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Old 09-11-2022, 03:14 AM
CosmicWonder CosmicWonder is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
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How to banish a bad being/spirit/demon?

Hii all,

I have come closer to neighbor of mine, and I didn’t know she got an attachment this bad. She got a being attached that does anything to please her and she’s working with it. It is surely a lower being, with a false light (always tries to make people “understand”, because if only they “understand” they will do the “right thing”. Well that comes through very crude ways for him, like psychic attacks).

I want to get rid of the bad spirit. She is taken care of by the universe. But that being I want out of the entire neighborhood to be honest. And else out of my life or my house.

I’ve searched a bit. Found a banishing video that worked. But the being keeps coming back. Not sure how that works.. and found some prayers, but those are made with promises for deities that I can’t keep (“I will share your word and your love”.. I’m not a preacher sorry).

I don’t have any support in this currently. What kind of support could I use? Also not able to pay for professionals, also out of knowing that a bad spirit is partially a mind thing and not necessarily a true spirit. It has to attach someway, and I don’t think an actual being needs to. It attaches through a wound or sin usually, so that makes me think it’s related to mental illness or a bad vibe.

What do you think? Any ideas?

Kind regards,

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Old 09-11-2022, 04:47 AM
Posts: n/a
First of all thank you for bringing this issue to attention, as I think that is what is done in many cases, people think they are talking to a whiter lighter being and it's having their back when it is in fact some low level up to no good one. They think what they see is what it is but one can look like anything you want to over there.

My guess she is also letting in others, not just one lower being but the whole vibe to it. I'm also guessing they are working on getting to the final stage with her which is possession but hoping of course that they can get that far.

Put salt in every corner. Take bath salt on your own body. Pray, directly to God. Try to lighten up the mood if you feel yours is down. I don't know if you know a priest that can come and bless the home for free, you could ask maybe? Don't think about it. The more we try to solve an issue the more energy goes there and you don't want it attached to you (I always think the don't-think-about-it is kinda funny, as everything else has indicated you have to put some energy into actually thinking and doing something about it, but i hope you know what i mean - to not keep on thinking of it, LOL). All advice is not originally from me but others member on this forum can take the credit for that, i'm just echoing.

Fear, anxiety, depression, people having some sort of past trauma or middle of a trauma, is something lower beings definitely thrive on, it is their food. Once you have dealt with that they can try to built their half bridge in empty air but they will not come over to yours because you have no more a bridge for them to attach itself to and so they can not pass.

This suggestion is from Redchic12 to me in one of my dark threads: "put the divine white light around you every day. Also say: I ask my guardian angel to come close and protect me from any negative energies and guide me on a path of truth, light and Love. Keep away from toxic people, get into nature more and don’t talk or read about dark energies anymore. I found that this is the way to go and like I said I haven’t experienced anything dark for many years now".

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Old 09-11-2022, 01:04 PM
CosmicWonder CosmicWonder is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 1,498
Hii A searcher,

Yes for me the difficulty is that I lack a connection to the higher realms. I work with some guides, but I am unsure who they are.

I have lifted the vibes in my house today. It’s much better now..

I’ve opened up about it to a person knowing of spirituality and knowing us both, she is intervening. She also put her (the woman) a bit in her (the woman) place around some things she (the woman) expected from me, and I cut contact for a short period to stop the evil from getting to me for now.

Difficulty is also that the lower realms can really act as a cloud at times. Preventing connection to the higher. I’ve had a tough time last few weeks, and today I think I recovered mostly. It’s just that I am a lower being myself, that is just beginning to evolve in a normal frequency. Maybe somewhat higher. Even tho I can have a certain power, it usually is from a bad vibe. Even when it’s out of love, it goes through pain. So I can’t currently say a prayer for her or anything, because that might hurt her. That’s a lesson I got in this life at least.

Anyway thanks for the advice… used salt, music and incense to clear my home. Then I lifted it up using candles and flowers. I bought a buddha, a elephant and a cross necklace. These are for protection. I have this thought I might also want to bring in a physical bible.

It feels like an entire new phase for me. Last year I reached a new spiritual level. And it feels like I need some help with that from the spiritual. But to get that I need to clear the vibes.

Kind regards,

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Old 09-11-2022, 02:57 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Southwest, USA
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Smile at them. They hate your happiness and clarity and confidence...
Tell them you hope they find the Light...that they find God and His Divine Love.
"I wish you well! Go to God's Love!!" Clap your hands, smiling ..."NOW!"

Remember YOU have ALL the power.
Stop thinking about them in any way...stop talking about them - it gives them power...Feeeeeel the Freedom of them gone!

*I'll text in Navy Blue when I'm speaking as a Mod. :)

Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death by daily riding in the balloon of God-perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones, which at best is a nest of troubles.
Meditate unceasingly, that you may quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence, free from every form of misery. ~Paramahansa's Guru's Guru

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Old 09-11-2022, 03:29 PM
CosmicWonder CosmicWonder is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 1,498
Thanks Miss H!!
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Old 11-11-2022, 05:02 AM
Posts: n/a
I felt bad afterwards as what you requested was an actual banish ritual, words I'd imagine, to use, and I basically came up with everything else beside that. Thank you still for thinking that was worth something.

There are banishing words one can find on the Internet. (I've found one! It is below) There's music or recording from priests talking on youtube. From what I know it comes down to your soul having to be strong/intact, and you have to very much believe in God and Jesus 100%.

With me the issue I think I have had (and may still have but trying to work on it) is that I was not raised that way. It was not introduced to me with the encouragement that would I stay in faith. Perhaps if it is introduced to you that way it is easier to believe. I wish I could have some remembrance, experience of a life between lives in the heavens, or something to make it more believable to me.

Anyway so I suppose too I would be too scared myself to go really up against something that could too mock me, us, the faith, and then it is down to my pure strength, me being convinced it is so and so... i am not sure it would end up the way I would have wanted it to.

There was this one time I did have success and I will never forget it, then it felt so amazing, and that was through God, Jesus, trying to get a bully to back off (low entity kind attached to another). Then I chose the words with God and Jesus in it but i sort of made things my own way, talked normally partly of it, from the heart. Afterwards it felt surreal and if did that really happen, most of it happened with my eyes closed as I could back then not see beings, spirits, only feel them. Afterwards all i can say is that the activity was no more. If there is someone who do not want to go into the light they won't, they will just go away. Before that of course it will use what ever it got to you instead, instead of the one it is attached to, and that too felt like a close call but I made it. For one thing I didn't listen, it was mocking etc, looking for a way in. I do not know if what I did is to recommend, though. I would have preferred someone else doing it to be frank as I do not want to make mistakes but it felt as if I could not wait any longer. I don't want anything bad to happen to you, not saying you are worse at this than I am, LOL, or equal to me about it, I am just myself still insecure about it and do not want to give bad advice.

I have read psalms and stuff and it is first of all in this old type of language that I can not relate to, I don't even know what half the words mean, have to look it up.

There are ways to summon lets say different type or arch Angels, the classical must be St Michael.

What I think has been working for me the most, where I can the most resonate, is that I believe 100% in the free will.

That if you believe in the free will no side can get to you. It is an universal law. You decide.

Like this : A bully can not take over you without your permission. If you do not agree with a bully's opinion of you, then it has not won. It is the same thing with these low entities (and I am not saying all low entities are like that and I think too I get what you mean when you say you are one, as I think I too have been one in that specific regard, and we're not bad people and we are not bullies).

I have been bullied in real life by my narcissistic parent in law and the enabling and all the crazy games my husband put up to place me where I was placed, emotionally suffering, for no good reason.

I was so close to believing this low status I was given, but there was always this part of me fighting it, but I still have to say it was a close call and I still at times suffer from it, and suffer with trying to forgive my husband for all the hell and me not wanting out the door still. Back then I did what I could to push it away. I looked other places, I connected with other people, I made sure, just something that my identity, the one I wanted, was not depend on the narcissist and his enablers/partly my husband.

My point is, if you still have it in you, if you got that, no, wait a minute… you have still not surrender to the bully/the low entity trying to bully and take over. You don't have to make an entrance as if you're freaken Hercules, just that No....no...no....is enough. One can still be resilient.

I have seen things where the priest/s and others using what ever they can against something/someone not good and to me it sure do not look like a picnic and even though I hope the outcome is always on Gods and Jesus side, I've seen failures as well, and I guess what it then comes down to is to keep trying, to not give up. Just as the bad won't rest neither can the good.

I'm happy what you do is already working :)

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Old 11-11-2022, 06:02 AM
Posts: n/a
Here is one description of banishing that I found by a jsenne "THE BANISHING RITUAL

One of the most basic and useful ceremonial rituals of magick

is called the *banishing ritual*, or lesser ritual of the pentagram. A

pentagram (or pentacle) is a five-pointed star with the point up. The


banishing ritual is helpful in psychic protection and healing since it

forms a protective barrier against malevolent forces. The psychic

barrier it creates can be made to permit entry of desired (const-

ructive) forces and the exclusion of negative ones. Thus, the banish-

ing ritual is an essential first step in almost any formal full magick

ceremony. The ritual requires that you use a magical implement or

"weapon", such as a

ceremonial knife, wand, or simply point your index finger, to "draw"

the pentagram in the air at each of the cardinal points (four direc-

tions). Also, you will be chanting ('vibrating') some Hebrew names of



Holding your magical weapon and facing east, extend your arm

out straight in front of you. In this ritual you will use the full

sweep of your arm to draw the pentagram in the air. Follow the desc-

ription below by beginning at the lower left and sweeping your magical

weapon up toward the

right, etc. As shown. Do not bend your arm at the wrist or elbow.

While you do this, visualize the lines and eventually the star as

vibrant white, floating in the space before you. You are projecting

energy to do this, and the result will be a gleaming 5-pointed star

floating in the east; visualize this as vividly as you can. Now you

will energize it further

by piercing the center of it with your magical weapon and vibrating

(speaking slowly in a slightly lower than normal pitch, remember)




Approximate points on a round clock face --

1. Begin at 7:30 position.

2. Point to 12 oclock position.

3. Point to 4:30 position.

4. Point to 10:30 position.

5. Point to 2:30 position.


6. Return to 7:30 position.]


Then turn slowly to the next cardinal point in sequence, and

as you do so, with your arm still extended in front of you, visualize

a white line connecting around to the cardinal point. Trace a similar

pentagram with the appropriate words and following the same procedure:

South -- Adonai Tzaboath

West -- Eh-Ei-He

North -- Agla.

Now complete the white line drawn back to the center of the eastern

pentagram. Note that the cardinal points must be followed in a clock-

wise order, and the pentagram must be drawn in the manner illustrated;

to do otherwise would change the function of the ritual. The result of

all this should be a large bright white pentagram visualized hanging

in mid-air

at each of the four directions, all tied together by a bright white

line. You could now, for example, visualize the pentagrams moving out

to the circumference of your home, thereby protecting all within.

There is also a somewhat simplified version of this ritual in

which the pentagram is traced only once overhead and then is energized

with one of the four names, such as "Eh-Ei-He". Oftentimes the simpli-


fied version is sufficient, but naturally the effect of the full

version is more


One of the primary uses of this ritual is to ward off psychic

attack -- that is, when another is (consciously or unconsciously)

attempting to harm you, cause sickness, accidents, bad dreams, emo-

tional upset, or to force you to do something against your will.

Fortunately this doesn't happen very often. The world of the magician

is fairly safe for the pure of heart. Psychic attack usually depends

upon vulnerabilities. If you are not vulnerable you are safe. Thus

unificaition with the true will is the greatest protection possible.

And the use of the banishing ritual is never hurtful. You can even use

it to hold off negative aspects of


Other forms of protection sometimes helpful (depending upon

one's model) are recitation of the 'Lord's Prayer', the 23rd, and 91st

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Old 11-11-2022, 06:39 AM
Redchic12 Redchic12 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2022
Posts: 2,746
I work with some guides but unsure of who they are.

For goodness sake why are you working with guides when you have no idea of who they are. From this one sentence of yours it makes me feel that its maybe YOU who is bringing in these other lower energies and not someone else.
Secondly that very long quote of exorcism is off the scale mate! When was that written. Medieval times? I feel your giving this too much power. Take your power back, where it belongs and FEEL empowered. I’ve been there and KNOW what you’re feeling. As I’ve stated before, you MUST surround yourself in a bubble of the white Christ light. SEE IT, FEEL IT, KNOW IT. Do it as many times as you feel like. And say the guardian angel prayer as stated in the above thread. Simple easy very affective.

Also, get outdoors by the beach or large lake where the ions are in the air, this will help clear your energy, feel and make you feel good.

If the situation is really bad you may have to get a trance medium to clear the place.

I agree with Miss H comments. Well said.
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Old 11-11-2022, 07:30 AM
vortex vortex is offline
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: on the planet of choice kiwi
Posts: 362
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I agree with Miss H comments.

and give it them a big hug if you have a fear like spiders get them to show you where the spiders are eg

send them love treat them like a young child
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Old 11-11-2022, 09:33 AM
CosmicWonder CosmicWonder is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 1,498
Hii all,

Asearcher thanks very much. That’s helpful!

Hii Redchic12,

I agree that I am also bringing in negetivity. But not knowing my guides probably has an explanation other than that. I’ve put some work into knowing my guides, but never really achieved a moment of true clarity about it. My own negativity results of a lack of evolving in some things. I’m working on that. This spirit came by in that process of still evolving, and the woman did too. Now I got to deal with it.

Thanks Vortex as well!!

What I have done so far:

I’ve used a youtube video with vibrations added to it to connect with St Michael and another from the same maker to disrupt the bad spirits.

Then also I realized that they are a mirror of me. So I started working on what they reflect (inside myself).

And then also I raised the vibe of my home, which kept dropping every time.

I don’t feel I could love the spirit tho. Another spirit came by that told me I must be very advanced, because of my meditation skills and that it didn’t know who I was. I let that one be. It left by itself without intervention.

I think I got a long road still ahead of me. I need some time to work stuff out.

Kind regards,

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