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Old 15-05-2021, 01:58 PM
Aspie Aspie is offline
Newbie ;)
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Do Ghosts Prove the Existence of a God?


This is my first post.

I was an agnostic until age 24. Then, got married to a Christian young lady. Now, at age 46, and through the last nearly 20 years of study, I no longer believe in the Christian God.
The evidence against the reliability of the Bible's Gospels, the philosophical and scientific flaws with all of it has convinced ME it isn't true. I am not out to deconvert anyone, or demean them.

I respect the right of people to have their own beliefs. Having said that, here is my question:

Assuming ghosts are real (and there are many rational, sane people who have experienced them,) does the existence of ghosts prove to YOU that there must be a God, a Christian one, or otherwise?

I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts.

For me, the presence of ghosts seems to invalidate the idea of a Christian God.

Why, you might ask?

The ghosts of children.

There is no theological reason why the Christian God would prevent them from being drawn to himself. Additionally, there are hauntings with deceased Christians both old AND young.

You could say, "These are ALL just trickster spirits," but I don't know.
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Old 15-05-2021, 03:53 PM
desert rat desert rat is offline
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Being that what we call a ghost can be many things , I dont think it does . I do believe in a being of concoiusness and energy I think of as God . Now if a ghost did get some kind of message accrost that they had met with God it might , or atleast the ghost believed in God .
I find this post made by a young lady on astral pulse a number of years ago quite interesting on a visit to God while out of body .

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Old 15-05-2021, 06:06 PM
Altair Altair is offline
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Originally Posted by Aspie
Assuming ghosts are real (and there are many rational, sane people who have experienced them,) does the existence of ghosts prove to YOU that there must be a God, a Christian one, or otherwise?

Of course not.

Ghosts are ghosts, a god is a god, and the Christian god is the Christian god.
There can be ghosts without there being god(s).
~ Verus Nullus, Omnis Licitus

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Old 20-05-2021, 04:04 PM
asearcher asearcher is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
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Hi Aspie!

The way I read your words is that how can a good God let the spirit of children become ghosts, as in ghosts being left abondened? Is that so? Why aren't they in heaven where they are suppose to be?

I've had a lot of experiences and tried to read of others and the way I think it works is that we do have free will, as someone before mentioned here, but it can too be a trauma, that the entire spirit being has not understood it has passed over to the other side. Children naturally have a lighter energy to them. I think others in the soul group and helpers do get in contact with the ghost child now and then to see if they can move it towards heaven as in the heavenly plane, but a ghost can too be so attached, that what was home in the past life is still home, the safest place to be and "over there" one creates one's own reality if one knows one can (or perhaps subcounsciously). I remember having been a ghost and I did that by thought only. This could mean they think they are in their real home. It can too be a person they are attached to, so my guess would be just places or people who has won their hearts and is safe to them.

Then there is the complexity of there being for instance several of "Me", and several of "others", meaning there is a copy of you somewhere, existing. Then there is something else too. It's like you but a shell of you, a piece of energy that is still stuck in some trauma, replay, reboot, I have experienced (this happens in my dreams or meditations) that when I feel a presence (because it is more me feeling it than seeing it, at first stage, so first I feel and then I see, not always, it can stay at feeling) it can be a spirit or a "copy" of a spirit, existing on it's own, but does not have the full quality of it's original. THese are just my personal experiences so I don't know if others has this or know what I am writing about.

What I first thought was so sad is that a ghost could be stuck for hundreds of years but then my own experiences which I later found others too describe is that time don't exist, and that was how it felt "over there", I could see the old reality change over time, but everything was "now", and because everything is "now" it is not as if one feels as if one has been hurting for hundreds of years. It is hard to explain.

About religions. What can I say? I think it is 100% natural that different religions and cultures and languages exist, spreaded out in the world, as long as there has been humans, the humans has been spiritual and that all roads leads to Rome/God/the Source - what ever we like to call it. We're all gods children, that is my look of it. Sadly in the human race we have this tendency based on fear as too exist in the animal kingdom which is "us" and "them", there really is no us and them, we're all the same, if we just scrap the surface and get through the layers - at heart we are all the same. Sometimes it takes crises for some to get that.

What tends to be forgotten, or so I experience it, is that the history, the culture, the political life - that too is all integrated in the holy books and preaches. I kind of want sometimes to part that from the source of the religion. What I think sometimes echoes from the tough history is that fear is being mixed in. As I see fear as an element that belong to the low level side, I strongly detach fear from true respect, I have a problem with this.

I'm a lover of the free will concept so for me to have someone tell me what to do and what to believe in and what to bend down too is not working for me. I bend down to love, equality, respect, those kinds of terms, still searching for answers, LOL.

About your concern of ghost children I understand. There is something out there that is not all good but then the question is if it is tricksters pretending to be a ghost child to get what they want (but is really an adult low level energy) or if it is a ghost child who has gotten twisted from the pain?

I don't know if I am doing it right or if my experiences are real, but we too in the family has experienced what could be a ghost child. I've explained things and asked for help to get it to see the light and have someone come and get it, help it. Sometimes when I have done this I feel as if I am crazy to do so, one part of me goes what are you doing? and the other is saying I have to do something, if it works it works, it can't harm.

I think you can, if you remember you have the ability to do so, and I was impressed once when Spiritual freedom described it during his astral travels on a post here, and it was just as I had personally experinced it before. It is when you can zoom in, and you can "jump" (not really jump) "change scenery" (I don't know the right word for it) from let's say one space, one person to the next - by thought only. You're there. Instant. You follow time in this reality but you yourself is in the other reality, which has no time and space. That could be one comfort to know that the ghost child could very well know exactly what it is doing and where it is and simply wants to be there, that moment, and the next, somewhere else, that it is free, and happy.

The ghost child, the spirit is not really a helpless child, a spirit is a spirit, with lots of intelligence, gifts and powers.

I was more than surprised one time during pregnancy when I had a visit in the dream of the spirit of the foster, it was no baby-spirit, I tell you. That was a full blown spirit, through feelings, telepathy what was "said" was said. I think that experience, as crazy as it can be looked at, at some level helped me understand. I could not tell anyone of the dream, of the visit, as they would have thought it was nonsense and how would I explained that something/someone that was grown up and strong was communicating to me that was essentially suppose to be a foster, a baby. I would not know how to explain that. I only knew I had the experience.

One other experience is that someone had lost it's baby at a certain age and I kept having these very quick visions of the look of a child and then I understood it as if it was growing up in another reality. I had not seen what the child had looked like or its parents in real life but I could see the features, things that "stood out" in the looks of the child, when I later found out that would have been the typical look if it had grown up, I was so stunned. I wanted to say it is growin up fine (and fast!), but that's another story.

Anyways, enough from me. :)
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Old 21-05-2021, 06:09 PM
bobjob bobjob is offline
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Originally Posted by Aspie
Hello,This is my first post.
I was an agnostic until age 24. Then, got married to a Christian young lady. Now, at age 46, and through the last nearly 20 years of study, I no longer believe in the Christian God....
What is a 'ghost' to you?

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Old 22-05-2021, 05:36 PM
lostsoul13 lostsoul13 is offline
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There is a theory the ghost theory that cocides —- definitely there’s a theory but the twist is how long the op could stay in the theory before reincarnation or some kind leads to some truth or belief in the theory... you just can’t get relevant to the horizon, I suppose...
Vampire speed..

Arabic first language (English)—- bear with me and please be patient)
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Old 23-05-2021, 06:25 AM
bobjob bobjob is offline
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"Last edited by Miss Hepburn : 21-05-2021 at 07:26 PM. Reason: Shortened quote as Admin has asked Reply With Quote"

my apologies
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Old 28-05-2021, 03:58 PM
Lynn Lynn is offline
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At times it comes down to how one defines the differences in what is a "Ghost" and what is a "Spirit" what it means to be crossed over to the other side, that being Heaven or some spiritual after life place, or being Earth Bound and looking to either cross or to have a say in something not yet resolved.

When there is more of a physical interaction it is often said to be "Ghost Activity" Poltergeist is often a term used. Many times when one has not maybe made that crossing that is there, they look to understand death itself and look for someone to help them. Other times they were nasty in life and want to continue to be the same in death.

I do not walk with God but I too do not dismiss the notion of Higher Power or Source, and I do not go to say that for there to be something more after passing you must walk in the hands of God. I too have never come to open that door to even the worst of the acts done in life to someone Earth Bound to a Fire of what would he a Hell. I so feel that we all experience every aspect of what it means to be human. The good and the bad. We were born of both aspects and all have those aspect within us.

We look to God for guidance and peace when we pass. We can look to many things in our passing, God is just a common one discussed.

We are never alone I so feel there is that vail that keeps one world from the other world but that seems to be getting thinner as we move into more acceptance that some part of us lives on after the body dies off.

I have worked with the Church in situations where they feel both sides of the fence need to be present in the clearing of a space or helping someone. I do not follow God in that its the Higher Power that controls all things or created all things, but I do see a value in the tools presented in such a belief. The Cross and the Bible like any tool of Divination are powerful in their own right. To be used for both sides of good and bad.

I do recall the Sunday School teachings that if I did not follow the path, that the Devil would take me over. Yet growing up a Medium I never got the understandings that there was a lot of good within. If there was a Demon or a presence that strong would any of us be here. Something keeps things in checks and balances.

If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.
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Old 29-05-2021, 02:11 AM
GlitterRose GlitterRose is offline
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Biblical literalists would have difficulty reconciling it, but one does not have to be a biblical literalist to believe in God or be Christian.
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Old 29-05-2021, 05:51 AM
bobjob bobjob is offline
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The member who started this thread didn't seem much interested anyway in responses to the question posed.....
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