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Old 12-02-2023, 11:19 AM
Altair Altair is offline
Join Date: Apr 2018
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What has always intrigued me is that religions throughout time have viewed certain colours as more (or less) auspicious. This is not to suggest there are 'bad' colours but some colours seem disproportionally viewed as auspicious.

Blue is usually favoured over red. It is the colour of Mother Mary in Christianity, she wears a blue dress, whereas red is the colour of the devil and demons. One could reason that blue was more special because it was harder to get, just like gold as a material, or that it simply is the colour of the sky and therefore closer to the world beyond. In Eastern religion, there are the seven main chakras, and there as well we find blue high up the ladder and red as the base. Again, it's not that red is a bad colour or anything, but it is literally the base and connected to the world. Christian myth does not beat around the bush, even picturing the worldly pleasures as red skinned demons.

Even without the equipment we have today, where we can measure frequencies of colours, people placed blue above many other colours. I think people intuitively and/or through mystical experience knew certain colours were more auspicious. That chakras and 'holy'/'earthly' colours happen to reflect modern scientific findings is fascinating.

wavelength, frequency (1014 Hz), energy

red 700, 4.29, 1.77
red 650, 4.62, 1.91
orange 600, 5.00, 2.06
yellow 580, 5.16, 2.14
green 550, 5.45, 2.25
cyan 500, 5.99, 2.48
blue 450, 6.66, 2.75
violet 400, 7.50, 3.10


Probably not new info for most of us, but still interesting. Colour psychology is fascinating.
When I still went to the gym, I always liked wearing a red t-shirt.
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Old 12-02-2023, 12:03 PM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
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I love working with colour! For a while considered studying colour therapy, but then there are always so many things I take an interest in that I never really wish to commit to just one thing.

But red... the colour of passion! And the red rose is even the universal symbol of love.
It is a very powerful colour, one that exudes confidence and strength.

In a way there is a very positive and less positive side to each colour, as with all things in life I guess.
Take orange... it can be destructive if you think of fire. But it's also life-giving, warm, expressive etc.

Some don't like black. And I know technically it's not a colour, but black is so soothing, soft, velvety! I felt that during a workshop when we got downloads of Cosmic Rays in our systems. Which colour Rays depended on the group energy.
I was hoping for black as when we first got a download of it so we could feel it it was the best one of them all!
I think maybe because black is feminine, like going back into the womb, into nothingness, surrendering and still being held, feeling safe etc. It easily gets you into Theta brain waves. This is exactly what the floating in salt bath is about btw.
Some wear black because they feel 'sombre' or 'dark', but oddly enough it's also a colour worn on posh occasions. It's considered very chique! Whenever I wear black it's because I feel danged good about myself and life.

Blue can be soothing & calming, depending on which hue it is also love. The actual colour of Mother Mary is not just blue, it's a much higher vibration, a very light almost ethereal turquoise/aqua. But not everyone can sense that high a vibration so then you get the lower aspect of it, which is (light) blue.
But blue can also be boring as bleep. Or overwhelming. Think of being in a room with blue walls only. Pffff... Way too much of a good thing, very overpowering.
I suppose there is indeed great power in blue. I mean, think of AA Michael! If you can really feel him you'd feel that same sense of almost being blown out of your socks, haha. A vast masculine power that is that is unbelievably strong.

Colours are interesting indeed :)
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Old 12-02-2023, 12:17 PM
Altair Altair is offline
Join Date: Apr 2018
Location: Everywhere... and Nowhere
Posts: 6,647
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going back into the womb, into nothingness, surrendering and still being held

That's a very interesting take on black. Haven't thought of it.

As for Mary's blue, I'm thinking of the many paintings of her,

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Old 04-12-2023, 09:15 AM
Traveler Traveler is offline
Join Date: May 2021
Posts: 997
You’re talking about the religious paintings from the masters like Rembrandt and others right?
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Old 04-12-2023, 12:40 PM
FairyCrystal FairyCrystal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 7,092
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That is a very beautiful colour blue! I've not seen that with Mary or not often. Usually it's a lighter blue, this is more AA Michael's royal blue.

But every colour has a lower and higher variation of it, value or shade?
When people cannot sense / let in the higher version because their own vibration is still too low it's easier and likely better to go for the lower vibrational version that is within their grasp.
Doesn't make that one less powerful btw.
The real colour of Mary is an ethereal aquamarine, it's so light, so high vibrational, that I cannot think of anything tangible with that colour, hence me calling it ethereal.

It's the same with the Christ Light. The lower vibrational that is within most people's 'grasp' is gold. Golden Christ Light.
However, on a higher spectrum the Christ Light is... white!
So on the way to this higher vibrational version you have golden white.

The same with the colour of the Heart chakra. On a lower vibration it is green, which you often see in books and charts.
Then, as you get deeper in the Heart chakra (meaning you can access it further, having worked through the outer layers that vibrate with green) you get to pink. That is also depicted in other books/charts.
But... when you get even deeper there is either violet or lilac (not certain anymore) and then at the deepest level, when you have reached purity of Heartchakra, so worked through all the Heart related debris and issues... there is white!

All chakras have a different colour when they're 5D. The default colours most everyone knows from books & charts are the 3D colours.
The 5D Root for instance is no longer red but platinum.
The 5D Earth Star, which often isn't even accessible on 3D, is a beautiful silver. On 3D it's black & white or grey. When getting a wee bit higher it becomes like hematite, so it already gets a bit more shine to it.

5D third eye chakra is crystal, not emerald green, nor purple as you often see.
And so on and so forth.

Working with yellow, golden yellow, lemon yellow, and so on can be hugely empowering as it works on the Solar Plexus. If you 'breathe' that in on that chakra it boosts your confidence, self-esteem and whatnot.
VERY helpful!! Certainly when stressed about having to do something, so days before a job interview for instance or a performance on stage, maybe even your driving test.

Colours are unbelievably powerful. They set a tone in a room and everyone in it.
Just think of entering a room with a dark brown or black ceiling. Sense what that does to your body and mood.
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Old 04-12-2023, 02:03 PM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 11,190
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My favourite colours are the Blues blue lavender purple etc but I do wear a lot of Black

The Spoken Word Always Comes Back As Whispers In
The Wind
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Old 04-12-2023, 04:06 PM
Unseeking Seeker Unseeking Seeker is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: Delhi, India
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Given that I beheld the light of Self as white, that’s what I will go with, although a prism refracts it as all colours of the rainbow spectrum.
The Self has no attribute
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Old 05-12-2023, 04:22 AM
AngelBlue AngelBlue is offline
Join Date: Nov 2022
Posts: 5,149
That is a beautiful picture.
And as everyone knows by now my favourite colour is Royal Blue.
I'm not really familiar however with the frequencies ( just a simple soul ! )
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Old 11-02-2024, 12:56 PM
Posts: n/a
I know it is good to view colors, but as a spiritual colour, some kind of Living Light is hard to come by these days. At my place tends to be dark colour and unable to lift most of the objects. Which is why I am answering #themiracleschool.net/#tc6 and adding this because a few articles there helped me pass some important high school classes that I am otherwise unable. Talking to dead, deceased, passed is like the only thing I am able to do since I am minimizing efforts to study, speak, approach people and preparing to find workable Code solutions. I am so bad at electronics that someone at electronics is manipulating me to death. I've been death, I know what it is like, the physical body is burning fast. A soul tries to find solutions. Don't diss a person if you can't reach him physically. That I remind myself every day. Last time I was at death I saw my killer. Killer tried to steal energy from my 'energy system'. People pretending they don't know. Often do know. And know most. And are most dangerous. Be ware. Stay safe. The Help is coming. LOL Metallica it is time to disappear manspiderkessu15.myartsonline.com (if you wanna try my site try programs rakelliekki.php or tivipillu.php just write them after .com to that website. Of course you might think it is silly. Doing seemingly silly things helped my soul find a solution to absolute killer. It was. A secret exercise operation. Petri Räsänen & Räisänen Jooga and Bob Lazar helped me adjust with aliens. That had a 1979 battle at dulce base. Great colours there! Just remote view hint.
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