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Old 17-03-2017, 12:46 PM
Michelle11 Michelle11 is offline
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The ego is definitely a huge block to peace and overcoming it can be difficult. Thanks for the message. Beautiful as always.
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Old 18-03-2017, 04:41 PM
shiningstars shiningstars is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
Posts: 372
Intensely beautiful messages again, thank you lovetruth for this.

Take care
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Old 19-03-2017, 08:17 PM
CrystalSong CrystalSong is offline
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Originally Posted by lovetruth
Many blessings Miss Hepburn and shiningstars

Dear ones, peace will never leave you; peace is a choice, as is love and kindness, as these are your divine nature; all of these are ever with you if you

allow your divine nature to shine forth. Wisdom, is making the choice of allowing your divine nature to reveal itself. Life can be a choice of simplicity rather

than complication; the ego complicates but your true nature is simple and sweet. Everything in life holds a message for you; it is ever revealing a choice and a

destiny that either upholds or tears down. Babaji

Hello Babaji,

I use your thread as a form of Divination. When I feel a draw to it I know there is an answer to a question or situation waiting in your sage advice.
This time was no different.

I recently went through a strange negative spell in which my brain was eating it's self live with negative talk for no apparent reason what-so-ever. It lasted at least three weeks and day to day I tried to stop it, give it other things to think about and find things to be grateful about. Several times I noticed that the energy, the low frequency seemed to be coming from outside my field and then the brain would pounce on it and make a story to fit the energy. The very first thoughts in the morning were of worry, frustration or irritability and my dreams during the night were plagued by nightmares.

Then one day the energy was suddenly gone, my usual peaceful, gentle happy disposition was back again as if the last three weeks of the hell realms had never existed!

During queries to Spirit about what was happening I was told was experiencing this so that I would be better able to have compassion for clients and others and to 'not worry, everything would work out just fine!"

As you said, the Peace never left me, it was there underneath the egoic mind which was freaking out and thought the 'sky was falling' . The Inner Peace which always exists won out

Thank you as always for your timely transmission to us.
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Old 21-03-2017, 09:20 AM
slowsnake slowsnake is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: Rural Western Australia
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Cool Are You "THE" Babaji?

I have spent a few hours each day reading these posts,I am not into channeling but was an active member of a closed circle in the 70's in Brisbane Australia,we met once a week to send love and light across the earth,on occasions we had visitors who had different specialties,clairvoyant,pshycometry and on occasions an unconscious medium.
These mediums could produce ectoplasm which was needed to fabricate a voicebox so that when the entity took over her body the spirits used ectoplasmic voice boxes to speak through the medium who was in trance,so she could speak in a male voice or child,it was amazing to watch,now it seems we channel these spirits?
For some odd reason I have no interest in channelling,and I have no idea why not,being clairescient myself amongst other things I get my messages dropped into my conscious mind like an email.
It does not happen often,only when I need to know certain truths,it comes as an "idea" believe it or not,but its not my idea,I just have an idea pop into my head and that's that,no voices,no writing but an idea.

But I would like to know if this is the" Babaji"he will know and so will I by his answer,for he is the guru of my guru's guru,I chose my guru myself and just prayed to him and directed my thoughts and meditations to him,this started in the very early 1970's.
In fact he made me who I am today,I am grateful to him.

Kind Regards Billy.
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Old 22-03-2017, 05:00 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 608
Thank you all for your beautiful comments, appreciated as always. lovetruth

Dear ones, no one chooses sorrow specifically, but it is accepted when one cannot see beyond the constructs of the mind. Division will always show a contrast

and separation, so until the mind is healed of duality it will continue to present your most prominent beliefs. The world will fool the unwary until oneness is

known as reality; then the physical eyes will no longer be relied on as revealing reality. The oneness that you seek is within and is accessed through

meditation. The outer eyes close as the inner eye opens and reveals a world that is shared in love and received in peace. Dear ones let this outer reality serve

as a reminder of what you still hold as beliefs and fears. It changes moment by moment, depending on what you choose to hold as belief. Allow yourselves to

imagine a world that is kind and loving and you will draw this to you. See what is whole loving and pure, for these are yours to claim if you so choose. You

mold the world with your thoughts and it reflects those thoughts back to you. See only kindness and love in your brothers and sisters, you are choosing to see

the depth of them and not the surface. If you look upon a pond and see only what the light reflects from the surface, you will miss what seems hidden in the

depths; but if you look deeper beyond the surface reflection of the pond you will observe what was before hidden. Make the effort to see deeply into the things

that are not fully obvious, because your divine light does dwell there and it is only hidden by your refusal to acknowledge it in yourself, therefore in all seeming

others. There is no great effort in seeing clearly, but there is effort in letting go of what seems so obvious on the surface so that it tends to blind you from

looking deeper. Remember dear ones, nothing on this world lasts forever; forever is within and it is patient as it awaits your decision to move beyond the

surface. Nothing can be discovered by a cursory glance, this only intensifies the dream that dwells on the surface as projection. Dare to see the beauty of your

brothers and sisters, it lies just below the surface "personality" that mimics as the whole but is merely the shell pretending it is what it is not. Your true depth

goes beyond the surface, it penetrates every illusion and reveals what is loving and worthwhile in a world of busyness created to distract you from your inner

light. Will for the truth to bring you back into remembrance of your divine nature, for here you truly align with divine will. Babaji
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Old 04-04-2017, 05:02 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 608
Dear ones, nurture your own inner divine and you also nurture the world. Love blesses everything, it is your true state of being. There is no conquest in love,

there is only the sharing of what is real and fulfilling. Love has no enemies, it has no agenda, it simply is. Love is what creates in harmony and it sustains all

who abide in it as a choice. Love will never turn you away, but you can turn away from love temporarily. Only knock on the door of love and express love;

this, will unlock the door of eternity within your heart. Dear ones, when you sit in silence and invite love into your heart, everything shifts within and

around you; your source within is your own provider of all, in its divine sweetness; the divinity within you is the source of love that all share equally.

Eternity sprouts from the seed of love when one invites it to dwell and grow within. Every problem, every hardship, is simply a drawing away from love. These

all occur on the outside as distortions. Let the inner divine wash away all thoughts that are less then loving and eternity will smile upon you; in other words

recognize your power to shift every part of your life by realization that love is truly everything. All those things that you judge or condemn contain the same

seed of divine light, though some have lost sight of it. All is healed with recognition and acknowledgement of the alls true being and so first recognized in your

own being. Fear and darkness are but a condition of separation in the lower mind. In truth then, there can be no separation, all are indeed connected in love.

Now, dear ones is the moment to live in love, to express in love and share in love. Nothing can block your innate nature but your own belief in separation and

even this is temporary. Love is the true structure of the universe, its timeless beauty is within you and around you when the inner eye is opened to love. See it

then in others, with the knowledge it is their true state of being. Relinquish all thoughts of the lesser in yourself and all being, and choose to live harmoniously

in that knowing. Nothing is as it appears dear ones, withdraw the lesser thoughts and encourage love to expand your heart and mind. Love, as always is the

only truth. Babaji
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Old 15-04-2017, 06:46 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 608
Dear ones, peace enjoins with harmony when one seeks and finds inner source. Source sees only what is perfect in each extension of itself. Source gives freely

to all, every goodness and in partnership, leads one away from all darkness, or that which dwells in duality. Once you understand that source knows only the

truth of your being and embraces all, no matter if one is steeped in illusion or fully realized, each is precious and perfect in the eyes of source. Dear ones,

every breath, everything, is source, therefore strive to understand that there can be no harm whatsoever when one dwells in truth. Surrender all limited belief,

so illusion is traded for truth, and knowing perfection; then drop all concept that is lesser. Simply, to know yourself is to know all. At some point all must dare

to explore with complete confidence, your divine nature, which is changeless; then continuously pursue only that. In oneness, hearts and minds live in

harmony and see as source sees, only perfection. Humanity has reached its limits of illusion, now mankind must turn to the eternal. Dear ones, as you bridge

the gap you have created in the false belief of separation, everything you once believed beneficial will be willingly cast away. All that you thought was beyond

your reach will be opened to you. Source has not separated from you but you in ignorance separated from source, believing the ego could protect you. In truth

dear ones, you are ever and always protected when you have chosen source as truth and released the ego from its imagined seat of power. There is only

perfection and kinship to accept as your birthright. Are you not tired of distortions? Cast them behind you and embrace your divinely inspired true nature

which is goodness. You have worn shackles of ignorance in an insane attempt to usurp the sacredness within, but as you awaken you will realize the folly of

your past belief. Step forward with courage and claim what has always been yours; then leave recklessness behind as you step into peace. Babaji
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Old 28-04-2017, 05:20 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 608
Dear ones, all things are related by their beliefs and experience. Expansiveness

attracts and relates to expansiveness; small mindedness then attracts and relates to small mindedness. In this manner groups interact in their own way of

thinking and eventually these become aware of patterns in the groups collective way of thinking. Perhaps there is disagreement which helps one then to look

somewhat outside the box and in this way the group has a chance to see differently, evolve and rise up to a greater ideal, or a greater way of relating with one

another. It may take just one person in a group of like minded people to move the whole group toward a greater awareness and so on. Man then evolves into

perfection through living life in a body by steps; through challenges in life one begins to rise again to the divine truth that has always been the forward motion

toward perfection while living in the body. There can be no judgement of any group or its ideals, all must walk every path until the soul is ready to shed all

aspects of the ego and its limited way of responding. The world is indeed shifting every moment toward the ultimate goal and every being that inhabits the

planet plays a part in this transformation. Though it may seem a very long time in the eyes of the body; in Gods eyes all has already taken place for

timelessness cannot be put into a framework when eternity is truth. Many are remembering that the cycles of life continue to rise and expand just as a spiral

rises upward, though the end cannot be seen with the unawakened physical eyes; just as there is no beginning, there is no end. Perfection is already built into

the process of evolution and just as the physical evolves, also the soul evolves and expands until all again is known by the seeming parts of the whole.

Knowing goes beyond belief and knowing does not look back in judgement at its brothers and sisters that stand on another part of the spiral, as all must make

this transition in thought and grow as a seed grows into its perfect manifestation within a physical body, thus the whole knows itself as perfection as it

reassembles from the many back to the whole. Can anything be lost in this great unfolding? All does return to source in perfection, though the seed rose out of

perfection it desired to experience on many levels of understanding and it fulfills its purpose in life as knowledge brings the wisdom to all these aspects as they

reunite within and without, fully realized. Does one not admire the flower that has reached the height of perfection in beauty and splendor; so too, dear ones,

do you daily reach greater plateaus of understanding, as you shed the old just as a snake sheds its skin, or the butterfly leaving its tomb of darkness to greet

the light. Stay vigilant, dear ones, and be inclusive with all being. Have compassion and love for every being who struggles to expand. Judgement can only

stall the progress of all, though love encourages and rushes forth to help remove the obstacles created by the lower mind held by the ego. It is sufficient to

realize that you are all connected and your choice in each moment is a choice to grow or a choice to digress. Life is ever encouraging you to rise above your

problems to see the solutions are all held in the gift of love. Babaji
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Old 29-04-2017, 11:08 AM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Southwest, USA
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Oh my, I was going to quote a line or three as sooo good.
But, really there were so many...
-'the soul evolves and expands until all again is known by the seeming parts of the whole.
-Judgment can only stall the progress of the many.'

Then the one before it..4/15..
-'Dear ones, every breath, everything, is source..
Surrender all limited belief..knowing perfection; then drop all concept that is lesser.
as you awaken you will realize the folly of your past belief.'

Thank you, it helps...again it is so much like ACIM, well, sure, that was channeled from Jesus!

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

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Old 30-04-2017, 03:37 PM
Lumin Lumin is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
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Lovely messages, lovetruth.
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