementals, which allows for a touchy and dangerous nature. Since they do not understand much, they fear humans and smells. On the plus side, they are into touch with sound. They find it pleasure able. It is said they are the easiest to see, but personally they only lived in my imagination as a child. I would lie in my bed at night and imagine huge giants that would easily step over the mountains. These thoughts freaked me out so bad that I would dream of them. So I just quit thinking about them.

There are earth elementals that the Greeks called dryads. The nourish plants. Hamadryads are tree spirits. Each tree has a soul that dies when that tree dies. The druids believed that humans descended from tree spirits. Each one having its own magic qualities for each is a letter of the alphabet of God. Each tree spirit is attached to the tree, but can travel as far as the aura of the tree in which it lives.

“All plants are our brothers and sisters. They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them.”

Arapaho tribe.

I had the pleasure of meeting one once in a dream. I walked up to the tree in the backyard of where I currently live. I looked at the tree and noticed a black silhouette of a man in the tree. As I approached, he came out from his sitting position and stood before me.

I said to him, “The land is beautiful.”

He replied, “The last one to survive receives all this beauty.”

The next day I went out to that old tree and noticed a huge mushroom on its trunk. So I bent down and touched it. As my fingers came in contact with the mushroom, the still air was no longer, for an air elemental in the form of a semi- strong wind came from the west and blew by me. I felt peace. I feel honor to have the knowledge of the wonderful world of elementals.

Keeping in line with the subject of trees; in the story of the Garden of Eden, it was the old apple tree that held the wisdom of love and healing in the fall into matter. The apple tree is the earliest cultivated tree. So it stands to reason that the Seraphim’s plant totem is an apple tree. I am not sure what the tree in the back yard is, but I can tell ya that it has been here awhile.

Dwarfs are the precious metals such as gold. They prefer isolation, but will emerge in order to heal. Base metals are ruled by the goblins.

Genies are the guardians of the earth. They show up for assistance when some one is in the spirit of unconditional love and happiness.

Kobolds are smaller than gnomes who help around the house. They have a playful and friendly demeanor, but are cautious of us humans.

Higher in intelligence is the mountain Devas. This is what Dad and I more than likely saw. I haven’t quite figured this one out yet. The pure essence of the Earth Goddess expressed as highly developed nature spirits who steady and maintain the earth. Due to their channeling through rock, their consciousness is so deeply rooted that they are almost as divided from their source as we humans are. In a past culture, this Deva domain has been known as She kina, the feminine spirit of creation who heals over evil influences. A.K.A. the Holy Spirit.

People who are born from the earth elemental have great memories of historical events, but have a tendency to remain stuck in the past when dealing with their own history. They have a literal understanding of their environment that helps them in the skilled fields of farming, carpentry, tradesmen or arts and crafts workers. They are usually stressed out people due to their stubbornness and possessiveness. This keeps them in a state of dullness that makes them melancholic, gloomy and lazy. Their greatest failing is pride. On the plus side, all of these negative personality traits endow them with practicality and great endurance. This wisdom allows them the quality to teach others through their failures and have stillness of mind.

Moving onto the Tibetan direction of the east, resides the water elementals. In Latin, their name means wave. Their ruler is the undine. They are those funny looking creatures I saw in my dream. They have the longest memory of all the elementals. Since they are the ruler of all the elementals by being the oldest, they too can pass through matter. As they do this, they take care of plants and vegetation.

They have a serious perception of life; yet still maintain a joyful nature. Their level of understanding is inductive and psychological, which keeps their consciousness in a knowing wisdom. They are helpful to humans by expressing how water relates to the emotions. They give us the ability to carry on through our moral troubles. I am grateful to have met them in my dream where they revealed the effects of my being and assisted the seraphim and cherubim angels who planted the seeds of healing with in me.

“Angels come when people change what is in themselves.” Qu’ran, 13:11.

People born of the water element have a phlegmatic temperament. They are cold and undemonstrative; however, they always are full of opinions. By not expressing their opinions, they are usually moody, depressed and try to remain indifferent. By bottling all of them selves inside, it is hatred that usually does them in.

Water people usually work in the fields of psychology, artistry or the clergymen. Even though they keep themselves so distant, they do feel very connected to their fellow mankind’s negativity. When they overcome their disabilities, they become great visionaries who make wonderful healers.

Under this same domain of the elementals are the nymphs who reside in the mountains or forests and are near streams. They regulate the flow of the water in the Earths crust and are knowledgeable in the chemistry of plants. They waters they inhabit can be turned into a healing place, especially for the fish. Ironically they have a morbid death wish for themselves. They mostly live in the dream state and like to perceive themselves as fish in their dreaming.

Then there are nixies that live near rivers, springs, lakes and marshes. They love dance and music. If you are not careful, they can ensnare you into their world of enchantment and if you by chance escape, you will find that millenniums of years have past. Their understanding of time gives them the gift of prophecy, which they will pass on to humans. On their dark side, you will drown in their presence.

Their colors are blue, green, silver, gray and turquoise. Blue gives protection during astral travel. It protects and guides you by giving you the sense of tranquility and peace. Blue represents loyalty, prophecy, and of course healing.

Green is Mother Nature’ prime color. She represents fertility, regeneration, abundant harvests through the virtues of sharing and security.

Silver is closely related to the dreamy moon Goddess. The moon bestows intuition, emotional stability and physic abilities. It is associated with the cycles of life and death.

Gray emits neutralizing energy. When the dark rises, gray influences the situation by erasing or canceling the event.

Turquoise is a mixture of yellow and green. It is the color of the Aquarian age, which renews our originality and strengthens our humanity. It brings about technical inventions.

From the Tibetan direction of the north come the air elementals. Their head honcho is the Sylphs. In the Greek language, their name means butterfly. They move and direct the air with the high vibration and transfer light to plants. Sylphs are believed to stem from the sidhe. The sidhe are the winged rulers of the great dreaming. They are better known as storm Devas. They are the controllers of the weather and they reside on the highest mountaintops where the earth’s energy is at its strongest. Their appearance is that of a tall human with feathered wings coming out of their backs. They have large eyes and angular facial features. For the most part they are loners and rarely get involved with humans, unless of course you respect the being of Mother Nature. Once they make friends with you, they are loyal for life and they will prove their honor to you by protecting you while you protect others.

Air elementals associated with the analytical intelligent mind that functions best by methods of deduction. They have a great imagination that pushes them to dare, to test their allegorical theories. They are pure thought, but can be flighty with a poor memory.

Their colors are blue, white and yellow. The color blue here brings out the qualities of understanding life through devotion. It also holds honor and justice as you come to understand who you are.

White divinely purifies, as you know. It purifies your lower self into the wisdom of your highest self. It brings an inspiring inner peace that seeks the truth. It gives protection while using clairvoyant abilities.

Yellow (my favorite color) is the energy of speaking and writing abilities acquired by having a clear mind that allows for great focus and memory. Yellow brings the emotion of joy and positive affirmations and visualizations. Deities under this color are known for their knowledge in their magical travels and for trade.

Under the Sylphs are fairies that are related to the elves. Fairies are pure magic and are most wise, even the elves recognize this fact. They are very interested in protecting humans who are magical like them.

In the non-magical everyday workforce, you will find air folk working as scientists, lawyers, politicians or serving in the military. These jobs allow for their optimistic and excitable natures. This high level of energy can make them thoughtless of others and gullible onto themselves. They may become over critical and judgmental of those of which they do not relate to, which leads to unpleasant boasting of them selves. Their greatest down falling is envy. When they are balanced, their sanguine natures allows for discrimination between good and evil, so they can heal those or the area around them.

And last but not least comes the fire elementals from the Tibetan direction of the west. Their consciousness is always in a state of the strongest will and they have a great creative process in which they turn their ideas into reality and express them in a dialectic fashion. They can transform matter into light.

Fire being light, they have the intent for therapeutic spiritual healing. Their methods are anagogical, meaning that they have an elevated mind to things celestial and can express them with spiritual meaning in the application of words and imagery.

Their colors are red, orange, gold, pink, and purple. Red represents deities of passion, sexuality and love. They are independent and assertive. They have great and courageous energy that gives them the will power to assert themselves in situations that require speed and strength.

Orange pertains to attracting luck and fortune. This color stimulates kindness and encouragement that leads to success of business goals and legal matters.

Gold is a worldly power. It is the color of absolute authority and self-confidence.

Elemental pink is no other than the soft and tenderness of love that can heal your inner child.

Purple is associated with all the powers of the psionic mind. It is the color of spirituality and the Gods.

The fire elementals Deva is called the Salamander, which in Greek means fireplace. They are spirits of inspiration and they radiate light that is associated with enlightenment. In ancient times, they were referred to as muses. Their state of matter is energy. They are the mediators between the angelic world and the physical. Their best quality is being a protector for they carry strong faith.

The logic of mankind says they reside in volcanoes and in the center of the earth. It is here they maintain the destiny of the earth. In actuality, fire elementals are everywhere, but they are the hardest to see. When you do see one, it is their reflection that you will see in a fiery form that seems to float in the air or moves like a serpent. They also can be recognized by the sensations of unusual warm spots. Some say they are banned from the earth due to their ambitious destructive behavior that comes from the fact that they are the strongest and most powerful elemental. This is why you only see their projected reflection. Even though they are so powerful, man easily controls them. When in mans control they are known as Djinn. In essence, since man is trying to manipulate the elemental for personal gain, this makes them evil. Evil that turns to Hades for guidance. Only evil possess a hierarchy for they do not know equality. If you cannot control your Djinn, it will control you. So evil beware.

Fire elementals are known to be lovers of music. They can beneficial to humans who have an impersonal tranquility. They can improve circulation, regulate your temperature, detoxify your body of toxins and stabilize your metabolism. Since they are the most difficult to attune to, they can stimulate ones spiritual ideals and perceptions. Life ever is easy.

People born of the fire element carry the same choleric traits as the element itself. Carrying the vices of pride, jealousy and anger, but it is passion that is usually their failing. Of course they have the opposing virtue, which enables them to remain focused on creating their future. In life they usually become explorers, inventors, entrepreneurs or even just the average factory worker.

According to Tibetan Monks, the fire elementals symbolic animal is the dragon. In the elemental kingdom, dragons are used as a reservoir for the elementals and angels to draw energy from. Their energy gives the power to heal and it gives psychic powers. The dragon not only possesses the fire elemental but the other three as well, but unfortunately the dragon is low in intelligence.

Now the dragon is the fire elemental totem, where as the seraphim’s angel totem is the snake. It is a snake that is associated with Lucifer in the Garden of Eden. I have always pictured a garden snake, how about you? What snake did you envision at the garden?
Love yourself...

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Very cool post! Thanks a lot Gracey. I enjoyed reading it, tremendously.
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