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Old 11-04-2012, 02:59 AM
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I have a few secs to get few words i. that quote was only half of what was actualy a question to inspire thought. I am sorry i offended you though it wasnt a statement and i am glad you joined in. i am so sorry for your loss and it is for nice people like you that i raised this concern. i wish that we were born with a manual so that i could assure you that your stepdad is fine but i really have no idea personally what the truth is in regard to the afterlife. I would say that based on my observation that there i life after death and i believe he is doing just fine.
May i ask you if you follow a religion and what the afterlife is like for you?

Sorry gotta run again but ill be back.
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Old 11-04-2012, 04:10 AM
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I didn't really think you meant that as a statement, because I really do understand the compassion you displayed in your original post. Mainly, I just wanted to show that there was another perspective to consider when making comments such as that. So I wasn't quite as offended, as I was saddened by it. But then again, the entire topic is one that elicits a sad emotion.

I can't really say that I follow any particular religion, even though I was raised a First Southern Baptist. Mostly I just let my heart guide me as best as it can. But, I'm also a psychic medium and have been participating in helping lost souls cross over into the Light for quite some time now. So, I am well aware of there being an afterlife. But, I'm also aware that not all souls go into the Light right after they die. And it isn't because they are not welcomed into the Light, it's because of the state of mind that soul is in. Too many souls wind up believing that they're not good enough to go to Heaven/into the Light. But that is simply not the case.

I've seen and experienced way too many things in the spirit world to not believe in an afterlife, or in a "Heaven", even if Heaven is just going into the Light. And for the most part, "Hell" is what each lost soul makes it to be in their own mind. Though I will admit that some experience Hell far worse then others do. And those are the ones that I try my hardest to help free.
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Old 11-04-2012, 06:00 AM
Dragonfly1 Dragonfly1 is offline
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Anyone that would encourage another to suicide is sick in the head in my humble opinion. We all may think we are spiritual and think we 'know' things, and some might actually know... but.. at the end of the day, it does NOT give any one of us the right to give such 'wrong' advice to any vulnerable soul who ventures here, and there are very many who do come here...it is no ones right in any way shape or form to encourage 'life ending' for any reason....and I agree with Res, banning should be what happens to those that think they can go down this path... YOU are not God and you have no right.
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Old 11-04-2012, 11:04 AM
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Hello Dragonfly1

Thanks for the reply trieah. I have a bit more time to explain myself now im home. I too have had personal experiences with mediums and my own mediumship and too have been for the most part convinced by what i have experienced that there is consciousness after death.

Being me i think the brain is a very complex piece of brilliance which we dont fully use or understand. It is because of this that i have to question how much of what i personally experienced was internal input as opposed to external input or a mixture of both. I believe that the gateway to spirit consciousness is through the sub conscious mind and being that it also stores memories coupled with the imagination of the conscious mind i cant personally believe everything i see or experience 100% to make a declaration that I what I experienced is 100% truth and put it out there as fact. This applies to myself as a seeker of truth and i in no way am judging anyone elses abilities. I dont see my self as an authority on these matters or anything, infact i have never felt further from knowing the truth than i do right now.

It scares me that some try justify and encourage destructive behaviour while not knowing the 100% facts of what the consequences will be, spiritually and in a human sense.

Please donít think that my words have any reference to you in a negative way trieah. The fact is that I really feel for you and your family for your loss. I also feel for your step dad and if the beings that exist beyond our human reality are as enlightened as I believe them to be they are in a position to make fair judgement being that they can see the difference between someone that is innocently and genuinely taunted by irrational thoughts verses someone that has yet to appreciate how much of a gift they have had bestowed upon them by being given THE EXPERIENCE OF LIFE.
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Old 11-04-2012, 11:49 AM
Mind's Eye
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It doesn't surprise me that the new spirituality would stoop so low as to encourage suicide... After all, to them there is no truth, no God, no good, no evil... Everything is just one big illusion to them and they are accountable to no one.
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Old 11-04-2012, 01:40 PM
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I have a hard time understanding why death is a thing to be afraid of, it is but only another part of life. It is so one sided to just consider suicide as a wrong thing (and that helps no one), when the truth is for some it might be the right thing. I would never encourage anyone to do it (or not), because that is not my job. But no one shall ever tell me it is wrong if I feel it is the right path for me, because who are they to act god over me? Instead of fear, we should encourage people to follow what path is right for them... what ever that path turns out to be. Let enlightment be our truth instead of fear.
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Old 11-04-2012, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by res
I feel compelled to raise this issue in regard to people that will encourage accidental suicide. Meaning people that encourage others to take risks to better their chances at dieing sooner in hopes of returning to gods loving arms and this place called heaven where people skip everywhere they go around eating cotton candy and giving out hugs when you arrive at the pearly gates.

I have seen people encouraging this within these forums which reminds of a certain groups that encourage people to carry bombs into public places in some sort of sacrificial rite that will ensure their entry back in to gods house and carry out gods apocaliptic vision.

Do people actually realise that they are advising someones mother/ father, sister or brother, son or daughter? what if it turns out it is their own son ,daughter or mother or father that they encourage to take risks and succeed. Do they consider the persons age, mental health and responsibilities to the children that have been brought in to this world by them? I think not and i feel that a line should be drawn and that people that encourage suicide in any form should be banned from associating with what could be minors and unbalanced persons maybe even you own family in these forums.

They say that the greatest deciet that ever was, was the devil convincing the world that he didnt exist. If he did exist no one would follow him toward evil and rather he would lead you toward a lie. Could these people that lead others toward merrygo rounds and lollie pops handed out by supermodels with wings in the heavens be acting on evils behalf and the real deciet is that there is no heaven for those that have the slightest intention of taking their own life or maybe no heaven at all.

What actions can we take as responsible adults to protect the impressionable innocent souls on this site against people that will assist them in certain tragedy. Especially in this forum on death and the afterlife?

Do any moderators or admin have any suggestions? Is there a duty of care?

Do any of you fellow SF-ers have any suggestions?
I have had the same fears for a while I think to many people are hooked on the fantasy and not the Reality of death. Possibly a lot of EMO children replying also. or possibly people who have mental health problems themselves. I am afraid I don't see a way to screen these or teach people a more delicate way of handling these situations. I would recommend possibly a suicide thread and information like the suicide hotline-health and family resources and encouragement
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Old 11-04-2012, 07:02 PM
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Suicide isn't so bad, give it a chance.

Thinking about suicide but you're not sure if it's the right thing to do? Here are some tips to help you decide whether or not killing yourself is a good choice:

1. Do you live at home but your parents are always making you clean your room and do your homework? It's a sure sign that they don't love you and that they want you to kill yourself. Why else would they make you clean your room? What are they going to do next, ground you? Make you wear braces? Don't kid yourself, the message is clear.

2. If you just got out of a bad relationship and you feel like things are never going to get better; you're right. Everyone knows that suicide is the only option, stop procrastinating. Look on the bright side, at least your ex will feel guilty for a couple of minutes--but don't count on it.

3. Depressed? Don't have any friends? I guess nobody told you, but being depressed and feeling lonely isn't normal. Everyone else is happy, and has lots of friends so there must be something wrong with you. Put the prozac away, what you need is rat poison.

4. Spill a drink at a party? Drop a plate of food in a restaurant? Nobody else has to live with that kind of embarrassment; you know what you have to do.

5. Flunked out of college? Don't know algebra? Here's a question you should know the answer to: Flunked out of college + Don't know algebra = Time for _____. Chances are you still don't know the answer, so here's a hint: it starts with an 's' and ends in 'uicide'.

6. Traffic jam? Sometimes bad luck isn't a coincidence. Do you really want to sit in traffic for another half hour? Look on the bright side, if you're a viking you'll be going to Valhalla. Then again, you're probably not, but eternal damnation in hell is probably the next best thing.

7. Telemarketers keep calling? It's easier to hang yourself than to get rid of a telemarketer, am I wrong? If you're lucky, Home Depot might be having a sale on rope. After all, you don't want to die letting people think you weren't frugal.

8. Flu? You realize that there's no cure for the flu, right? Well, no cure that doesn't involve painting the wall with your brains.

9. Flat tire? Do I have to spell it out for you?

10. College application get rejected? Take the hint.

Hope you found this guide helpful, mention it in your suicide note. On second thought, why bother? Nobody will read it.

Suicide is the lowest easiest way out and frankly I have no respect for those who encourage a person to take there own life.
they will Never eat cake again.
They will never feel the brush of a kitten up against there skin.
they will never smell a rose.
they will never eat chocolate or Italian food.
they will never have sex again.
they will never feel like what it is to be loved or to love again.
they will never sit in the tall grass or own another Puppy.
they will never worship or be worshiped by a mate.
List goes on and on. Encouragng suicide is never a good idea if you wanna be weak and commit suicide go for it. But telling others to is just plain wrong. I dont care what your views are of suicide are I just believe we should be helping people in there spiritual delopment and not assisting in there deaths,.
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Old 11-04-2012, 11:48 PM
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Thats a great idea occultist. it would be great if suicide/life ending had its own sub heading fo threads. a sticky at the top with general contact info would be a great way for people to get the right advice. thanks
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Old 12-04-2012, 10:18 AM
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Occultist I would have loved to see you write something enlightened on this subject instead of mainly projecting your own fears in an unhealthy way.

If we talk about things that are wrong, we should rather talk about people who let their own fears keep others from moving forward on their path. Suicide is not lower than any other form of death. The easiest path to end in a self made state of hell, is dying if you are not ready to die and people who keep burying others in their own fear is only helping to push that individual closer towards ending in a self made state of hell. So let us talk about "what is" instead of all this unjust fear and try to help people find their true path and inner beauty.

I know that a lot of you want to help but posting your fears in a way that inspires fear in others is not helping at all. It is only doing harm to those who need help. So stop posting those harmful posts and start healing the fear that is blocking your own path.
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