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Old 15-06-2006, 12:00 PM
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By Radhanath Swami

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has claimed that the greatest problem in the 21st century is not cancer, not AIDS, not heart disease, but mental disturbance
Old 27-07-2006, 01:49 PM
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Quite an interesting article and 'possibly' a correct observation with regards to mental disease.

However, the question we can now ask is WHY is mental disease becoming so prevalent throughout the world?

I have a theory. However, I only state this theory disregarding the fact that maybe we are only detecting more mental illness in our societies due to the fact that we have better DETECTION METHODS now than we would have had in ages gone by.

So, my theory is that mental illness only occurs due to the 'enlightenment process of the Aquarian Age'. There is no doubt in my mind that mankind is undergoing a psychic revolution. However, it makes sense that without there being such a thing as mental illness, then maybe man would never even think about such supposedly far-reaching concepts as telepathy or psychokinesis.

'All paths lead to Rome' as Linda Goodman once stated in one of her books.

I believe that in this day of ever-expanding human consciousness, it would make sense that a lot of people are finding their way to using their natural powers once more and I believe that mental illness, if overcome is a pathway that tread properly can lead to this arena - the arena of the mind.
Old 27-07-2006, 06:55 PM
devolution devolution is offline
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Interesting article... Thanks for posting...

I've always believed that in this modern age, particularly, most people are suffering a malaise of the mind, or perhaps more accurately, the soul...
Our Western way of life is useless in treating such problems, as the focus is on drugs and material methods which might sometimes mask a symptom, but do nothing to get to the underlying cause of the ailment...

I've always believed the key lies in natural, spiritual remedies and cures...
Everything beautiful must still come to an end,
Even the binding of love will break away,
All that is left... is love of the dark.
Mortality is as fragile as a Rose.
(From a note found on an Altar next to a single red Rose, signed by "The Goth Bride")
Love is the most important thing in the world...
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Old 27-07-2006, 09:17 PM
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Yes, devolution, my thoughts exactly.

According to some ways of spiritual thinking, DRUGS actually make the problems worse by blocking the ENERGY SYSTEM and impeding the flow of energy through the CHAKRAS.

This is perhaps one of the reasons many people are searching for alternative solutions, searching for the power within themselves to overcome these maladies of the mind.
Old 27-07-2006, 09:43 PM
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Does this include illegal drugs. From my personal experiences it seems that illegal drugs are able to permeate and positively influence the collective psyche of a generation of kids who would not receive any means of spiritual input without them. It's maybe not ideal, but it seems God will touch the hearts of those most broken even if they do not realise it. God is love, as is ecstacy so is God ecstacy? Maybe a taste of artificially stimulated awakening can be the starting point for the least encouraged soul to rise right up.
Old 27-07-2006, 09:54 PM
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Yes, it does include illegal drugs. I understand what you are saying dreamer. I believe that illegal drugs such as ecstasy are dangerous to the human psyche...in fact, I know they are.

However, the act of taking drugs can be a pathway to the exploration of your spiritual self, so in that sense, to some people, it may be a necessary experience if that is a path they wish to take.

In a sense though, I do not think drugs HAVE positively influenced a generation of kids as a large percentage of these kids fall into bad habits and it truly can be a LONG ROAD back from there.

Also, some spiritual lore says that the use of illegal drugs can raise the power of the KUNDALINI which is dormant in the location of the ROOT CHAKRA. Involuntary raising of the Kundalini such as that through the use of drugs, can lead to insanity and other serious mental problems. It can make the path harder as clarity is lost and confusion reigns.
Old 29-07-2006, 02:29 AM
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DASA - - YES ! !

The principle is incredibly valid.

Heal the mind ! ! Soul will follow ! !

One cannot help but rise.

So - - as I have said before, people - - deal with daily issues. Your daily issues are YOURS ! ! They are "there" in your life for a reason.

Deal with them. Heal them. Soul - - will rise ! !

Nice touch - - DASA ! !
Old 29-07-2006, 11:49 AM
Ascended Master
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Originally Posted by kundalini
According to some ways of spiritual thinking, DRUGS actually make the problems worse by blocking the ENERGY SYSTEM and impeding the flow of energy through the CHAKRAS.

This is true in my experience.
The most potent affect of drugs was on my mind, which led itself to the generation of negative energy. This in turn manifested a patchy and weak aura, clogged chakras etc.
From there it went down hill I guess?

But I don't know one way or the other what is right or wrong in this respect.
Whether drugs fit neatly into right or wrong?

For me they saved me a fair degree of heartache, but perhaps led to other physical and emotional issues, that were to be addressed and overcome, just like any other.

Some yogis thrive on herbal this-and-that don't they?
I'm not convinced this makes them safe to go a-spiritual-wondering along a mountainous track! But I'm also sure drugs (of certain forms) do drop the senses and open a person up on a spiritual level.

Plus, in a natural setting (as yogis tend to live) the energies are alot purer (and mostly void of negative influence) whereas, in a town setting, where negative acts are regular and thrown about like nobodies business, it would be easy to see why the energy system would suffer if one roamed around spiritually open and unprotected.

Who knows?
All I know is, they lead me to succumb to emotional mischief!
While I guess everyone is different?

Love and light,

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