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Old 08-06-2021, 03:38 PM
Matty Matty is offline
Join Date: May 2021
Posts: 141
Originally Posted by Challenger007
I'll ask a possibly weird question, but are you sure you really see an aura? Maybe this is just an optical illusion based on your belief in paranormal forces? I ask this because so many people make mistakes, believe in what they do not have. And when a person has confidence in something, his perception throws him different images.
That's not a weird question it's a very worldly reality we live in.
I normally don't defend who I am nor try to change people's perception of who I am. If one really reads what I write they will see and read that I am my greatest critic, skeptic, devils advocate, etc etc.
While at the same time within this duality of self critic while seeking. Not only have I been able to progress in maturity of who I am and what I know but also while keeping myself grounded of an inflated ego, or whatever you wish to call it.
One of my early "mantras" or self grounding's was a saying I use to tell myself when I was a teenager. That I know nothing in hopes to know something.
I truly believe/d this it was my personal philosophy.
In this new agy'y concept that was plagued upon spiritually, I was able to watch it unfold and even towards the beginning of this uprise. I saw the warning on the wall that cane with it. I have also noticed that it is becoming common for people of natural inate spiritual awareness are kinda targeted within this new agy'y era. After the show Charmed came out people came out of the wood works believing that they are witch's or something. Don't get me wrong it was a good show but all in all it's was just a show. But hysteria still came about along with so many other aspects of spiritually.

I have had very few teachers in life to help with few things such as Kung Fu. The one spiritual teacher I had was more than a teacher, he was a Christian pastor as well.
While skipping the details of how we came about, even though on a personal level it was profound. At times he would test me to make sure I wasn't some crack pot. Who thinks demons are some monster sent from hell like you see in movies. Whenever he tested me nit only did I pass his test but he began to respect not only my desires to help others also acknowledged who I was mentally, spiritually, and even physically. That I didn't just talk the talk but also walked the walk also with some clarity instead of delusions.

Back to own personal philosophy of knowing nothing in hopes to know something. During that time with this person taking me under his wing. I believe we both realized even though he was a person of light I pray I can compare to some day. That the biggest lesson he was able to teach me was to have faith in myself. That mantra also had downsides in the long run that kept me from reaching the fullness of the heart of spiritually. That will I allow my self to have faith within my own light upon the world.
Since that is what spirituality is truly about, helping one another and spreading love.
Spirituality isn't meant to hoarded like a squirrel hoarding acorns. Self awareness without universal awarness is meaningless. Universal awareness without self awareness is also meaningless...in a deep spiritual sense.

Most are born to be self aware and at times try to be universally aware.
There are those who are born universally aware and try to be self aware.
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Old 08-06-2021, 04:02 PM
Matty Matty is offline
Join Date: May 2021
Posts: 141
"Challenger007" your comment was appreciated but I would actually appreciate ones ability to try to poke holes in what I say. Or else I am just tooting my own horn.
I would ultimately as usual look forward to progressing what I see or think in a more formal conversation. I always accept awareness in any form it may come even if the intention is to make one unaware. Kinda like the saying , what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.
It does make me sad that so many think death of our mortal body is the only way this to be true.
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Old 14-06-2021, 11:09 AM
Matty Matty is offline
Join Date: May 2021
Posts: 141
If it's not an Aura then, any suggestions?
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Old 18-06-2021, 07:00 PM
Matty Matty is offline
Join Date: May 2021
Posts: 141
Sorry for my previous rambling's I was spewing another concept that became entangled within this one about the Strings.

Yesterday I was a tad distraught after realizing that one of my long time ideas that I kept and spent a lot of energy on. Well, after I started writing it down I started to remember the saying about how some knowledge is hidden for a reason.
So, I spent several hours contemplating things like: am I just being paranoid? Now what? Ok, let's focus on something else that's been fuming lately.
This brought me to eyes, more as in Spiritual eyes and physical eyes also.
I needed more worldly input on the physical eyes aspect. So, Spiritual eyes or "sight" it is.
This rabbit hole lead me to a thread here after logging in last night. In return so much stuff finally started to fill in the picture, not finish the picture though.
Including the "Aura and Strings" answer I been pondering. I also realized other important parts before I got online last night. Let me begin in trying to explain what I'm starting to understand in that I created this thread for. With a little more backdrop to the notion of this thread.
Many many years ago I forced myself to not look at myself with my own Spiritual eyes again, until the day I was ready to see that is what is in me again. This includes any spiritual realm concept as well. In this I never really focused on my energy other than thru meditation or need to bases....I was still an Empath after all and spiritual.
After my current run in with an Physical body energy healer type. During my travels I understand what these types of healers do, but it's not something I applied for many reasons. Last night I started to focus on seeing my Energy more and more than just aura. It took me a little while to focus my eyes on my energy.....I will skip the steps intentionally.
Finally I was able to focus just on the surface of the skin after a few more steps. I was able to focus on what looked like strings of energy flowing about skimming the surface. I watched the string like energy observed it, tested it, so on so on as usual. I realized that it was energy of string like nature. Since one of my legs is kinda in bad shape, and ever since my surgery and radiation my feet would be throbbing but not in a normal sore way. The hard surface's such as my apartment or concrete would make it worse. The ground wouldn't be so, felt ok if I was to work hard in doing yard work in my attempt to heal from surgery.
Anyway, after I observed the energy for awhile and knew I was able to keep focus on this "plane" I switched to looking at my foot. A few times a saw some sparks of static pop up. The strings on my foot was in a complete mess, had to go to store and already in a heightened state so when I got back my feet was throbbing bad. The strings was not aligned, they was going in different directions in different spots. I focused on the strings for a while, then I attempted to see if I can align the energy. I was able to see the energy from my finger it was a little different. Not quit in aura form either almost more like in between phase or semi visible. As in seeing partly in aura plane or the energy was only partly in aura form. I was able to move the string's in my foot and could feel the overall difference in my energy. It took a little getting use to feeling the imbalance energy when my finger got close to an out of line string. The area of my foot where my finger tip was made ot hard to aee the string. So I had to feel rely on feeling the energy while moving the string in place. Also the energy between finger and string was a frequency between the two. Looked and felt like the frequency of the energy coming of my finger is what was moving the string of energy. Only saw the frequency wave's when moving the string's in place.

I realized that this string looking energy is what I was seeing before. But it wasn't on physical body but around me. After looking up subtle bodies to try to find out more last night, I eventually ventured thru aura's onto I believe it was reki energy healing that spoke ofthis string's of energy within the body. As I mentioned before I can see my blue-green aura on my skin sometimes as if I am radiating this energy and the aura is the after glow affect or something. That's basically what the blue-green aura looked like as if a light switch got flipped with a blue-green light bulb. The entire room was filled with a blue-green color.
There is a lot more within this that also makes so much other stuff become a little more clear now.
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