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Old 11-02-2022, 02:39 PM
Ghaleon Ghaleon is offline
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So where do we go from here as a mass consciousness and what is to come? As a mass consciousness we descended here from Tiamaat in the First Atlantis to reveal Lord Ea's/Yaldaboath's ignorance and wake him up within his own construct and lighten it up.

There are those such as those in channeled material that say we will evolve and ascend to a higher dimension, the 5th dimension to be exact and that we will go from carbon based to crystalline based bodies and live in peace and a relative Golden Age, while others are saying that "We are all One" and one day we will merge with Source, there are those that also say that we will ascend to Heaven and be close to God and while others are saying we are on our way to becoming creator Gods! These certainly deserve they're own comments but in general human beings have forgotten who we are and where we come from!

We are already multidimensional by default but we have forgotten how to tune in to that part of us, we are also already creator Gods! When i wrote this thread i should have named it The Nag Hammadi texts as to put less emphasis on groups and diversity because the Gnostics don't consider themselves separate to others that have spirit and the messages and texts therein has a spiritual overtone and addresses spirit while ALL other texts do not address the human spirit and instead addresses the human soul and the various levels of the Patrix. The Global Elite and the interdimensionals above them that run the show here on Earth and elsewhere are playing a game with humanity and we as a collective agree to playing they're game! They also put the truth in plain sight (Revelation of The Methhod) fairly often. Therefore no one can say that humanity has not been thoughrougly warned! They are constantly showing us what they are doing through media, movies, sci-fic shows, books, novels, games and through symbolism.

The Matrix ie The Patrix

What is the Matrix exactly and why do i keep calling it Patrix? Matrix means mother creator; therefore this name is not appropriate. Matrix denotes Patrix with the latter being a patriarchally dominated construct and is ruled by Lord Ea/Yaldaboath. The Patrix is the solar system ie the seven Heavens. It is the part of the physical universe where we are isolated and cut off from the rest of the universe. In the Patrix Saturn being the most important planet in the solar system regulates linear time here on Earth, its the control room if you will. Some have said and claimed that the Patrix is like a simulation that we live in and in a sense they are correct. Each planet within the solar system is ruled by a certain Overlord.
The first Heaven/Dimension is Mercury, the second Heaven is Venus, The third Heaven is the Moon (ki), the fourth Heaven is the Sun, the fifth Heaven is Mars, the sixth Heaven is Jupiter and the seventh Heaven is Saturn. Saturn is the highest Heaven and is God (En.ki's) planet. Those that have chosen to ascend within his program and be close to "God's" throne go here. In actuality Saturn is the last planet a human that has ascended in his (Yaldaboaths) program of sorts in the highest dimension within the Patrix. It is here where souls are "set free" out of what the gnostics are calling the Kenoma. However according to my research the have been no souls that have graduated from the Patrix. Within Saturn's rings is a council and this is why "exiting" the Patrix cant be done through Saturn. The Sun itself acts as a portal or hub to the higher dimensions/heavens within the Patrix and souls that pass through the sun pass through there because The Authorities/Archons (Overlords) want them to have various experiences elsewhere for whatever reason. The Underworld is the five Heavens below the seven and this is where we the current human civilization exist together with En.ki, Marduk, Ereshkigal and some of they're other cohorts. The five Heavens below the seven are the upper layers of Earths atmosphere and the abyss is its lowest part as i have mentioned before.

I'm not big on channeling because most channels are not genuine and some of these channeled entities are deceptive and not who they claim to be but there are some that are genuine. I'm convicted that there are no beings or star races that are trying to contact humanity at this time that are not apart of the Overlords. Some have claimed to be channels for Grays, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians and a number of others. In most cases these people are not channeling beings from other places in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond but humans in different stages of development within the Patrix. Those that have "ascended" within Yaldaboaths program all have one thing in common, they say that they are us humans in the future! One such channel is the Galactic Federation of Light. A genuine channel would be Barbra Marchinaks Pleiadians but even they admit that En.ki (Yaldaboath) is they're teacher...

The New Atlantis
Sir Francis Beacon wrote a book called "The New Atlantis" where it is coined from. The First Atlantis was a paradise where the original humans with spirit (us) come from. It was not physical in nature like how we know as physical and it existed between the 7th and 8th Heavens on Tiamaat. There were no wars or conflicts and everyone lived in peace with one another (Like when the lion slept with the lamb). The Second Atlantis was The Archons copy of the first and it was more physical in nature, this planet which existed in the 6th Heaven is what we see as a reflection within the firmament mirrored all the way down the dimensions here in 3-D as the asteroid belt! It was (Earth/Tiamaat) also much larger in size than our current version of Earth Therefore, Atlantis was not several islands and some regions that made it up, the second Atlantis was the entire planet when En.ki/Yaldaboath ruled it as Neptune/Poseidon and it perished in the Deluge (13,000 years ago)
The "New Atlantis" has been established for the last 246 years with the help of freemasonry and the rosicrucian order and potentially the Order of Thule and although i cant claim this as factual, China may very well be apart of this New Atlantis if perhaps not now then at some point in the future. In Enuma Elish it says that En.ki took a chunk of Tiamaat and created the new Earth, this is a metaphor for Yaldaboath (God) creating the current construct.

Although it seems i have gotten off topic with the nag hammadi texts, everything connects on some level. Now back to the texts!

And I said to the Savior, "Lord, was it not the snake who taught Adam so that he would eat?"

The Savior laughed and said, "The snake taught them to eat from a wicked desire to sow which belongs to destruction, in order that he (Adam) would become useful to it. And it knew that he was dis*obedient to it because the light of Epinoia dwelled in him, making him more correct in his thinking than the Chief Ruler.

And he wanted to bring out the power which he had given to him. And he brought a trance upon Adam."

And I said to the Savior, "What is the trance?"

He said, "It is not as Moses wrote as you heard. For he said in his first book that he laid him down in sleep, but rather it concerned his sensibility. For indeed it is said by the prophet, 'I will make their hearts heavy so that they might neither give heed nor see.'

The Apocryphon of John

And the Chief Ruler saw the virgin who stood beside Adam and that the living luminous Epinoia appeared in her. And Yaldabaoth was filled with ignorance.

When the Pronoia of the All knew, she sent some beings and they snatched Zoe from Sophia. And the Chief Ruler defiled her. And he begat two sons from her. The first is Eloim and the sec*ond is Yawe. Eloim has a bear face while Yawe has a lion face. The one is righteous while the other is unrighteous. (IV Yawe is righ*teous, but Eloim is unrighteous.) He set Yawe over the fire and the wind, while he set Eloim over water and earth. He named these Cain and Abel with trickery in mind.

After the rape, Eve (Zoe) produced two sons, Cain and Abel. Abel had a genuine soul with spirit while Cain had no genuine soul or spirit and had only a artificial soul/spirit. Lord Ea/Yaldaboath pretended to favor Abel when in fact he favored Cain more and the murder of Abel was instigated, it was a setup!

The Human Condition
We humans are heavily traumatized, have amnesia, and are split apart between lives. We also have memories and trauma that carry over from our ancestral line. We are also put in constant fear and terror. Add the grid to that as well as the dome, the quarantine, and frequency fence around the solar system along with other programs besides amnesia such as fear of death and fear of non existence , and the need for a savior amongst other things and you have the human condition.

The Authorities and the Minions (The Elite) study trauma and how it splits the personality into pieces.

In conclusion:

One of the biggest lies promoted by The Invader Force (Authorities/Archons) is that humanity has no power. The truth is we have more power than they do and that's why they fear us, the spirited humans within the general population. If they didn't (fear us) they wouldn't go through great lengths to do what they are doing to us, as a matter of fact they wouldn't have to do it at all. The AI enthusiast and forerunners of what's to come are talking about desensitized ai where the desensitized ai will interact with humans through a game called the metaverse and they will learn from humans. There's transhumanism (turning humans into something else) and much diversity on this planet rather than unity. It is very important to understand that everything that's happening in the world today is a major step towards The Singularity.. There is no one reason for why a particular thing is done or being played out and this is a key point. If we look at it from the Elite and the Authorities (interdimesnionals) prospective we can see that they kill two birds with one stone so to speak and they have all angels covered. This just doesnt have to do with AI which is something that can be intergated but with our rigid beliefs as well. Narcissism as we speak is on the rise and the Overlords themselves are narcissistic, this is one of if not the biggest problem on Earth today. As i have mentioned in previous posts they want us to be like them, The Archons. For "some" people its not that they lack spirit completely but they're spirit is buried so deep inside that they can seemingly take on a whole new personality. The War of the human mind is a fact! Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear can see that the mass consciousness is heavily manipulated and have rigid beliefs rather than keeping them fluid. We humans have killed eachother in the name of religion amongst other things rather than coexisting with our beliefs peacefully, amongst so many other things it is setup this way by design. Some big red flags are worship as these deities, Gods and Goddesses are requiring, sometimes demanding and even giving instructions on how to worship. I've written about this countless times in different capacities but i warn that people should be weary of those that are requiring worship because these beings don't have your best interest in mind! The highest Source, true Source doesn't want to be worshipped nor does Sophia or Christ (The real Christ not the one that came in his likeness)
When someone worships another being or deity they are giving they're own personal power away! There are four beings in particular that get tremendous amounts of energy via they're worshippers and followers here on Earth. En.ki/Lucifer/Yaldaboath, Satan (His son) aka Marduk,Ereshkigal (Queen of the Underworld) and Thoth.

Christ never wanted to be worshipped because he thought it serves him no benefit.

Through the world events of today and the way the world is, we can see that we are rapidly heading towards The Singularity. All is being prepared for that which is said to be fully in place by 2045. What does that mean and what connection does it have to The Consummation of The Age?
I'll be bringing this up in another post in the near future.

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