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Old 05-03-2021, 11:43 PM
Green.Heals Green.Heals is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 477
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Have you ever had spirit channel through people around you?

A few years ago, when I was first dealing with my alopecia, it gave me severe anxiety, & I'd gone to my new job & I did not have my head wrap. My head wrap is like a security blanket for me. I was so upset. I am a really very shy person, and unless I HAVE to be in the public eye, than I will be, and I happen to work in the service industry, where unfortunately, what you look like REALLY matters. I remember that day I was in tears, because I still connected my self worth with how I look, if I had hair or not.

This little girl that came in with this family, you couldn't get her attention, & she was kinda "off in her own World" even the parents couldn't get her attention. She stopped what she was doing, fully turned to me, looked me straight in the eye, and said, "you're beautiful". Her mother, not knowing where this came from, apologized on her behalf.

I actually saw this online & was told by a psychic that people close to me would be channeled through by spirit just as of recent..

Someone, the other day said to me 2 things that they had no idea on. I never told them anything about it, but they were exactly what had happened. So again, I felt like Spirit has stepped in to say, go this way....

Even though I manifested a life back where I'd just come from. I'm indecisive, because getting work just doesn't happen, & I already sent a damage deposit, & my TF is there. I am a bit afraid of it, but, I still have a chance to go my other direction, but I've just put myself out a good amount of money. Today was my last chance to reel that money back. I've been so undecided. I'm just hopeful there is money back up there, too.

So, I am just curious if others have had this same experience, and what it was like for them.

I mean obviously, I am a dummy for not listening to spirit. I just, I thought I was but the job & place up there, I manifested. See, & I thought that had to do with spirit. I always second guess my withins, also because I want him so much.
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Old 12-03-2021, 11:29 AM
Miriah Miriah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2016
Location: A city
Posts: 58
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This happens way too much for my comfort levels.
My biomom trapped me in the car with her for hours when we were visiting New Orleans and channelled the entire time we were there. Literally driving around in circles with no regard to how I was having an anxiety-fueled nervous breakdown. She pretended she was on bluetooth, but she spoke like she was responding to my thoughts and addressing my situation.

This isnt the first time, but it was almost traumatic and i hate riding in the car with her because thats when she likes to do it.

She most often channels my twin, but has also channeled the Morrigan, and probably a demi-goddess.
Some of my first memories are of her channeling the Morrigan to the point where I have a tendency to correlate the two. She called me *child of the netherworld* demon spawn, and said I am the queen of all you survey. and her vibe just feels Morrigan-ish to me.

how did i know the archaic term and context for survey before i was even in kindergarten and most adults dont even know what it means?

My mimi had some channeling abilities too. My moms mom.
She channeled my twin quite a bit and some negative entity twice.
She wasnt nearly as bad as my mother though.

Oh.. I just noticed that my channeling ability must come from my moms side of the family. Lol. Three women in a direct line with channeling abilities.

Last edited by Miriah : 12-03-2021 at 12:09 PM.
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Old 26-05-2021, 02:29 AM
Kyle. Kyle. is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 20
Hey! i also have the exact same things happening with me ..
ahh. lol. when i wake up and blink tbe letters start to fade
they seem kind of like egyptian letters/symbols and can not figure what they mean. interesting :)

i think its gone in the wronf thread also smh
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Old 01-06-2021, 07:10 PM
lostsoul13 lostsoul13 is online now
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 1,202
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Yea I had a few syncing with people and throat chakra syncing... lots of let..
Vampire speed..

Arabic first language (English)- bear with me and please be patient)
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Old 02-06-2021, 04:04 PM
asearcher asearcher is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 279
I had a weird experience one time that I think i have written of somewhere before on this thread.

One day a guy that was on his way to pass and who could not have seen me - his cellphone suddenly went out of his hand and on the floor. He seemed to be shocked of how that could happen. He took it and then suddenly turned to look at me and went right towards me. That was not likely to happen.

He was so drunk.

His first words to me was What body am I in? Young, old?
I thought he was kidding or that he was philosophical by his own terms in the drunk state he was in.

From that on he went to say and he got to move like an ex of mine had done which included him saying he had drunk lots of whisky (the ex's favourite), and he excused himself for being so drunk, he let me know he had lots of money, just lots of it, and he would be more than happy to share it (I told him that was not needed and he could keep it, I would have to do that too in life with the ex), and third he asked me out and I declined. There was more. Then as I said goodbye he lingered on just like the ex would always do. This person was so polite. Just like the ex. No demons. No irritation. No ugly-flirtation methods. Just like a gentleman. It did not bring anything bad out of him. I just felt like a reality shift came over me when I saw how exactly he moved his hands, his gestures, his face expressions, his body as it lingered on like the ex and far from many do that that way. It was like seeing a ghost. I had asked him several times if he was OK and that he should drink some water and I could give it to him and, or if he needed some place to rest. He swore he was OK. Did not want anyone to baby him (just like the ex). He did not want to say goodbye, the lingering part. I had to go away.

I have thought back and there was someone else I knew before that use to too have a drinking problem and I could smell this person after the death up to I would say the funeral or some time after. Like a lot. It would get stronger and stronger. Very specific smell. I would even see a mist being created. First I felt this spirit's feelings pounding out of it and then the mist out in thin air and it got stronger and stronger, the shape of it. But usually it would only be the smell. About the smell I thought it was my brain who was used to this person and missing this person. It is only as of later I got to be told that is a spirit visiting. About the mist I don't know what I thought - I just ran. When I came back it was gone. So were the feelings.

I have a thought if it could be that people, spirits who use to have a drinking problem when alive linger on in some way, more so than some, closer to the earth realm?

Both these spirits said to others and me too that they felt "at peace" around me (when alive). That they could be themselves. That we were close. But the one who's smells I got and mist had not been an individual who had found harmony within itself when alive.
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Old 10-06-2021, 02:04 AM
Miriah Miriah is offline
Join Date: Mar 2016
Location: A city
Posts: 58
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yes, every single day but its actually christ consciousness.
but im beginning to suspect christ consciousness is something attunable to various energy flavors.
i channel my twin without meaning to all the time and its wild.

i know there are more than just me and him on this planet, and sometimes various deities pop up, but..
theres something off about it i cant seem to wrap my head around yet.
but yeah, once you can sense and reach energy through channeling, things can get crazy fast!
The difference between the dreaming and waking states is whether you are lucid or sleeping through them.
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