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Old 24-09-2022, 01:07 PM
Hemera Hemera is offline
Join Date: Nov 2016
Posts: 301
David Icke

What are people's thoughts on him?

I've just started listening to a few of his talks so I don't hold much of a view yet. I know he's become very popular but also had some pretty weird ideas. Is it a case of taking some of what he says as valuable but disregarding the rest? Can any of what he says be trusted?
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Old 24-09-2022, 01:45 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Southwest, USA
Posts: 23,704
  Miss Hepburn's Avatar
I like him so far. Could he say something I disagree with...maybe, but so what.
“All you can do everyday, is do what you believe is right. That's what I do, and what will be, will be.”
― David Icke

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru.

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Old 24-09-2022, 02:01 PM
hazada guess hazada guess is offline
Join Date: May 2022
Posts: 479
I Watch David Icke, in fact I'm going to have a browse at his website when I've finished browsing on here.
I think he exaggerates a lot, (Don't forget, he wants to make money), but his total mindset is to the point.
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Old 26-09-2022, 02:46 PM
Hemera Hemera is offline
Join Date: Nov 2016
Posts: 301
Thank you both. I accidently posted this in the wrong forum - I meant for it to be in general beliefs - but glad you found it!

I like some of his ideas, not all. I joined a Facebook group the other day based on him but very promptly left because I was totally shocked by some of the belief systems held by many people on there.

I think some of his ideas hold water but not all.
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Old 27-09-2022, 06:28 AM
hazada guess hazada guess is offline
Join Date: May 2022
Posts: 479
True Hemera.He's not always right.
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Old 28-09-2022, 03:04 PM
Hemera Hemera is offline
Join Date: Nov 2016
Posts: 301
It's the stuff about the Royal family I find hard to swallow and a lot of people have some pretty weird ideas around this.

I believe he had a genuine experience and was called to the path, plus can see beyond a lot of illusion.

But yes, I don't think he is always right.
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Old 28-09-2022, 04:56 PM
iamthat iamthat is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Golden Bay, New Zealand
Posts: 3,432
I have many of David Icke's books and I went to two or three of his talks in the UK back in the 1990s. So I like him, and he is undoubtedly sincere.

Do I always trust his research? No. Do I always trust his conclusions? No.

But he does raise a lot of valid questions which demand answers.

When I saw him in Manchester in the 1990s he spoke about the royal family. He said he would really rather avoid the subject because it was too strange and he had had enough of people laughing at him. But various people had contacted him to tell him about their experiences, and he could not simply ignore what they were saying. He actually covered it rather well.

His ideas are worth reading, but then make up your own mind.

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Old 28-09-2022, 06:48 PM
hazada guess hazada guess is offline
Join Date: May 2022
Posts: 479
Hemera..........Don't let anyone influence you, make your own judgements, (But I do respect iamthat Lol).
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Old 29-09-2022, 03:40 AM
Apakhana Akshobhya Apakhana Akshobhya is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 536
  Apakhana Akshobhya's Avatar
I used to think he was speaking in symbolism to get around media censorship, etc... I can see where he'd conclude some crazy things based on his own understandings but then again, I've experienced insane things too, I just don't talk about them.

Who cares though. There are teachers and then there are story-tellers. I say go find people you recognize as teachers who can instruct you practically and not say "here's a hundred ideas that wont really get you anywhere." I can't speak for Icke, I don't know what he actually teaches as far as practices.
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Old 17-02-2023, 04:12 PM
Found Goat Found Goat is offline
Join Date: Mar 2019
Posts: 178
Whenever the term conspiracy theories is used, David Icke is often the first name that comes to the minds of most people. His name is even recognized among the Blue Pill People, who only know of him as the guy who thinks the British royal family are a bunch of shapeshifting Reptilians. This is unfortunate, as Icke is one of the better 'dot-connectors' out there when he sticks to the world map, and has done a lot of good in standing up for the freedom of humanity, and in opposition to the power elite and their benighted agendas. Still, to this day, after several years of following his work, I do not entirely know what to make of him myself, with many a more grounded conspiracy theorist and alt-media personality questioning of Icke's sincerity and ultimate motivations, as well.

There are those who think Icke may be a paid disinformant, being used as an intelligence asset to muddy the waters of the conspiracy subculture, with his talk of shapeshifting aliens and what-not, as a means of making all serious researchers into conspiracies appear foolish in the minds of the public. Then you have those who regard Icke as a sincere researcher but who feel he may be an oblivious mind-control victim, part of a program designed to discredit the more plausible theories of his conspiratorial worldview. A third camp consists of certain Christians (a la the extensive critique that author/podcaster Chris White has done on him), who consider Icke a spiritually dangerous New Age guru of sorts, if not a crypto-Luciferian, leading people down the garden path and away from Christ, with his metaphysical neo-Gnostic philosophy which they say echoes what the Devil told Eve as recorded at Genesis 3:4.

Admittedly, David Icke's previous work, prior to his becoming a 'dot-connector,' reads like something straight out of the pages of occultist Alice Bailey or flaky Shirley MacLaine. These early years are referred to as David Icke's 'turquoise period,' back when he used to wear colorful jogging suits and first appeared on the scene speaking only of warm-and-fuzzy spirituality. This was at a time when he was said to have been in contact with a spirit entity named Rakorski, an Ascended Master. Personally, I disregard all of this early material of Icke's and am only interested in what he has to say with regard to this world, of which he is generally spot-on about, in my opinion.

Granted, I don't agree with everything he says as a conspiracy researcher, but these differences are few and mere trivialities in the grand scheme of things. For example, his book on 9/11 (The Trigger) reads to me in large part as an anti-Israel diatribe, which I find quite off-putting, disagreeing with him as I also do that Zionists were ultimately responsible for 9/11. Icke also goes on about this thing he calls 'Noahide,' in which he thinks high-ranking Jews want to enslave the world via their imposing of Judaic religious laws upon the rest of us. To me this is utter nonsense (especially when compared to the number of those who want to impose Sharia!), and if there's one thing that makes me seriously question this man's sanity and character, it's this. Never mind that 'Noahide' contradicts his own teaching that a diabolic cabal whom he calls 'Sabbatians' -- who are not Jews, he stresses -- rule the world. Answer me this: How can you have a non-Jewish satanic cabal as well as a tiny group of high-ranking religious Jewish leaders into strict adherence to the Mosaic Law both being your ultimate bogeyman, or even working in cahoots?

Regardless of this, I like David Icke and consider the greater part of the terrestrial-centered part of his message as more than deserving of one's attention. Indeed, how can you not like a man who speaks out against Satanism, SRA, pedophilia, Hollywood, Big Tech censorship, transhumanism, virtual reality, political correctness, woke ideology, technocracy, mandatory vaccines and the quasi-religion of manmade climate change?

Nevertheless, David Icke would not be the first conspiracy researcher I'd recommend to, say, normies, with my reasons for this based on what's been said hereinabove. One must learn to use discernment when entering the worldview of this man from the Isle of Wight, which I don't think anyone new to the rabbit hole has at the outset of their journey.

Instead, the work of either (the late) Jim Marrs or John Hamer (co-author of the prodigious Welcome To The Masquerade, among other excellent titles) would be just two names among several others I could recommend, to anyone unfamiliar with yet interested in learning about the conspiratorial world, with knowledge gleaned from researchers with a much more grounded, thus accessible, perspective.
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