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Closed Thread
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Old 28-09-2006, 10:49 AM
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A thread for loving and encouraging comments (and heartfelt apologies/making up etc)


It was thought by spirits from a higher plane that it may be nice to have a thread upon which we could express our gentler and more positive feelings about our fellow posters. So without further ado I will finish this slightly limp and humourless attempt at a funny introduction and I would like to say a thankyou to the following posters:

DASA - I have put you first because I have always really enjoyed your posts, your manner is always gentle and your words always kind. I am really sorry that I have caused you offence which was totally wrong for me to do, I was genuinely trying to make a point that i felt might be helpful but I am really sorry that things have been left difficult and unresolved.

Rose - you have only been on this site a short while but your posts are always beautifully put and compassionate, (and you gave me the nudge to start this thread too)

Bob 23 - your posts are always the first ones i look at, i always find them amusing and thought provoking. To begin with I was unsure how to take you because you can appear acidic, but once I realised that underneath the surface lies a really gentle, caring and encouraging wisdom I have learned a huge ammount from what you have said.

Enlightener - I always love your posts, I like your certainty but humility too, I like the puzzles you drop into things and the little interesting titbits + your posts are always short and easy to read but interesting too.

Devolution - thankyou so much for running and creating such a fantastic site, I feel I should apologise to you as well as I once thought you had locked me out of the site for putting on stupid senseless posts and sent you a rather embarrassing and angry email to you, it turned out my computer was at fault not you, so i humbly apologise.

Peteyzen - i really like you and your posts, you are always looking to be warm and encouraging, from my point of view i feel that i do not express that enough to you in particular, which is strange cos i think it but don't say it.

Glorymist - you always give great ideas, challenging ideas that push people to really consider things which i think is a really great attribute to have (although your posts are sometimes too long to read them all lol)But thanks for all the help you have given me.

Mother Goose - you always give great advice, very reasoned and compassionate - i imagine you to be a very wise woman who has seen enough of life to know how to deal with things in the best way, with compassion.

Bluespirit - you always write very sweet things in your posts and they are always lovely to read.

Tzolkin - although you are not on the forum much I must say that the posts you have written are without exception amazing. They are not fancy or long, they do not express difficult concepts but there is something in their simplicity and constancy that i find truly inspiring and aspirational. There has not been one occassion that I have evr disagreed with or had any sort of negative reaction to your posts in fact I think pretty much every post you have written has made me sit back and relax and look at what I like about myself rather than what I don't. Thankyou.

That's it for now, I have missed people out, but that's just because I need to get back to work so sorry but i'll do more later.

Now it's your turn.

Last edited by dreamer : 28-09-2006 at 12:14 PM.
Old 28-09-2006, 11:36 AM
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cool! thankyou dreamer. thank you so much for your encouragement and compassion.

dreamer - for his poetic way of seeing things. and being joyful, fun and putting your wicked sense of humour into many of the threads. i feel you have so much joy to share. something aries are often overlooked for. i feel like you are sort of a cheerleader here for staying positive and having fun. we all benefit. and you're a sweetheart :)

mother goose - well, where to start! thankyou for your guidence and compassion and wisdom that have given me courage to continue on my spiritual journey. you helped me learn more about my experiences in scotland and helped ground me during rough travelling times. you've been a huge support and i am so excited to see you grow so much and so wisely...and that others are getting to benefit from your kindness and light :)

lapis - you've been an inspiration and very helpful, probably without even realising it! your wisdom, compassion and courage are wonderful to be around and you have opened up so many new ways to learn and see things. i'm so glad i found you again :)

light mage - you are so cool! you come across as a really sweet guy who has so much to share and like me, you are searching for the courage to do so. i believe you're going to be greater than you already are. i am looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and insights. and you are fun :)

jaycee - you are a wonderfully encouraging person who teaches us so much (i haven't been here long and i've learnt so much from your posts) with humility and kindness. your discoveries made on your journey are exciting and it's exciting to be able to share in them and learn as well. you are so encouraging here as well :)

Blair2be - you love cats and give them respect. therefore you are awesomely cool. i had a great time chatting to you. you're fun but there's depth that i really see. i can't wait for you to travel and sail one day. in the meantime...you are so blessed to be given a partner and wee baby :)

daisy - great name and great person. you are so kind to many and generous with giving readings. you even have a queue! :) i can't wait to get to know you better :)

glorymist - i appreciate your wisdom and help that you give so many people. i look forward to getting to know you. :)

Ascended Master - also great teachings and wisdom. i love it that you really care so much for this earth. it makes me feel like crying a bit that there are people like you and lapis that do so much for us. you are appreciated so much. :)

Pounamu - great name, great mind :)

imageimaginer - only just reading your posts but you seem very thoughtful and down to earth. of course! because you are a kiwi ;)

jeremy - you are so bright and courageous. i like your way of blancing things out here. you're cool :)

devolution - great site. thankyou so much! i look forward to getting to get to know you more :)

i'll add more people later...as i get to know them :)

Last edited by rose : 28-09-2006 at 11:51 AM.
Old 28-09-2006, 11:56 AM
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mikron - thanks so much for your replies. you are kind and loving. and thanks for your insights on many new things. :)

psychic sue - another cat person! awesomely cool and a wealth of knowledge. i swear your advice on the colour green changed my day for the better. i got news of two mini windfalls :) and you are loving and fun. i like that :) look forward to seeing you here more and getting to know you :)

e-ma - i am drawn to your posts often. your experience in buddhism and chanting has been a great help to me when reading your posts. you seem like a lovely, wise, experienced and interesting girl and i look forward to getting to know you better :)

kundalini - a great moderator full of reason and compassion and wisdom. i enjoy your posts and feel safe having you look after us :)

dariel - i am looking forward to reading more of your posts. i think we will all benefit from your wisdom, knowledge and sweet nature. that's what i've gathered from reading your posts already. you're cool :)

Last edited by rose : 28-09-2006 at 12:08 PM.
Old 28-09-2006, 12:11 PM
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Brilliant ... ... ... ...
Old 28-09-2006, 12:15 PM
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that was fun writing about everyone. like going down a slide really fast. man, i'm still just a big kid :)

thanks for the thread dreamer *hug*

oh by the way...there is so much depth to you also. i was focusing in your fun side as i started my post. but i do see your wisdom and courage as well :)
Old 28-09-2006, 12:30 PM
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It definately feels really good to be nice that's for damn sure ho,ho.
Old 28-09-2006, 01:34 PM
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Pounamu and Dariel - I love the gentleness and kindness of your posts, they are full of soft hope and warmth if that makes sense.
Old 29-09-2006, 01:33 AM
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thanks dreamer, i was hoping you would start this thread. im sure ill use it to pull my foot from my mouth, from time to time. i would like to thank everyone here for conversing with me, and leaving tidbits of knowledge, after all im here to teach (where i can) and learn (im definatly not all knowing).

also glorymist, kundalini and bob have overwhelmingly helped me remember my purpose.
dreamer has a joy in his heart that is obvious (hence this thread), and that is a gift to us all.
as for the rest of you bums.....................................NO JUST KIDDING!! just kidding!!...many of you are a breath of fresh air and i enjoy having you as fellow forumers (you know who u are,... i think??).
love and positivity to you all!!
Old 29-09-2006, 01:35 AM
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sorry guys, you all are too numerous to single out, but im sure i will anyway...
Old 29-09-2006, 03:41 AM
Mother Goose Mother Goose is offline
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Originally Posted by BLAIR2BE
you all are too numerous to single out

lol...that's how I was feeling! The amount of knowledge and positive energy that this forum has as is astounding to me.

dreamer: thanks for starting such a wonderful thread! I've seen similar ones before, but they all usually focused on one person at a time. The fact that you started off by listing so many of us, is simply wonderful. I know that I appreciate & enjoy the positive attitude that you convey through your posts! It's refreshing to see that...truly! And this thread itself is an incredible testment to that positive outlook.

Rose: there really was no need to tell me how you feel....we've been friends long enough to know how much we mean to each other, but I guess one can never really hear that enough. You've been there for me through some pretty rough times too.... that's what friends are for and I am blessed to have a friend as kind, gentle and giving as you are. I have learned much from you too....so don't think that's a one way street! (((hugs))) And I can't tell you how pleased I am that you agreed to join me here among so many amazing teachers!

Glorymist: wow...really not sure how to thank you for your kindness & support in multiple areas of learning! I haven't known you long, but what you've taught me so far will last a lifetime & I will always appreciate it. I know you have a wealth of knowledge and I am grateful that you're willing to share some of it with me...and to guide me toward the rest of it.

Chadley: ummmmmmm.....well, I haven't known you long either...at least not this time around, but I get the sense that we've definitely met before. Your guidance in the healing arena has already been invaluable. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with me. I must sound like a broken record...with all the 'thank you's...but I am sincerely thankful for your time, effort, kindness & patience.

Kundalini: your advice...although I haven't followed through with it yet....came at just the right time. Thank you for being there & saying what you said. This place is lucky to have you as a moderator! (((hugs)))

Lapis: thank you for flipping my world upside down! *giggles* You came in here and pointed me toward much more than I thought I was looking for. The amazing timing of your arrival in my life still leaves me shaking my head in wonder. I always look forward to reading your posts. Rose is right...your wisdom, compassion & courage are inspiring and I am so glad that you are the one who put a spotlight on the path I am taking!

Jeremy: I enjoy reading your posts...I find that you always have something insightful to share. I am very pleased to have met you here.

daisy: You have been incredibly kind and gave me a wonderful reading that did wonders for me at a time when I needed a 'pick me up.' Thank you!

Blair2Be: First of all...you're funny! I love people who make me laugh and you're gifted! But you also have made a lot of good points and your posts always catch my interest.

Pounamu: The info you share with us is wonderful. Your posts on the ascension thread are fascinating to me an I really appreciate you taking the time to share it all with us!

oh..I'm tired! I'll have to do more later.

JOY is the evidence of internal growth ~ Marie Montessori

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