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Old 01-12-2012, 08:23 AM
Sapphirez Sapphirez is offline
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Originally Posted by Ciqala

You most likely aren't losing weight because you aren't eating enough. Obviously the reason you lost weight easily before was because you were eating enough and weren't working out...
You've increased your amount of exercise. You've changed your foods to healthy foods, which compared to unhealthy foods you need to eat more of in order to fuel the body. And you would be surprised just how much you need to eat.
For example, if I ate a cheesecake i would just need 2 slices before im full. Unhealthy foods seem to be more filling. If I ate vegetables I would need to eat about 30 plates before i am full. Literally. But I need to eat over 5,000 calories in a day and i usually get hungry within 5 minutes of eating things.

A good rule of thumb is if you feel hunger pangs before 3 hours of eating, you aren't eating enough. Unless you've totally dieted your body out of being able to feel hunger pangs, then you need to just eats lots, and try to every 3 hours. The more you exercise the MORE you need to eat.

For example if you weigh 160 pounds you need 80 grams of protein a day, more if you work out. And that's just protein.

A lot of people get trapped with false lies of society. It is untrue that if you eat less you will lose weight. The opposite happens.

The true FACT is that if you restrict your food for a long amount of time your body will hold onto fat and gain weight. Also, the more you weigh, the more you need to eat.

You can lose weight if you starve yourself and reduce caloric intake. But here's the fact with that too - you will gain weight once you begin to eat and then you will gain even MORE weight, and then after that your body will hit starvation mode, which basically means you will never be able to lose that weight for possibly many years. The only way of reversing this is eating LOTS and not exercising. This happens to all people recovering from anorexia.

Reducing calories has been brainwashed around in the states to make people fatter, unhealthier and cause health problems. But here are the facts. You need to eat lots. But those things need to be healthy.
The things causing weight gain, are toxins, chemicals, food allergies and not eating enough and yo yo dieting.

If you don't eat enough you are going to gain weight or get stuck in a plateau!!!! Actually the more you eat the better, but it has to be all good things like raw veggies.

Here's another fact:
You need rest days in-between working out or else you will never get any results.
You've seen those bodybuilders? They don't get like that from working out every day and all day. They get like that from only working out maybe 3 times a week and for a small amount of time. 1 hour of working out is considered TOO LONG. IT's overworking. And when you overwork your body it ruins your progress. The ONLY thing that builds muscle is the REST. Working out just tears the muscle. That being said, its also a lie that women hulk out through heavy lifting.
Stop lifting 3 pounds at the gym because there is no such thing as "toning".
Toning isn't doing anything! Your muscles need constant progression in order to firm up. Strength training is completely necessary for weight loss, as muscles rev that process up.
Another thing is, your fat does not turn to muscle. It can't, they are two separate things. I just mention that because you hear all the time "turn your fat to muscle!" You need cardio in order to burn fat so you can be toned.
Likewise, marathon runners and olympic athletes, people who specialise in cardio sports, or plyometric sports like muay thai kickboxing, they all get lots of rest...
For example, you can't up your endurance time unless you give your body 1-2 days rest in-between runs or even longer depending on how you feel after.

summary, if you don't eat enough you'll stay fat
if you workout too much, you'll stay fat and never see any progress, PLUS it causes injuries due to overtraining.
these are facts that should really be more accesible in the world.

really nice information!
wowww @ you eating 5,000 calories a day!! hehe

yes, consume all that and consider this as icing on the cake:

let's take breakfast (which you should eat within 30 minutes of awaking, preferably at least 20 grams of protein if not closer to 30 in my opinion)

let's say the breakfast has a moderate 300 calories.
let's multiply that by 365 days a year
that gives you approximately 100,000 calories

guess how much a person who doesn't eat breakfast/those 100k calories weighs compared to a person who does consume those extra 100k calories?
the person who doesn't have all those calories will weigh an average of 10 pounds more!

when you don't eat, your body wants to go into hibernation mode, like a bear in Winter.. so your body hangs onto that fat for its own protection an your excess weight is the result!

also, I commend you on your dedication and commitment to exercising, but I think when you do it 5x a week that's a bit excessive
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Old 17-02-2013, 11:55 PM
Posts: n/a
hey guys - back after a lot of busy time away. hope all is well with all of you!

so not much has changed, other than i finally figured out the vitamin regimen and thyroid supps i need to be balanced. unfortunately, my knee surgery (knew i needed it eventually) was pushed up due to re-injury and i'm down for the count for 3- 6 mos. makes it hard to work out in conjunction with better diet and thyroid meds.

the bad news is i haven't lost any weight... still. despite MASSIVE diet changes. the good news i guess is that since surgery 2 weeks ago i also haven't gained any.

as always - open to insight on maybe is there something spiritually wrong with me? am i missing something? starting to wonder if it's beyond physical at this point. thanks!
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Old 22-04-2013, 10:30 PM
running running is offline
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I didn't have time to read thru everything and more than likely this has been mentioned. I recently gave up eating bread and pasta product. It seems fat fell off me after doing so. I stopped eating that stuff cause of a food alergy. I wasn't trying to lose weight or eat less food. So im thinking bread and pasta could be bad news for some if your trying to lose weight.
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Old 22-04-2013, 11:06 PM
running running is offline
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Body builders exercise less often because they have a different goal. To build muscle. She doesn't have to worry about building large muscles if her intention is to lose weight. Body building is a science into itself. Its true some stuff carrys over. Such as less carbs, and eating more protein and for some more fat. But the exercise routines don't. Even for an average person trying to build muscle. There's a whole lot of chemistry going on. Being cycles of different stacks of steroids.

As long as her body is able to recover she is fine with what ever work out she does. How ever often and how ever long it may be. Nor is there a concern for gaining weight from exercising to much. That's not true. I would pay attention to how your body feels. If you feel recovered and feel like exercising do it. If you don't perhaps wait another day. I would do what's fun for you. Cause the most important thing about exercise isn't how much you do. But will you still be exercising say a year down the road. Five years down the road. I would make it fun. Whatever that is to you.

I'm responding to information I saw talking about body building and such on this page of the thread.
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Old 04-05-2013, 09:36 PM
Posts: n/a
Originally Posted by EarthMamma

The KEY is taking your weight, dividing it by half and that is the number of ounces you should be drinking per day MINIMUM.. It is said recommended that you add 8 oz for every 10 lbs you wish to lose as well... And you may need more if you are sweating a lot or have lots of medications or toxicity in the body..

Oh my lol, I need to get cracking on that water!

I'd learned from various sources that folks will look at water as the "healing element" - its situations like this that I have to nod my head and agree.
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Old 05-05-2013, 11:53 AM
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I just dropped 60 pounds using a form of the Atkins diet. It's not exactly like the regimented Atkins plans, but I took their idea about carbohydrates and applied it in devising my own diet. At 6'4, I went from 270 to 210 since the beginning of January and have 10 more to go. The last ten though are coming off rather slowly, and if it doesn't come off soon I might just begin weight maintenance and stay where I am. I don't know that I recommend this as it is difficult to stay with because your food choices are quite limited at 20-30g of carbs a day and I'm not certain it is all that healthy. The results though, at least for me, have been fantastic. So you could explore low carb diets, though admittedly they are not much fun.
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Old 05-05-2013, 12:24 PM
Posts: n/a
Stop drinking pop (soda)
Stop eating fast food
Grow your own food

Walk, then jog, then run - Humans are meant to run all day. We are meant to move and this sedintary lifestyle most of us lead, coupled with diets filled with empty calories leads to many health issues.

Dont call it a diet. For the most part if what you are reading calls itself a "diet" it should be avoided. Think of it as a lifestyle change. Mindset is a BIG deal.

Find motivation to do so. The main goal should be overall health, but some motivation like, looking good for someone, getting fit for a marathon, testing yourself, to help ailments..... there could be many reasons.

Dont deny yourself the foods you like. The point is moderation. Its much easier if you dont feel guilty after eating a slice of pie or cake, or eating too many cookies. The idea is to be concsious of what you are eating, and balancing it out in other ways.

Also, you should definitely talk to a dr or dietician. they may give you a better idea of what you need to do, or refer you to someone...

Last, dont think of it as "loosing weight", again, think of it as being healthy. Every person has a different body type. Some people will carry weight in different areas. Some people will get toned, while some people not as much. The point is, that you are being healthy, the rest will come naturally
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Old 05-05-2013, 10:08 PM
Silver Silver is offline
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That's all good stuff, and it all applies in varying degrees depending on the individual - the tricky part. What I'm becoming sharply aware of recently is how in our fat is stored a lot of other stuff, like hormones (like the ones we eat in our modern processed meats unless we buy grass-fed and all that) plus all the other toxins, which will be released as we lose weight and then our liver and whole digestive system has to contend with eliminating all that, and the hormones and toxins are then recirculating and causing more havoc, so in a sense, you can't drink too much good water and healthy drinks like tea, lemon - water, etc.

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Old 05-05-2013, 10:27 PM
Posts: n/a
Originally Posted by CJ82Sky
okay so im about 20 - 30 pounds overweight - nothing awful but i want to get healthier. i've been eating a lot better, more organics, more veggies, etc., and exercising on average 3x a week on my wii fit for a min of 30m a workout (usually more like 45 - 1h) and i ride about 4 horses every weekend (if not more) and clean 4 stalls. yet im NOT losing weight. been at this seriously for about 6 weeks...

initially (this past fall) from sept - nov i lost about 10 pounds with doing nothing extra other than taking vitamins and going back to work ft in an office and eating soups and salads (which i still do). i gained about 8 pounds over the holidays and am just stuck there.

i'm back to taking vit b and others, as well as now i drink tea rather than softdrinks and other garbage, and it still doesn't seem to matter. i'm VERY frustrated.

is there anything else i can do? i am carrying a tigers eye (red) and a tiger iron to help with metabolism but wasn't sure what else i could do to help!?! even massage and reiki are now a regular part of my life that it wasn't this fall. it's most frustrating bc i lost 10 pounds with no effort, and now with a lot more effort im not losing anything at all and even potentially gained a few pounds. please help!

What sort of soups?
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Old 14-05-2013, 07:05 PM
Posts: n/a
hi everyone! glad to see this thread is still going. progress is still slow (if at all) after a year, but there have been some changes.
  1. i had major knee surgery in feb and jogging or running, jumping, and any other impact exercise is out. wall sits are out. i'm mostly limited to walking, so i'm doing lots of it - 2-3 mi per day for 3-4 days per week.
  2. i wasn't able to ride for a while but i'm back to riding for at least 30 min 1x/week and another 1h30min in a foxhunt pace or horse show for another 1x/week. that gives me 4-7d a week i'm doing SOMETHING physical for at least 30 min. i'm also in PT 1-2x a week for 1h+.
  3. i added in the 10 pound kettle bell and 5 pound hand weights. i use those on rainy days or just for added bonus when i've got the energy.
  4. i cut back ALL supplements and vitamins for a few weeks as my HR was always on the high side, even when resting (over 100) and while my thyroid is/was an issue, i was over-supplementing all around which was causing me to have as much issues losing weight as not having enough supplements/vitamins. i've now added back in some of the basics (listed below).
  5. i follow the rule that if it's can't go bad, it IS bad for you. i'm not 100% good with this, but i try to stick to healthy, fresh foods. NO soda, NO processes food, NO fast food. rare rare rare rare exceptions.
  6. when i do eat something unhealthy on a weekend let's say, i make sure i'm doing more that day - on my feet, out and about - and i don't cheat on days that i'm going to be sedentary as i know that will make it harder to digest and quicker to just turn to fat.
  7. i'm eating tons of sushi (raw, not cooked, no creamy sauce or mayo) with brown rice whenever i can. i love it, and it's way better for me when "eating out" or even ordering in than even a salad with tons of dressing and the other extras and stuff places tend to load up on.
i'm now back on vitamins and supplements, but keep it basic. since i'm eating fresh 90% of the time, i don't need as much and find that i feel better without the overloading. here's what i'm on:
  • cosamin asu and natrol glucosamine/MSM/HA - the BEST thing i've found for my joints, and i really feel the difference in my knee when i forget to take these
  • vit k-2
  • guggulsterones for cholesterol
i am testing now adding back in the following for my thyroid but only once per day and only with lunch (usually biggest meal of day):
  • bladderwrack
  • l-tyrosine
  • parathyrpid
the rest i only take as needed - vit b, calcium + d, zinc, vit c, etc. based on if i haven't had a lot of spinach or dairy, if i need an immune boost, etc., but i find that the healthier i eat, the less often i need these.

overall i've found a "less is more" philosophy works best with food and vits and supps. and get in motion to stay in motion works best for exercise - the more i do, the more i want to do! hopefully this will be a turning point for me, for as i'm a few pounds down (i think) i DO feel better despite the inability to jog and the recovery time for my knee :) fingers crossed and positive attitude on!

oh - and while i'm still a few mos before i can even jog (boo) overall the knee feels better than ever and i've found my resting HR is down to about 80 - 90 (used to be over 100 regularly which was bad bad bad) and recovery time is speeding up - all good stuff! i wish there was an easy way to do a blood test at home for thyroid and vitamine levels, etc., but oh well. happy at least that i'm starting to feel better, and hoping that the weight loss will follow!

anyone else have any other stories to share?! things that work? what works for you? i am also trying out dietmatch.com (it's free) to see how i like it. so far good advice though i'm not a fan of their diet plans.
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