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Old 14-01-2023, 10:44 AM
Aknaton Aknaton is offline
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I saw the Dantiens

I recently had an experience with the three dantiens. I was projecting into my subtle body and then I saw it becoming translucent and there were these three orbs in the head, chest and belly which I instantly recognized as the three main dantiens. I saw how "I" as personalised consciousness is able to occupy & take control my subtle body through these three main organs. It's sort of like when water comes onto a cloth and it gets wet, that water being personalised consciousness ("I") and the cloth being the particular body whether gross, causal, astral or whatever. When we move from gross body to subtle body, we sort of evaporate from the gross body and condense into the subtle body. I would only assume that this is the way we also get to the causal body from either the gross or subtle ones. Like how crude oil is purified into finer derivative products. I was able to enter into the subtle body and participate in my life in that plane.

The upper dantian is the base where personalised consciousness assumes intellectual reasoning, thought & intuition. The "I" is subjective yet its thoughts are objective until it chooses to identify with them, you know, when "I" takes things personally, lol. When the portal in this dantien is opened or the knot is loosed, we experience the formless witness behind the senses who is the eye inside the mind, who is basically I/you - personalised consciousness, I AM, so on and so fort. It is capable of peace, equanimity and the flow of visions, intellectual-intuitions, trance, projecting into any plane provided the other two dantiens are awakened too.

The middle dantien is the place where "I" experiences feelings and emotional thoughts & intuitions. When the portal here is unlocked or the knot loosed, a flood of emotional love and interconnectedness flows in, and we are able to feel the connection among all things, that there is only one. This is where we experience the divine spark as the source of intuitive communications and oness, because its nature is oness & divinity. When "I" takes this divine spark personally, we our initial thought, memory and impression (all illusions and passing smoke) of "I" is dissolved and we realise that there is no "I", but rather this divine spark. If our divine spark isn't resurrected, then what we perceive is that there is no "I" or no self. But when the divine spark is activated, we perceive that the "I" we thought was us is an illusion and there is our truer "I" hidden within us; when that lotus blooms and its petals fall off, and the divinity sitting in the lotus expresses itself without hindrance, that's the real you!

The lower dantien is the place where consciousness is empowered, where energy is received and control over all the systems of the body occurs. We as subjective consciousness can operate our bodies via this centre. When the portal is open or the knot loosed, a flood of energy flows in (provided we know and have a source) and powers our subtle body systems, and we are able to use our subtle & causal body talents and abilities. When most people astral project using sleep based methods or meditation, they simply trick their biological system to release some energy to us to use in the astral world, but this energy supply isn't enough; prana in the blood is basically geared to make the physical body function & survive. When the subtle body starts to receive energy (from a source you know & can tap from), we can then operate with our subtle & causal body at will because it now has its own energy source. And just like our energy source spills over to the subtle, the vice versa happens and you don't have to return to a tired body. This energy source in the belly is what energises one's subtle & causal talents and abilities to operate in any of these three or more planes. When a preacher heals a lame person, he uses this energy. When a yogi materialises lingas or ash, he uses this energy. When Lu Bing flies throigh the sky, he uses this energy as gas.

There are of course other subtle organs, but these three are the main ones that encapsulate consciousness if that's the word. Our whole system must work together, there is no higher or lower chakra. There is no higher or lower dantian. There is difference with the self-inquiry of finding out who you are essentially and the path of shakti, I like to say one is differential equations and the other is integral, all a part of calculus. This is how holistic spirituality has to be.
Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.
John 16:7
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